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List of Names similar to 'Brahmacharini'

BrahamdevIndianThe highest godBoy
BrahamjeetIndianGod's triumphBoy
BrahamsarupIndianWith an appearance like godBoy
BraheemArabianFather of A MultitudeBoy
BrahimAlbanianFather of a multitudeBoy
BrahmaIndianCreator of the universeBoy
BrahmaIndianCreator of the universe,  Supreme beingBoy
BrahmaSanskritCreator of the universe,  Supreme beingBoy
Brahma Klupthothsavaaya Sri Venkatesaya NamahaIndian  
BrahmaanandIndianSupreme joyBoy
BrahmaanandSanskritThe supreme joyBoy
BrahmachariniIndianDedicated to lord BrahmaGirl
BrahmachariniIndianSeeker of BrahmanGirl
BrahmadhvajaIndian Boy
BrahmaduttIndianDedicated to lord BrahmaBoy
BrahmajetasIndian Boy
BrahmanandIndianSupreme joyBoy
BrahmanandamIndianSupreme joyBoy
BrahmanandamSanskritThe supreme joyBoy
BrahmdevIndianGod's exalted angelBoy
BrahmdevSanskritGod's exalted angelBoy
BrahmjotIndianOne in union with godBoy
BrahmleenIndianAbsorbed in god's loveBoy
Brahmmadhi Deva Durdarsa Visvaroopaaya Sri Venkatesaya NamahaIndian  
BrahmvirIndianGod's warriorBoy
Origin:  AlbanianSanskritArabicIndian
Religion:  HinduBuddhistSikh
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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