indian baby names
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Western house
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House Name Meaning
   Alps    Snow cover or white mountain
   Apple tree cottage    One among Apple trees
   Ash lodge    One among the Ash trees
   Badgers hollow    
   Bayou Oaks    
   Beach croft    A monument on a beach
   Beach grove    One beside the beach
   Blue bells    
   Bracken dale    
   Brook Field    Field or Garden of Brook
   Bunsk Burrows    
   Cheddar bush    
   Cherry trees    One among Cherry tree
   Childer stone    
   Coventry Grange    
   Cyprus Oaks    
   Deer hill    
   Diamond hill    
   Dove cottage    
   Elm field    
   Farefield cottage    
   Fern dale    One among Fern
   Ferns    One among Fern
   Fire dale    
   Fire wood    
   Forge cottage    

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