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Name that means

Meaning:  Holy

List of Names that means 'Holy'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AagiHungarianChaste; HolyGirl
Abdul QuddoosIndianServant of the most holyBoy
Abdul QuddusIndianServant of the most holyBoy
Abdul QudoosIndianServant of the most holyBoy
Abdul-QudoosIndianServant of the most holyBoy
AbezagIndianPure; HolyBoy
AgnaGermanChaste; HolyGirl
AgnaLithuanianChaste; HolyGirl
AgnesEnglishChaste; HolyGirl
AgnesFrenchChaste; HolyGirl
AgnesHungarianChaste; HolyGirl
AgnesIndianChaste; HolyGirl
AgneseItalianPure; Chaste; HolyGirl
Agnessa  (Агнесса)RussianChaste; HolyGirl
AgnesseRussianChaste; HolyGirl
AgnethGermanChaste; HolyGirl
AgnethaScandinavianChaste; HolyGirl
AgnetheGermanChaste; HolyGirl
AgnieszkaPolishChaste; HolyGirl
AgnusEnglishChaste; HolyGirl
AgnusIndianChaste; HolyGirl
AidhIndianName of a reciter of holy QuranBoy
AjmalIndianHoly; PiousBoy
AkenekiHawaiianChaste; HolyGirl
AmritIndianNectar; Spiritual holy water; ImmortalityBoy
AmritSanskritNectar; Spiritual holy water; ImmortalityBoy
AmritaIndianFull of nectar; Spiritual holy waterGirl
AmritaIndianFull of nectar; Spiritual holy water; ImmortalityGirl
AmritaIndianNectar; Spiritual holy water; ImmortalityGirl
AmritaSanskritNectar; Spiritual holy water; ImmortalityGirl
AneelIndianHoly; Immaculate beingBoy
AnesaDanishChaste; HolyGirl
AnezkaDanishChaste; HolyGirl
AnniceEnglishChaste; HolyGirl
AnniceIndianChaste; HolyGirl
AnnisAnglo-SaxonChaste; HolyGirl
AnnisEnglishChaste; HolyGirl
AnnisIndianChaste; HolyGirl
AriannaIndianHoly oneGirl
ArshadIndianGuided; Honest; Holy; PiousBoy
AtambhuIndianThe holy trinityBoy
AtambhuIndianHoly trinityBoy
AuneFinnishChaste; HolyGirl
AvtarIndianHoly incarnationBoy
BalaghIndianAnother name for holy QuranBoy
BasairIndianAnother name for holy QuranBoy
BayanIndianAnother name for holy QuranBoy
BronwenWelshFair; White; HolyGirl
CarwynWelshFair; Holy; Pure; WhiteBoy
CeinwenWelshFair; Holy; White; LovelyGirl
CledwynWelshFair; Holy; WhiteBoy
DelwynWelshPretty and fair; Fair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
DharamsheelIndianHoly; Religious; PiousBoy
DjeseritEgyptianHoly WomanGirl
DwynWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
DwynwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
DwynwynWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
EilwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
EluwilussitNative AmericanHoly OneBoy
ErenTurkishSaint; Holy PersonBoy
EurwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
EvadneLatinGood and holyGirl
FreddaEnglishHoly reconciliationGirl
FreddaIndianHoly reconciliationGirl
GeetaIndianA Holy book of HinduGirl
GeetaIndianHoly book of the HindusGirl
GeetaIndianHoly book of HindusGirl
GeetaIndianThe Hindu holy book; Bhagwad GitaGirl
GeetaSanskritThe holy book of the HindusGirl
GerolamoItalianHoly NameBoy
GeronimoItalianHoly NameBoy
GhashiahIndian88th Surah of the holy Quran; Covering; AttendantBoy
GhazzalIndianName of a reciter of holy QuranBoy
GhodsiIndianHoly; Sacred; AngelGirl
GhodsiIranian (Persian)Holy; Sacred; AngelGirl
GieronymusLatinHoly nameBoy
GirolamoItalianHoly NameBoy
GitaIndianA Holy book of HinduGirl
GitaIndianHoly book of the HindusGirl
GitaIndianThe Hindu holy book; Bhagwad GitaGirl
GitaSanskritThe Hindu holy bookGirl
GitashriIndianThe Bhagvat Gita; Holy book of HindusGirl
GlendaWelshClean; Pure; HolyGirl
GleniceEnglishHoly; PureGirl
GleniceIndianHoly; PureGirl
GleniceWelshClean; Pure; HolyGirl
GlenysEnglishHoly; PureGirl
GlenysIndianHoly; PureGirl
GlenysWelshClean; Pure; HolyGirl
GlynisEnglishHoly; PureGirl
GlynisIndianHoly; PureGirl
GlynisWelshClean; Pure; HolyGirl
GoraneSpanishHoly CrossGirl
GwenEnglishFair; Holy; White; GoodGirl
GwenIndianFair; Holy; White; GoodGirl
GwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwendaEnglishFair; Holy; White; GoodGirl
GwendaIndianFair; Holy; White; GoodGirl
GwendaWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwenfrewiWelshHoly reconciliationGirl
GwenllianWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwennEnglishFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwennIndianFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwennWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwynEnglishFair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
GwynIndianFair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
GwynWelshFair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
GwynforWelshFair; Holy; WhiteBoy
GwynnWelshFair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
HadidIndianThe 57th Surah of holy Quran; Iron; EloquentBoy
HafizIndianProtector; Guardian; One who knows holy Quran by heartBoy
HagneGreekChaste; Pure; HolyGirl
HarjeevanIndianOne who lives a god oriented life; Holy manBoy
HeddwynWelshHoly Peace; Fair; Holy; WhiteBoy
HeironymusLatinHoly nameBoy
HelgaGermanHoly; PiousGirl
HelgaNorwegianHoly; BlessedGirl
HelgeNorwegianHoly; BlessedBoy
HellaNorwegianHoly; BlessedGirl
HieronimPolishHoly NameBoy
HieronomoItalianHoly NameBoy
HieronymosGreekHoly NameBoy
HieronymusLatinHoly nameBoy
IinesFinnishChaste; HolyGirl
IkshulaIndianHoly riverGirl
InasSpanishChaste; HolyGirl
InazSpanishChaste; HolyGirl
IndrayaniIndianHoly riverGirl
InesFrenchChaste; HolyGirl
IngesPortugueseChaste; HolyGirl
InshirahIndianThe 94th Surah of holy Quran; Advancing; HappinessBoy
IruneSpanishReference to the Holy TrinityGirl
JahdariIndianAn authority of holy QuranBoy
JamunaIndianA Holy river in IndiaGirl
JamunaIndianHoly RiverGirl
JamunaIndianA holy riverGirl
JeroenDutchHoly NameBoy
JeromeEnglishHoly nameBoy
JeromeFrenchHoly NameBoy
JeromeIndianHoly nameBoy
JeronimPolishHoly NameBoy
JihaadIndianHoly warBoy
JihadIndianHoly warBoy
KalamIndianAnother name for holy Quran; Speech; ConversationBoy
KalbiIndianAn authority of genealogy and holy QuranBoy
KashiIndianVaranasi; A holy cityGirl
KashiIndianVaranasi; The holy cityGirl
KashiIndianVaranasi; A holy city; LuminousGirl
KashiIndianLuminous; Pilgrimage spot; The holy cityUnisex
KausarIndian108th Surah of the holy Quran; Reservoir in paradiseBoy
LailaFinnishHoly; BlessedGirl
MaarijIndianThe 70th Surah of holy QuranBoy
MajidIndianGreat; Honorable; Noble; Another name for holy QuranBoy
MalaikahIndianThe 35th Surah of holy Quran; AngelGirl
MalihIndianA reciter of holy Quran was so calledBoy
MantraIndianHymns; Holy chantsGirl
MantraIndianHymn; Holy ChantsGirl
MantramIndianHoly Name; Lord VishnuBoy
MarufirahIndianAnother name for holy Quran; Lofty; RespectedBoy
MubinIndianAnother name for holy Quran; One who informs; EvidentBoy
NandiniIndianHoly cow; Bestower of joy; GangaGirl
NandiniIndianA holy cow; Bestower of joy; GangaGirl
NandiniIndianA holy cow; Bestower of joy; Goddess Durga; A delightful goddessGirl
NestWelshChaste; HolyGirl
NestaWelshChaste; HolyGirl
NevanEnglishLittle Holy OneBoy
NevanIndianLittle Holy OneBoy
NolwennEnglishHoly one from NoyalGirl
NolwennIndianHoly one from NoyalGirl
OanezEnglishChaste; HolyGirl
OanezIndianChaste; HolyGirl
Oleg  (Олег)RussianProsperous; Successful; HolyBoy
Olga  (Ольга)RussianProsperous; Successful; HolyGirl
OlwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
OlwinWelshTrack of the holyGirl
OlwynWelshTrack of the holyGirl
Olya  (Оля)RussianProsperous; Successful; HolyGirl
OviIndianHoly Massage of Marathi saintBoy
OviIndianHoly message of Marathi saintBoy
Panagiota  (Παναγιωτα)GreekAll HolyGirl
Panagiotakis  (Παναγιωτακης)GreekAll HolyBoy
Panagiotis  (Παναγιωτης)GreekAll HolyBoy
Panayiotis  (Παναγιωτης)GreekAll HolyBoy
PangiotaGreekVery HolyGirl
Panos  (Πανος)GreekAll HolyBoy
ParsaIndianPure; Chaste; Devout; Holy; PersianBoy
ParsaIranian (Persian)Pure; Chaste; Devout; Holy; PersianBoy
PavanaIndianHoly; SacredGirl
PavitarIndianThe holy personBoy
PirmohammedIndianHoly prophetBoy
PuneetIndianHoly; PureGirl
PuneetIndianPure; HolyGirl
PuneetIndianPure; HolyUnisex
PunitIndianPure; HolyBoy
PunitIndianHoly; PureBoy
PunitaIndianHoly; PureGirl
PunitaIndianPure; HolyGirl
PunithaIndianPure; HolyGirl
PunithaIndianHoly; PureGirl
QayyimIndianAnother name for holy Quran; Just; StrongBoy
QuddoosIndianMost HolyBoy
QuddusIndianMost HolyBoy
QudoosIndianMost HolyBoy
RahmanIndianMost merciful; The 55th Surah of holy Quran; AffectionateBoy
RhonwenWelshBlessed; Fair; Holy; WhiteGirl
RovenaAlbanianHoly LanceGirl
RowenaEnglishHoly lanceGirl
RowenaIndianHoly lanceGirl
RowenaLatinHoly Lance; JoyGirl
RowinaEnglishHoly lanceGirl
RowinaIndianHoly lanceGirl
RowinaLatinHoly Lance; JoyGirl
SangatIndianAssociating with holy congregationBoy
SannidhiIndianNearness; Holy placeGirl
SarayuIndianHoly riverGirl
SarayuIndianWind; Holy riverGirl
SarayuIndianA Holy riverGirl
SarayuIndianHoly river; WindGirl
SatbachanIndianThe one abiding by the holy wordBoy
ShabadIndianLamp; Light of the holy wordBoy
ShabadpreetIndianThe one who loves the holy wordBoy
ShrigeetaIndianThe Holy book of Hindus - GeetaGirl
ShuchiIndianClean; Pure; HolyGirl
SinjinFrenchHoly manBoy
SutaraIndianHoly starGirl
Svyatopolk  (Святополк)RussianBlessed; Holy; Bright; GloryBoy
Svyatoslav  (Святослав)RussianBlessed; Holy; Bright; GloryBoy
SwietomierzPolishBlessed; Holy; PeacefulBoy
TahaIndianName of a Surah in holy QuranBoy
TahirIndianPure; Clean; Chaste; HolyBoy
Takis  (Τακης)GreekAll HolyBoy
TapeshIndianThe holy trinityBoy
TapeshIndianHoly trinityBoy
TeerthIndianHoly place; Sacred waterBoy
TegwenWelshBlessed; Holy; WhiteGirl
ThirumalaiIndianAbode of lord Venkateshwara; Holy placeBoy
ThulasiIndianHoly plant with sweet fragranceGirl
ThulasiIndianHoly Plant with sweet fragrance (Basil)Girl
TirtaIndonesianHoly WaterBoy
TirthIndianHoly placeBoy
TirthaIndianHoly placeBoy
TirtoIndonesianHoly WaterBoy
ToborHungarianHoly PlaceBoy
TridhamanIndianHoly trinityBoy
TridhamanIndianThe holy trinityBoy
TrimurtiIndianThe holy trinityBoy
TrimurtiIndianHoly trinityBoy
UjjalIndianBright; clean; Holy personBoy
VaranaIndianHoly riverBoy
VaranaIndianHoly river; Name of a riverGirl
VenikaIndianHoly riverGirl
VerbenaLatinHoly plantsGirl
VirurchIndianHoly trinityBoy
VirurchIndianThe holy trinityBoy
VishreshIndianHoly trinityBoy
VishreshIndianThe holy trinityBoy
WahiIndianAnother name for holy Quran; MessengersBoy
Wicapi WakanNative AmericanHoly StarGirl
WinEnglishHoly reconciliationGirl
WinIndianHoly reconciliationGirl
WinifredEnglishHoly reconciliationGirl
WinifredIndianHoly reconciliationGirl
WinnieEnglishHoly reconciliationGirl
WinnieIndianHoly reconciliationGirl
WynWelshBlessed; Fair; Holy; WhiteBoy
WynforWelshGreatly fair; HolyBoy
WynnWelshBlessed; Fair; Holy; WhiteBoy
WynneWelshBlessed; Fair; Holy; WhiteBoy
YamunaIndianHoly river; Jamuna riverGirl
YamunaIndianHoly riverGirl
YnesSpanishChaste; HolyGirl
YnezSpanishChaste; HolyGirl
Zelde  (זֶעלְדֶע)YiddishLuck; Blessed; HolyGirl
Zelig  (זֶעלִיג)YiddishLuck; Blessed; HolyBoy
ZikrIndianAnother name for holy Quran; Reminder; MentionBoy