indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  Good Tiding

List of Names that means 'Good Tiding'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
BashaarIndianBringer of good tidingsBoy
BashaerIndianGood tidingGirl
BasheeraIndianBringer of good tidingsGirl
BashiraIndianReport of good tidingGirl
BashirahIndianBringer of good tidings; JoyGirl
BusayrahIndianGood tidingGirl
BusrahIndianGood tidingGirl
EvangelinaLatinGood Angel; Good TidingsGirl
EvangelineEnglishGood tidingsGirl
EvangelineIndianGood tidingsGirl
NaveedIndianGood news; Glad tidingsBoy
NaveidIndianGood news; Glad tidingsBoy
NavidIndianGood news; Glad tidingsBoy
Vangelis  (Βαγγελης)GreekGood TidingsBoy