indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  Great Glory

List of Names that means 'Great Glory'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
BolekCzech & SlovakGreat GloryBoy
BolekPolishGreat GloryBoy
BoleslavCzech & SlovakGreat GloryBoy
BoleslawPolishGreat GloryBoy
BoleslawaPolishGreat GloryGirl
BorikCzech & SlovakGreat GloryBoy
JalalIndianGreatness; Glory; GrandeurBoy
MahimaIndianGlorious; GreatnessGirl
MerekCzech & SlovakGreat GloryBoy
MirkaCzech & SlovakGreat; Glory; GreatGirl
MiroslavCzech & SlovakGreat; Glory; GreatBoy
MiroslavaCzech & SlovakGreat; Glory; GreatGirl
SlawomirPolishGlorious; Great; FamousBoy
SlawomiraPolishGlorious; Great; FamousGirl
WielislawPolishGreat GloryBoy
WieslawPolishGreat GloryBoy
WislawPolishGreat GloryBoy
WislawaPolishGreat GloryGirl