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List of Names similar to 'Bereke'

Barak  (باراك)ArabianBlessingBoy
BarakaEgyptianBlessing,  GiftBoy
BarkaCzech & SlovakForeign,  StrangeGirl
BerendGermanBrave and bold as a bearBoy
BerengarSpanishBear SpearBoy
BerengariEnglishBear SpearGirl
BerengariIndianBear SpearGirl
BerengariLatinBear spearGirl
BerengariaEnglishBear SpearGirl
BerengariaIndianBear SpearGirl
BerengariaLatinBear spearGirl
BerengariusLatinBear spearBoy
BerengerEnglishBear SpearBoy
BerengerIndianBear SpearBoy
BerengirEnglishBear SpearBoy
BerengirIndianBear SpearBoy
BerengriaSpanishBear SpearGirl
BereniceBiblicalWho Brings the VictoryGirl
BereniceEnglishBringer of victoryGirl
BereniceFrenchBringer of victoryGirl
BereniceIndianBringer of victoryGirl
BereniceLatinBringer of victoryGirl
BerenikeGreekBringer of victoryGirl
BerenirPortugueseBear SpearBoy
BerezavantIndian Boy
BerkTurkishSolid,  Firm,  StrongBoy
BerkoAfrican Boy
BirkScottishBirch TreeBoy
BorekCzech & SlovakFighting WarriorBoy
BorikCzech & SlovakGreat GloryBoy
BrookEnglishBrook,  StreamUnisex
BrookIndianBrook,  StreamUnisex
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Religion:  ParsiChristian
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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