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Name  Nirgunadevi  is a  Feminine  name, which means generally Girls have this name


Name  Nirgunadevi  has  Indian  origin
Indian Girl


Person with name  Nirgunadevi  are mainly  Hindu  by religion
Hindu Girl


Name  Nirgunadevi  belongs to Rashi  Vrushik (Scorpio)
RashiMeaningGenderQuality of
Vrushik (Scorpio) GirlScorpio

Lucky Number

Supportive numbers for name  Nirgunadevi  are
 9, 5

Lucky Color

Auspicious color for name  Nirgunadevi  are
 Red, Rust, Light Green

Lucky Stone

Auspicious stone for name  Nirgunadevi  are  Topaz, Apache Tear, Aquamarine, Coral, Obsidian

topazapache tearaquamarine
TopazApache TearAquamarine

Lucky Metal

Auspicious metal for name  Nirgunadevi  is

Lucky Days

Best days for name  Nirgunadevi  are
 Sunday, Tuesday

Ruling Hours

Ruling Hours for name  Nirgunadevi  is
 9pm ~ 11pm

Ruling Planet

Ruling Planet (Graha) for name  Nirgunadevi  is


Numerical for name  Nirgunadevi  is  3
Person with '3' as name numerical are Expressive, highly social-able, fun loving and enjoys life, creative, imaginative, inventive, artistic and career oriented


People with name  Nirgunadevi  are Constructive, Freedom loving, Progressive, and Wise.


To Triumph

Life Pursuit

To survive against all opposition




People with name  Nirgunadevi  are deep and intense, powerful, mysterious and have the ability to see into the people with their immense intuition. Being passionate, they carry intensity into everything they do, not afraid of endings or new beginnings. They are loyal friends and are among the best lovers. They are intense, passionate, magnetic, charming and often seem to have a love-hate relationship with food.

Suffixed Name

Nirgunadevi,  Nirgunashree,  Nirgunaben

Local Spelling

Locally this name is spelled as  ਨਿਰ੍ਗੁਨਾ,  நிர்குநா,  నిర్గునా,  নির্গুনা,  നിര്ഗുനാ,  ನಿರ್ಗುನಾ,  નિર્ગુના
Note: Astrological information provided above is generalised and may differ from person to person. Please consult your astrologer for exact and precise information.
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 Similar sounding names:
 Anuragini,  Narasimha,  Narsimha,  Nirguna,  Noorjahan,  Noorjehan,  Nurjahan,  Nurzhan
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