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Sibling names for 'Abishag'

AbEnglishFather of lightBoy
AbIndianFather of lightBoy
AbbotEnglishFather,  PriestBoy
AbbotIndianFather,  PriestBoy
AbbottEnglishFather,  PriestBoy
AbbottIndianFather,  PriestBoy
AbeEnglishFather of a multitude,  Bow for an arrowBoy
AbeIndianFather of a multitude,  Bow for an arrowBoy
AbeyEnglishFather of a multitudeBoy
AbeyIndianFather of a multitudeBoy
AbidaEnglishFather of knowledgeBoy
AbidaIndianFather of knowledgeBoy
AbidahEnglishFather of knowledgeBoy
AbidahIndianFather of knowledgeBoy
AbidanBiblicalMy Father is JudgeBoy
AbidanEnglishMy father is judgeBoy
AbidanIndianMy father is judgeBoy
AbieEnglishFather of a multitudeBoy
AbieIndianFather of a multitudeBoy
AbielBiblicalGod is my FatherBoy
AbielEnglishEl (God) is my fatherBoy
AbielIndianEl (God) is my fatherBoy
AbihuEnglishHe is my fatherBoy
AbihuIndianHe is my fatherBoy
AbimaelBiblicalMy Father is GodBoy
AbimaelEnglishMy father is El (God)Boy
AbimaelIndianMy father is El (God)Boy
AbimelechBiblicalMy Father is KingBoy
AbimelechEnglishMelek is father,  My father is kingBoy
AbimelechIndianMelek is father,  My father is kingBoy
AbinoamEnglishFather of pleasantnessBoy
AbinoamIndianFather of pleasantnessBoy
AbiramBiblicalMy Father is ExaltedBoy
AbiramEnglishMy father is exaltedBoy
AbiramIndianMy father is exaltedBoy
AbishaiBiblicalMy Father is a GiftBoy
AbishaiEnglishMy father is Jesse,  My father is a giftBoy
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 Similar sounding names:
 Abezag,  Abhishek,  Abhisoka,  Abishag,  Abishek,  Abooksigun,  Abukcheech,  Avashesh,  Avkash,  Bashiga
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