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 Names meaning 'Calm'

Name that means

Meaning:  Calm

List of Names that means 'Calm'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
DantaIndianCalm; A name for lord HanumanBoy
DantaIndianCalm; Name for lord HanumanBoy
DantaIndianCalm; Lord HanumanBoy
GalaHebrewCalm; TranquilGirl
Gala  (Торжественный)RussianLight; Calm; TranquilGirl
GaleEnglishCalm; Tranquil; Sea Storm; Father RejoicesUnisex
GaleIndianCalm; Tranquil; Sea Storm; Father RejoicesUnisex
GalenEnglishCalm; TranquilBoy
GalenIndianCalm; TranquilBoy
GaleneLatinCalm SeasGirl
GalenusLatinCalm; TranquilBoy
Galina  (Галина)RussianLight; Calm; TranquilGirl
Galya  (Галя)RussianLight; Calm; TranquilGirl
GaylonEnglishCalm; TranquilBoy
GaylonIndianCalm; TranquilBoy
Halyna  (Галина)UkrainianCalmGirl
HerambIndianLord Ganesh; Respected and calm personBoy
HerambIndianErudite; Respected and calm personBoy
HerambIndianAn erudite; Respected and calm personBoy
KaiolohiaHawaiianCalm SeaGirl
KuhlbertGermanCalm; BrightBoy
KulbartGermanCalm; BrightBoy
KulbertGermanCalm; BrightBoy
ManprasadIndianMentally calm and cool personBoy
NalaniHawaiianThe Heavens; the Calm of the SkiesGirl
PlacidEnglishCalm; PlacidBoy
PlacidIndianCalm; PlacidBoy
PlacidaLatinCalm; PlacidGirl
PlacideFrenchCalm; PlacidGirl
PlacidoItalianCalm; Placid; QuiteBoy
PlacidoPortugueseCalm; PlacidBoy
PlacidoSpanishCalm; PlacidBoy
PlacidusLatinCalm; PlacidBoy
PlacydPolishCalm; QuietBoy
PrashantIndianCalm and composedBoy
PrashantIndianCalm and composed; CoolBoy
PrashantIndianCalm and composed; Cool; PeacefulBoy
SakeenaIndianFriend; Tranquil; Calm; God inspired peace of mindGirl
Sakina  (سكينة)ArabianCalmness; PeaceGirl
SakinaIndianFriend; Tranquil; Calm; God inspired peace of mindGirl
SakinahIndianFriend; Tranquil; Calm; God inspired peace of mindGirl
SamanIndianCalming song of praiseBoy
SeetalIndianPeaceful; Calm; ContentedBoy
SerenaIndianQuiet; CalmGirl
SerenaIndianQuiet; Calm; Sunlight; SunshineGirl
SerenaItalianCalm; PeacefulGirl
SerenaSpanishCalm; PeacefulGirl
ShaantIndianPeace and CalmBoy
ShantIndianPeace and calmBoy
ShantIndianGentle; Peace and calmBoy
ShantaIndianVery CalmBoy
ShantaIndianPeaceful; Durga; Very calmGirl
SudhiraIndianCalm; PlacidGirl
SukaynahIndianCalm; QuietudeGirl
SukhchainIndianThe one who is peaceful and calmBoy
SushantIndianQuiet; Very calmBoy
TyyneFinnishCalm; SereneGirl
WadeeIndianCalm; PeacefulBoy
WadeiIndianCalm; PeacefulBoy
WadiIndianCalm; PeacefulBoy
Yasu  (; ヤス)JapanesePeace; CalmUnisex

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