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Name that means

Meaning:  Lord Buddha

List of Names that means 'Lord Buddha'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AmitavIndianLimitless luster; Name of lord BuddhaBoy
AmitavIndianLimitless luster; Lord BuddhaBoy
AmrapaliIndianA famous courtesan who became devotee of lord BuddhaGirl
AmrapaliIndianFamous courtesan who became a devotee of lord BuddhaGirl
AmrapaliIndianDisciple of lord BuddhaGirl
BuddhaIndianAwakened; Lord BuddhaBoy
BuddhapriyaIndianOne liked by lord BuddhaBoy
ChhandakIndianCharioteer of lord BuddhaBoy
GautamIndianLord BuddhaBoy
GautamSanskritLord BuddhaBoy
GautamaIndianLord BuddhaBoy
GotumIndianLord BuddhaBoy
GotumSanskritLord BuddhaBoy
GoutamIndianLord BuddhaBoy
HarshulIndianLord BuddhaBoy
HarshulIndianDeer; Lord BuddhaBoy
HemIndianGold; Lord BuddhaBoy
JanakIndianLord Buddha; Father of SitaBoy
JasodharaIndianMother of lord BuddhaGirl
KhajitIndianLord BuddhaBoy
MunishIndianLord BuddhaBoy
PadmayaniIndianLord Brahma; Lord BuddhaBoy
RahulIndianSon of lord BuddhaBoy
RahulIndianSon of lord Buddha; Efficient; CapableBoy
RahulIndianCapable; Son of lord BuddhaBoy
RahulSanskritSon of Lord Buddha; Efficient; Capable; Conqueror of all miseries and sadnessBoy
ShakyasinhaIndianLord BuddhaBoy
SiddharthaIndianLord BuddhaBoy
SiddharthaIndianA name of lord BuddhaBoy
SugataIndianA name of lord BuddhaBoy
SugataIndianLord BuddhaBoy
TathagatIndianTitle of lord BuddhaBoy
TathagatIndianTitle of the lord BuddhaBoy
TathagatIndianLord BuddhaBoy
TathagataIndianLord BuddhaBoy
TatharajIndianLord BuddhaBoy
TrigyaIndianLord BuddhaBoy
TrigyeshIndianLord BuddhaBoy
TrikayIndianLord BuddhaBoy
VipaschitIndianLord BuddhaBoy