indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  Leader

List of Names that means 'Leader'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AgrajIndianLeader; SeniorBoy
AgrimIndianLeader; FirstBoy
AgrimIndianAlways ahead; Leader; FirstBoy
AgrimaIndianAdvance; Leader; Always on the fore frontBoy
AlaricGermanNoble LeaderBoy
AlarickGermanNoble LeaderBoy
AlarikGermanNoble LeaderBoy
AlibabaIndianGreat leaderBoy
AlrikGermanNoble LeaderBoy
AmeeraIndianLeader; PrincessGirl
AmeryGermanIndustrious LeaderBoy
Amir  (أمير)ArabianCommander; Prince; LeaderBoy
AmiraArabianCommander; Princess; LeaderGirl
AmirahArabianCommander; Princess; LeaderGirl
AmoryGermanIndustrious LeaderBoy
AnitaIndianA leaderGirl
AnitaIndianLeader; GraceGirl
AricGermanNoble LeaderBoy
ArickGermanNoble LeaderBoy
ArikGermanNoble LeaderBoy
AroldoItalianArmy LeaderBoy
AurickGermanNoble LeaderBoy
AurikGermanNoble LeaderBoy
CadwaladerWelshBattle leaderBoy
CadwalladerWelshBattle leaderBoy
Chavdar  (Чавдар)BulgarianLeader; DignitaryBoy
ChibuzoAfricanGod is the LeaderUnisex
DalapathiIndianLeader of a groupBoy
DeeEnglishDean; Head; LeaderUnisex
DeeIndianDean; Head; LeaderUnisex
DeenaEnglishDean; Head; LeaderGirl
DeenaIndianDean; Head; LeaderGirl
DukeEnglishCommander; LeaderBoy
DukeIndianCommander; LeaderBoy
GahegeNative AmericanChief; LeaderBoy
GanadhyakshinaIndianLeader of all the celestial bodiesBoy
GanapathiIndianLord Ganesh; Leader of the elephantsBoy
GanapatiIndianLord Ganesh; Leader of the elephantsBoy
GanapatiSanskritLord Ganesha; Leader of the elephantsBoy
Hadi  (هادي)ArabianLeader; Guide; Guide To RighteousnessBoy
HadiIndianGuide; LeaderBoy
HadiIranian (Persian)Guide; LeaderBoy
HerewardAnglo-SaxonArmy guard; Army ruler; LeaderBoy
HerewealdAnglo-SaxonArmy guard; Army ruler; LeaderBoy
HerrickGermanArmy LeaderBoy
Imam  (إمام)ArabianLeaderBoy
ImamuAfricanSpiritual Guide; Spiritual LeaderBoy
IndraSanskritLeader of the gods; The God of the atmosphere and skyBoy
JasonIndianMythical leader; HealingBoy
KarhikIndianSon of Lord Shiva and leader of Deva army; A Hindu monthBoy
KarhikIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of Diva army; Kartik is also a Hindu monthBoy
KarhikIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of deva army; Kartik is a Hindu monthBoy
KarthikaIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of deva army; Kartik is a Hindu monthBoy
KarthikaIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of Diva army; Kartik is also a Hindu monthBoy
KarthikaIndianSon of Lord Shiva and leader of Deva army; A Hindu monthBoy
KartikeyaIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of Diva army; Kartik is also a Hindu monthBoy
KhalfaniEgyptianShall Rule; LeaderBoy
KhentiEgyptianLeader; RulerBoy
MaalikIndianMaster; Lord; Chief; LeaderBoy
MelisizweAfricanLeader of the NationBoy
MiccoNative AmericanChief; LeaderBoy
MincoNative AmericanChief; LeaderBoy
MineshIndianLeader of fishBoy
MinishaIndianLeader of fishGirl
NaqaaIndianLeader; Head; ChiefGirl
NaqeebIndianLeader; Head; ChiefBoy
NaqeebahIndianLeader; Head; ChiefGirl
NarunIndianLeader of menBoy
NarunaIndianLeader of menBoy
OgimaNative AmericanChief; LeaderBoy
OrhanTurkishGreat LeaderBoy
PitalesharoNative AmericanChief of men; LeaderBoy
Prochoros  (Πρόχορος)GreekLeader of the danceBoy
ProchorusLatinLeader of the danceBoy
Prokhor  (Прохор)RussianLeader of danceBoy
Prokopios  (Προκόπιος)GreekProgressive; Leader; AdvanceBoy
QutubIndianChieftain; Leader; TallBoy
RaidIndianLeader; PioneerBoy
RaidahIndianLeader; PioneerGirl
RaihaanIndianLeader; PioneerBoy
RaihaanaIndianLeader; PioneerGirl
Rais  (رئيس)ArabianLeader; ChiefBoy
RaisahIndianLeader; MatronGirl
RaldGermanFamous LeaderBoy
RiothamusLatinMilitary Leader; Highest LeaderBoy
RoderigaSpanishNotable leaderGirl
RoderigoSpanishNotable leaderBoy
SadraIndianChief; Leader; JudgeBoy
SadriIndianChief; Leader; JudgeBoy
SaganIndianLeader; Lord ShivaBoy
SahilIndianLeader; Ruler; GuideBoy
SakimaNative AmericanChief; LeaderBoy
SalarIranian (Persian)LeaderBoy
SalarjungIndianBeautiful; Leader in warBoy
SalarjungIndianArmy leader in warBoy
SartajIndianCrown of head; Master; LeaderBoy
SarwarIndianChief; Leader; Joy; DelightBoy
SarwariIndianChief; Leader; Joy; DelightGirl
SayeedIndianLeader; AuspiciousBoy
SayeedaIndianLeader; AuspiciousGirl
SayidIndianMaster; Lord; Chief; LeaderBoy
SayyidIndianChief; Leader; Master; Lord; MunificentBoy
SayyidahIndianChief; Leader; Master; Lord; MunificentGirl
SerkanTurkishLeader; Chief; Blood HeadBoy
SunayIndianWise; Leader; Well conducted kingBoy
SunayIndianWise; Leader; A well conducted kingBoy
ThakurIndianLeader; GodBoy
Toshio  (俊雄)JapaneseGenious Leader; HeroBoy
TyeeNative AmericanChief; LeaderBoy
UliGermanNoble Leader; WealthyUnisex
UlzGermanNoble LeaderBoy
ValeskaPolishGlorious Ruler; Brave LeaderGirl
VeaIndianChief; LeaderBoy
VihoNative AmericanChief; LeaderBoy
Vlad  (Влад)RussianRuler; LeaderBoy
Vsevolod  (Всеволод)RussianRuler; LeaderBoy
WinemaNative AmericanChief; LeaderGirl
WladyslawPolishGlorious Ruler; Brave LeaderBoy
WladyslawaPolishGlorious Ruler; Brave LeaderGirl
YagneshIndianReligious leaderBoy
YngveScandinavianLord; Master; LeaderBoy
YngviScandinavianLord; Master; LeaderBoy