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Meaning:  Goddess Laxmi

List of Names that means 'Goddess Laxmi'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AaditriIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
AaghnyaIndianBorn from fire; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AarnaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
AbiramiIndianGoddess name; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AbiramiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
AdhokshajaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
AditriIndianHighest honor; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AmalaIndianPure; Unpolluted; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AmbujaIndianBorn of a lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AmbujaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
AmbujaIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AnushreeIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
AnushreeIndianPretty; Prosperous; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AnushreeIndianPretty; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AnushriIndianPretty; Prosperous; Goddess LaxmiGirl
BhagyashreeIndianGoddess Laxmi; LuckyGirl
BhagyashriIndianGoddess Laxmi; Lucky; Fortunate; AuspiciousGirl
BhagyashriIndianGoddess Laxmi; LuckyGirl
BhagyasriIndianGoddess Laxmi; Lucky; Fortunate; AuspiciousGirl
BhanusriIndianRays of goddess LaxmiGirl
BhuvaneshwariIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ChakrikaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ChanchalIndianActive; Goddess LaxmiGirl
ChanchalaIndianActive; Goddess LaxmiGirl
ChandaIndianMoon; Cool like the moon; Goddess LaxmiGirl
ChandrarupaIndianMoon Faced; Goddess LaxmiGirl
ChandrasahodariIndianSister of the moon; Goddess LaxmiGirl
ChandravadanaIndianMoon Faced; Goddess LaxmiGirl
Daridriya DhwamsiniIndianDestroyer of poverty; Goddess LaxmiGirl
DaridriyanashiniIndianRemover of poverty; Goddess LaxmiGirl
DeepaIndianLamp; Radiant; Goddess LaxmiGirl
DeeptaIndianLuminous; Flame like; Shining; Goddess LaxmiGirl
DeetaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
DeetaIndianA name of goddess LaxmiGirl
DeetyaIndianAnswer of prayers; Goddess LaxmiGirl
DeetyaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
DevashreeIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
DevashriIndianGoddess Laxmi; Yagya; Divine beautyGirl
DeviIndianGoddess Laxmi; The Deity; God likeGirl
DhanshreeIndianGoddess LaxmiBoy
DheepthaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
GajalakshmiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
GajalakshmiIndianGoddess Laxmi as graceful as an elephantGirl
GajalakshmiIndianGoddess Laxmi; As graceful as an elephantGirl
HaripriyaIndianConsort of lord Vishnu; Goddess LaxmiGirl
HarivallabhiIndianConsort of Lord Hari; Goddess LaxmiGirl
HavisaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
HiteshreeIndianGoddess Laxmi's second nameGirl
HiteshreeIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
HymavathiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
HymavathyIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
IndiraIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
IndiraIndianBestower of wealth; Goddess LaxmiGirl
IndiraIndianRadiant like the sun; Goddess LaxmiGirl
JaganmayeeIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
JaladhijaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
JalajaIndianGoddess of wealth; Goddess Laxmi; LotusGirl
JalajaIndianLotus; Goddess of wealth; Goddess LaxmiGirl
JigiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
KalakarniIndianGoddess Laxmi; One with black earsGirl
KamakshiIndianGoddess Laxmi; One with loving eyesGirl
KamakshiIndianGoddess Laxmi or Parvati; One with loving eyesGirl
KamalaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
KamalaIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
KamalikaIndianGoddess Laxmi; LotusGirl
KamalikaIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
KamalikaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
KamaliniIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
KamalnathIndianLord of goddess Laxmi; Lord VishnuBoy
KamlaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
KshirajaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
KshirjaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
LakhiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
LakshmiIndianGoddess of wealth; Goddess Laxmi; Fortunate; Wife of lord VishnuGirl
LakshmikaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
LakshmikantIndianLord Vishnu; Husband of goddess LaxmiBoy
LakshmikantIndianVishnu; Husband of goddess LaxmiBoy
LakshminarayanIndianGoddess Laxmi and lord Vishnu togetherBoy
LakshminathIndianConsort of goddess Laxmi; Lord VishnuBoy
LakshmipatiIndianHusband of goddess LaxmiBoy
LakshmipatiIndianHusband of goddess Laxmi; Lord VishnuBoy
LalenthikaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
Lekha ShreeIndianWriting of goddess LaxmiGirl
LokajananiIndianGoddess Laxmi; Mother of the worldGirl
LokamatriIndianGoddess Laxmi; Mother of the worldGirl
LokamatriIndianMother of the universe; Goddess LaxmiGirl
LolaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
LoukyaIndianWorldly wise; Goddess LaxmiGirl
MahalakshmiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
MahasriIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
MaithiliIndianGoddess Laxmi; SitaGirl
MalavIndianAnsh of goddess LaxmiBoy
ManjubhargaviIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ManjushriIndianSweet luster; Goddess LaxmiGirl
ManjushriIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ManonmaniIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ManushiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ManushriIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
MayaIndianIllusion; Goddess LaxmiGirl
MoukthikaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
NandikaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
NandikaIndianGoddess Laxmi; Water vessel made up of clayGirl
NarayaniIndianGod; Goddess LaxmiGirl
NarayaniIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
NarayaniIndianGoddess Laxmi; Goddess DurgaGirl
NirjaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
NiroshaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
Nitya PushtaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
PadmaIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
PadmajaIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmajaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
PadmajaiIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmamaliniIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
PadmapriyaIndianLover of lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmavasaIndianOne who resided in lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmavatiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
PadminiIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PingalaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
PriyangiIndianGoddess LaxmiBoy
RajalakshmiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
RajamIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
RamaIndianPleaser of the lord; Goddess LaxmiGirl
RamaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
RamaaIndianPleaser of the lord; Goddess LaxmiGirl
RomaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
RujulaIndianOne who endows wealth; Goddess Laxmi; SoftGirl
RujulaIndianWho endows wealth; Goddess Laxmi; SoftGirl
RukhminiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
SaanviIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
SanandaIndianHappy; Pleasure; Goddess LaxmiGirl
SanandaIndianHappy; Pleasure; Joyful; Goddess LaxmiGirl
SanandaIndianPleasure; Joyful; Goddess LaxmiGirl
SanaviIndianSanvi; Goddess LaxmiGirl
SanghaviIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
SanviIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ShanvithaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ShreeIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ShreedharIndianHusband of goddess LaxmiBoy
ShreenaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ShreepriyaIndianLover of goddess LaxmiBoy
ShreevallabhIndianLord of goddess LaxmiBoy
ShreeyaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ShrideviIndianGoddess Laxmi; Goddess of wealthGirl
ShrikalaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ShrilaxmiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ShrimatiIndianGoddess Laxmi; FortunateGirl
ShrinivasIndianAbode of goddess LaxmiBoy
ShrivaliIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ShrivalliIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
ShubhaIndianAuspicious; Goddess Laxmi; BeautyGirl
ShubhapradaIndianGranter of auspicious things; Goddess LaxmiGirl
ShuvasreeIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
SiddhikshaIndianGoddess Laxmi; Religious ceremonyGirl
SindhujaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
SiriIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
SoneeshIndianGoddess LaxmiBoy
SreedeviIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
SreejaIndianJatika of goddess LaxmiGirl
SreejaIndianThe Jatika of Goddess LaxmiGirl
SreeyaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
SridatriIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
SrideviIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
SridharIndianPossessor of goddess Laxmi; Possessor of good fortune; Lord VishnuBoy
SrijaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
SrinithiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
StriratnaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
SudenaIndianGoddess Laxmi; Real goddessGirl
SudikshaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
SulakshmiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
SumukhiIndianVery beautiful; Goddess LaxmiGirl
SundhujaIndianGoddess Laxmi; Born of the oceanGirl
SuprasannaIndianEver cheerful and beaming; Goddess LaxmiBoy
SureshwariIndianGoddess Durga; Goddess LaxmiGirl
SwapanthiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
UtpalakshiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
VaibhaviIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
VaradaIndianBestower; Daughter; Goddess LaxmiGirl
VaradaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
VarunaviIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
VibhutiIndianGreat Personality; Wealth; Goddess LaxmiGirl
VibhutiIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
VibhutiIndianGreat personality; Goddess LaxmiGirl
VikasniIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
VikrutiIndianMultifaceted nature; Goddess LaxmiGirl
VimudhaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
VishnupriyaIndianGoddess Laxmi; Dear to lord VishnuGirl
VishnupriyaIndianGoddess LaxmiGirl
YukthaIndianAbsorbed; Attentive; Bounded with goddess Laxmi charmsGirl
YukthaIndianBounded with goddess Laxmi charmsGirl

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