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Meaning:  Lamp

List of Names that means 'Lamp'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AaratrikaIndianDusk lamp beneath Tulsi plant (Basil)Girl
AaratrikaIndianDusk lamp beneath Tulsi plantGirl
AaratrikaIndianThe dusk lamp beneath Tulsi plantGirl
AaratrikaIndianA dusk lamp beneath Tulsi plantGirl
AaratrikaSanskritLamp beneath 'Tulsi' plantGirl
AkaldeepIndianEternal lamp; God's lampBoy
AkaldeepIndianGod's lampBoy
AmandeepIndianThe lamp of peaceBoy
AmardeepIndianThe lamp of immortalityBoy
AnudeepIndianSmall diya; Small lampBoy
AratiIndianWorship; Ceremony of moving a lighted lamp circularly round an idolGirl
ChiragIndianLamp; DeepakBoy
DeepIndianThe lamp of lightBoy
DeepIndianA LampBoy
DeepIndianLamp; RadiantBoy
DeepaIndianA Lamp; Radiant; Goddess LakshmiGirl
DeepaIndianA LampGirl
DeepaIndianLamp; Radiant; Goddess LaxmiGirl
DeepabaliIndianRow of lampsGirl
DeepakIndianLamp; CandleBoy
DeepakIndianLamp; KindleBoy
DeepakIndianLamp; Kindle; RadiantBoy
DeepakIndianLamp; KindleBoy
DeepaliIndianCollection of lampsGirl
DeepaliIndianRow of lamps; Collection of lampsGirl
DeepaliSanskritRow of lamps; Collection of lampsGirl
DeepamalaIndianRow of lampsGirl
DeepanjaliIndianOffering by lighting lamps in worshipGirl
DeepankarIndianOne who lights lampsBoy
DeepankarSanskritOne who lights lampsBoy
DeepaprabhaIndianFully lighted; Full of light; Light of lampsGirl
DeepikaIndianLamp; Light; A raagini used in Indian musicGirl
DeepikaIndianA LampGirl
DharamdeepIndianLamp of religionBoy
DianIndonesianCandle; Brightener; Oil Lamp; One Who Brings FortuneGirl
DipaliIndianRow of lamps; Collection of lampsGirl
DipaliSanskritRow of lamps; Collection of lampsGirl
DipankarIndianOne who lights lampsBoy
DipankarSanskritOne who lights lampsBoy
DipenIndianLord of lamp; Lord of lightBoy
DipenIndianLord of the lampBoy
DipenIndianLord of lampBoy
DipendraIndianLord of lamp; Lord of lightBoy
DnyandeepIndianLamp of knowledgeBoy
EkdeepIndianOne lampUnisex
GaganadipikaIndianLamp of the skyGirl
GaganadipikaIndianThe lamp of the skyGirl
GagandeepIndianA lamp in the sky; Light of the skyBoy
GagandeepIndianLamp of the skyBoy
GiaandeepIndianLamp of divine knowledgeBoy
GundeepIndianLamp of excellencesBoy
GurdeepIndianLamp of the guruBoy
GurdeepIndianLamp of guruBoy
GurudeepIndianLamp of the guruBoy
GurudeepIndianLamp of guruBoy
GurudeepIndianLamp of the guruUnisex
GyandeepIndianLamp of knowledgeBoy
GyandeepIndianLamp of knowledgeUnisex
JagadipIndianLamp of the universeBoy
JagadipIndianLamp of universeBoy
JagdeepSanskritLamp of the worldBoy
JasdeepIndianThe lamp radiating god's gloriesBoy
JyotiIndianFlame; LampGirl
JyotiIndianFlame; Lamp; Light; Brilliant; VisionGirl
JyotiIndianFlame; Light; Lamp; The light of the SunGirl
JyotiSanskritFlame; Light; Lamp; The light of the SunGirl
KaramdeepIndianLamp of god's graceBoy
KuldeepIndianThe lamp of the familyBoy
LivdeepIndianAbsorbed in the lamp of lightBoy
ManideepaIndianLamp of precious stonesGirl
ManideepaIndianA lamp of precious stonesGirl
MasabeehIndianLamp; LightGirl
MisbahIndianLamp; LightGirl
NavdeepIndianThe ever new light; New lampBoy
ParamdeepIndianThe lamp of the divineBoy
PrabhdeepIndianThe lamp of god; God's dear oneBoy
PradeepIndianLight; Shine; LampBoy
PremdeepIndianThe lamp of loveBoy
RamdeepIndianLamp of all pervading godBoy
RasdeepIndianLamp of the elixirBoy
RatandeepIndianPrecious like god's lampBoy
SandeepIndianLighted lampBoy
SandeepIndianGlowing; Lighted lampBoy
SarabdeepIndianThe lamp that gives light to allBoy
ShabadIndianLamp; Light of the holy wordBoy
Sham'A  (شمعة)ArabianCandle; LampGirl
SimardeepIndianLamp of remembrance of godBoy
SiraajIndianLamp; LightBoy
SirajIndianLamp; LightBoy
SukhdeepIndianThe lamp of peace and blissBoy
SurdeepIndianLamp of musicBoy
SurdeepIndianLord Indra; Lamp of musicBoy