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Name that means

Meaning:  Goat

List of Names that means 'Goat'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AegidiosGreekKid; Young GoatBoy
AegidiusLatinKid; Young GoatBoy
AgidGermanKid; Young GoatBoy
AgidiusGermanKid; Young GoatBoy
AigidiusLatinKid; Young GoatBoy
AneezahIndianFemale goatGirl
Arwa  (أروى)ArabianMountain GoatGirl
ArwaIndianFemale mountain goatGirl
ArwaIndianSatisfied; Pleasant; Fresh; Female mountain goatGirl
AzazelEnglishEntire removal and scapegoatBoy
AzazelIndianEntire removal and scapegoatBoy
BuckEnglishMale Deer; GoatBoy
BuckIndianMale Deer; GoatBoy
CaprinaEnglishGoat; Wild boarGirl
CaprinaIndianGoat; Wild boarGirl
EgidiusLatinKid; Young GoatBoy
EgidiuszPolishKid; Young GoatBoy
EgyedHungarianKid; Young GoatBoy
GilEnglishKid; Young GoatBoy
GilIndianKid; Young GoatBoy
GilPortugueseKid; Young GoatBoy
GilesEnglishKid; Young GoatBoy
GilesIndianKid; Young GoatBoy
GillisDutchYoung GoatBoy
GylesEnglishKid; Young GoatBoy
GylesIndianKid; Young GoatBoy
IdziPolishKid; Young GoatBoy
JaelBiblicalMountain GoatGirl
JaelEnglishChamois; Ibex; ; Mountain GoatGirl
JaelHebrewMountain GoatBoy
JaelIndianChamois; Ibex; ; Mountain GoatGirl
TerahHebrewIbex; Wild GoatBoy
YaelHebrewMountain GoatGirl