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List of Names similar to 'Bhadrang'

BhadantaIndian Boy
BhadraIndian Boy
BhadraIndianGentle,  Blessed,  Prosperous,  Fortunate,  AuspiciousGirl
BhadraSanskritGentle,  Blessed,  Prosperous,  FortunateGirl
BhadrabahuIndianA famous Jain acharya from medieval India,  Guru of ChandraguptaBoy
BhadrakIndianHandsome,  Good,  VirtuousBoy
BhadrakSanskritHandsome,  Good,  VirtuousBoy
BhadrakapilIndianLord ShivaBoy
BhadrakshIndianOne with beautiful eyesBoy
BhadrakshIndianOne with beautiful eyes,  Whose eyes reflect auspiciousnessBoy
BhadrakshSanskritOne with beautiful eyes,  Whose eyes reflect auspiciousnessBoy
BhadranIndianAuspicious,  Fortunate manBoy
BhadranSanskritAuspicious,  Fortunate ManBoy
BhadrangIndianBeautiful bodyBoy
BhadranidhiIndianTreasure of goodnessBoy
BhadrapalaIndian Boy
BhadrashreeIndianSandal wood treeBoy
BhadrashreeIndianSandalwood treeBoy
BhadreshIndian Boy
BhadreshIndianLord ShivaBoy
BhadrikIndianLord Shankar,  Lord ShivaBoy
BhadrushaIndian Girl
Origin:  IndianSanskrit
Religion:  HinduJainBuddhist
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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