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Name  Vijayarathna  generally means  Significant among victorious


Name  Vijayarathna  is a  Masculine  name, which means generally Boys have this name


Name  Vijayarathna  has  Indian  origin
IndianSignificant among victoriousBoy


Person with name  Vijayarathna  are mainly  Hindu  by religion
HinduSignificant among victoriousBoy


Name  Vijayarathna  belongs to Rashi  Vrushabh (Taurus)
RashiMeaningGenderQuality of
Vrushabh (Taurus)Significant among victoriousBoyTaurus


Name  Vijayarathna  belongs to Nakshatra (lunar mansion)  Rohini
RohiniSignificant among victoriousBoy


Name  Vijayarathna  belongs to Graha (Planet)  Venus (Shukra)
Venus (Shukra)Significant among victoriousBoy

Lucky Number

Supportive numbers for name  Vijayarathna  are
 6, 15, 24

Lucky Color

Auspicious color for name  Vijayarathna  are
 Blue, Green, White

Lucky Stone

Auspicious stone for name  Vijayarathna  are  Emerald, Amber, Coral, Rose Quartz, Turquoise

emeraldambercoralrose quartzturquoise
EmeraldAmberCoralRose QuartzTurquoise

Lucky Metal

Auspicious metal for name  Vijayarathna  is

Lucky Days

Best days for name  Vijayarathna  are
 Friday, Monday

Ruling Hours

Ruling Hours for name  Vijayarathna  is
 9am ~ 11am

Ruling Planet

Ruling Planet (Graha) for name  Vijayarathna  is


Numerical for name  Vijayarathna  is  4
Person with '4' as name numerical are Stable, Calm, home loving, detail oriented, obedient, trustworthy, logical, active, organized, responsible and trustworthy


People with name  Vijayarathna  are Creative, Constructive, and Excellent manager.


Have a secure, happy & wealthy life, and marriage

Life Pursuit

Emotional and financial security


Determined energy


People with name  Vijayarathna  are very gentle, steadfast, stable, stubborn, and down to earth with a very strong sense of values, often artistic and sometimes very musical. They avoid risky ventures, but are excellent in business with the ability to develop it profitably, not only successful in making money but to preserve it as well. They like to live comfortably and are good providers, patient, loyal and caring, who make their dear ones happy.

Suffixed Name

Vijayarathnababu,  Vijayarathnaanna,  Vijayarathnappa,  Vijayarathnamal,  Vijayarathnalal,  Vijayarathnadas,  Vijayarathnanna,  Vijayarathnaappa,  Vijayarathnaji,  Vijayarathnarao

Local Spelling

Locally this name is spelled as  விஜயாராத்நா,  વિજયારાથ્ના,  ವಿಜಯಾರಾಥ್ನಾ,  ਵਿਜਯਾਰਾਥ੍ਨਾ,  വിജയാരാഥ്നാ,  ঵িজযারাথ্না,  విజయారాథ్నా
BengaliSignificant among victoriousBoy
GujaratiSignificant among victoriousBoy
KannadaSignificant among victoriousBoy
MalayalamSignificant among victoriousBoy
PunjabiSignificant among victoriousBoy
TamilSignificant among victoriousBoy
TeluguSignificant among victoriousBoy
Note: Astrological information provided above is generalised and may differ from person to person. Please consult your astrologer for exact and precise information.
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 Similar sounding names:
 Vaikartan,  Vajradhar,  Vajridhrug Vishayaya Sri Venkatesaya Namaha,  Vakratund,  Vakratunda,  Vijayarathna,  Vikruti,  Vishrut,  Vishruth,  Visruta
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