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Meaning:  Lord Brahma

List of Names that means 'Lord Brahma'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbhimaniIndianFull of pride; Eldest son of lord BrahmaBoy
AbjayoniIndianBorn of the lotus; Lord BrahmaBoy
BrahmachariniIndianDedicated to lord BrahmaGirl
BrahmaduttIndianDedicated to lord BrahmaBoy
ChaturananIndianOne with four faces; Lord BrahmaBoy
ChidaakaashIndianAbsolute; Lord BrahmaBoy
ChidakashIndianAbsolute; Lord BrahmaBoy
ChidanandIndianLord BrahmaBoy
DakshIndianSon of lord Brahma; Capable; Precious sonBoy
DakshIndianSon of lord Brahma; CapableBoy
JaipalIndianLord BrahmaBoy
JaipalIndianLord Brahma; Lord VishnuBoy
JayapalIndianKing; Lord Vishnu; Lord BrahmaBoy
KamalajIndianLord BrahmaBoy
KanjIndianLord BrahmaBoy
LokeshIndianKing of world; Lord Brahma; Lord IndraBoy
LokeshIndianKing of the world; Lord BrahmaBoy
NabhijIndianLord BrahmaBoy
PadmajIndianLord BrahmaBoy
PadmajIndianBorn from lotus; Lord BrahmaBoy
PadmapaniIndianLord BrahmaBoy
PadmayaniIndianLord Brahma; Lord BuddhaBoy
PadmayaniIndianLord Brahma; BuddhaBoy
PareshIndianLord BrahmaBoy
PareshIndianLord Brahma; Supreme spiritBoy
PrajeshIndianLord BrahmaBoy
PranadIndianLord Vishnu; Lord Brahma; Loud Sound; ReverberationBoy
PranadIndianLord Vishnu; Lord BrahmaBoy
RayirthIndianLord BrahmaBoy
RohitaIndianLord Brahma's daughterGirl
SachchitIndianLord Brahma pure existence and thoughtBoy
SachchitIndianLord BrahmaBoy
SachchitIndianLord Brahma; Pure existence and thoughtBoy
SanatIndianEternal; Lord BrahmaBoy
SanatIndianLord BrahmaBoy
SarojinIndianLord BrahmaBoy
SthavirIndianLord BrahmaBoy
SvayambhuIndianLord Brahma; Lord Vishnu; Lord ShivaBoy
SvayambhuIndianLord Brahma; Vishnu; ShivaBoy
VagishIndianLord BrahmaBoy
VagishIndianLord of Speech; Lord BrahmaBoy
VagishIndianGod of Speech (Lord Brahma)Boy
VagishIndianGod of speech; Lord BrahmaBoy
VairinchyaIndianLord Brahma's sonBoy
ViranchiIndianName of lord BrahmaBoy
ViranchiIndianLord BrahmaBoy
VirinchiIndianLord BrahmaBoy
VishvagIndianLord BrahmaBoy
VishvaretasIndianLord Brahma; Lord VishnuBoy
VishvaretasIndianLord Brahma; VishnuBoy