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Meaning:  Lord Shiva

List of Names that means 'Lord Shiva'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbhavIndianLord ShivaBoy
AcalesvaraIndianGod of the Immovable; Another name for lord ShivaBoy
AcalesvaraIndianGod of the immovable; Lord ShivaBoy
AcalesvaraIndianLord of the immovable; Lord ShivaBoy
AchalesvaraIndianGod of the immovable; Another name for lord ShivaBoy
AchintyaIndianLord Shiva; VishnuBoy
AchintyaIndianBeyond Comprehension; Lord ShivaBoy
AchintyaSanskritLord Shiva; Inconceivable; Beyond comprehensionBoy
AiyappanIndianOf lord Vishnu and lord ShivaBoy
AiyappanIndianOf Vishnu and Shiva (Ayya meaning lord Vishnu and Appa meaning lord Shiva)Boy
AiyappanIndianLord Vishnu and lord Shiva togetherBoy
AkshayagunaIndianOf Limitless Attributes. Lord ShivaBoy
AkshayagunaIndianOf limitless attributes; Lord ShivaBoy
AkshayagunaIndianOf limitless attributes; Name for lord ShivaBoy
AkulIndianLord ShivaBoy
AkulIndianA Name of lord ShivaBoy
AmaranaathIndianImmortal God; Lord ShivaBoy
AmaranaathSanskritImmortal God; Lord ShivaBoy
AmarnathIndianImmortal God; Lord ShivaBoy
AmarnathSanskritImmortal God; Lord ShivaBoy
AmbikapathiIndianLord ShivaBoy
AniketIndianHomeless; Lord ShivaBoy
AnishIndianSupreme; Continuous; Lord Vishnu; Lord ShivaBoy
AnishSanskritLord Vishnu; Lord ShivaBoy
AnnamalaiIndianLord of mountains; Lord ShivaUnisex
AnnamalaiIndianLord of mountains; Another name for lord ShivaUnisex
AnnuabhujIndianLord ShivaBoy
ArhaIndianLord ShivaBoy
ArihantIndianLord ShivaBoy
ArihantIndianLord Shiva; One who has killed his enemiesBoy
ArulsyankarIndianLord ShivaBoy
AshutoshIndianLord Shiva; One who is easily pleasedBoy
AshutoshIndianLord Shiva; Who is easily pleasedBoy
AyavanthIndianLord ShivaBoy
BalashankarIndianYoung lord ShivaBoy
BavyeshIndianLord of the world; Lord ShivaBoy
BhadrakapilIndianLord ShivaBoy
BhadreshIndianLord ShivaBoy
BhadrikIndianLord Shankar; Lord ShivaBoy
BhairavIndianLord of terror; Lord ShivaBoy
BhairavIndianLord ShivaBoy
BhargavIndianLord ShivaBoy
BhargavaIndianLord Shiva; Archer; PreceptorBoy
BhargavaIndianLord ShivaBoy
BhargavaSanskritLord Shiva; Archer; PreceptorBoy
BhavIndianLord ShivaBoy
BhaveshIndianLord ShivaBoy
BhaveshIndianLord of world; Lord ShivaBoy
BhaveshIndianLord of the Universe; Lord ShivaBoy
BholanathIndianLord ShivaBoy
BhudevIndianLord of the earth; Lord ShivaBoy
BhudevSanskritLord of the earth; Lord ShivaBoy
BhudevaIndianLord of the earth; Lord ShivaBoy
BhudevaSanskritLord of the earth; Lord ShivaBoy
BijeshIndianLord ShivaBoy
ChandarmouliIndianLord ShivaBoy
ChandrabhushanIndianLord ShivaBoy
ChandrachurIndianLord ShivaBoy
ChandradharIndianOne Who Wears Moon Lord ShivaBoy
ChandrahasIndianBow of lord ShivaBoy
ChandramauliIndianLord ShivaBoy
ChandramauliSanskritLord ShivaBoy
ChandramouliIndianMoon as crown; Lord ShivaBoy
ChandrashekarIndianLord ShivaBoy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knot (lord Shiva)Boy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knot; Lord ShivaBoy
ChandreshIndianLord of moon; Lord ShivaBoy
ChandreshIndianLord Shiva; MoonBoy
ChandrpeedIndianLord ShivaBoy
ChandrpeedIndianName of lord ShivaBoy
ChatreshIndianLord ShivaBoy
ChidambaramIndianHome of lord ShivaBoy
ChidanandaIndianLord ShivaBoy
ChidanandaSanskritLord ShivaBoy
DakshaIndianThe Earth; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
DakshaIndianEarth; Sati; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
DakshaIndianEarth; Wife of Lord Shiva; SkilledGirl
DakshaIndianThe Earth; Sati; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
DakshaIndianEarth; Sati; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
DakshaSanskritThe skilled one; The earth; Sati - wife of Lord ShivaGirl
DaksheshIndianLord ShivaBoy
DarpadIndianLord ShivaBoy
DayakarIndianMerciful lord ShivaBoy
DayashankarIndianMerciful lord ShivaBoy
DeeherIndianLord Shiva's strengthGirl
DeeherIndianOf Goddess Durga and lord Shiva's strengthGirl
DehabhujIndianLord ShivaBoy
DehabhujIndianAnother name for Lord ShivaBoy
DeveshSanskritLord ShivaBoy
DeveshwarIndianLord ShivaBoy
DeveshwarSanskritLord ShivaBoy
DhanvinIndianArcher; Lord ShivaBoy
DhanvinIndianLord ShivaBoy
DigambarIndianUnencumbered; Sky-clad; Naked; Lord ShivaBoy
DigambaraIndianUnencumbered; Sky-clad; Naked; Lord ShivaBoy
DigamberIndianUnencumbered; Sky-clad; Naked; Lord ShivaBoy
DurvishIndianOne who cannot be affected by poison; Lord ShivaBoy
DyumaniIndianLord ShivaBoy
EeshanIndianLord ShivaBoy
EkaakshIndianOne eyed; Lord ShivaBoy
EkakshIndianOne eyed; Lord ShivaBoy
EkakshaIndianLord ShivaBoy
EkalingIndianLord ShivaBoy
EkalingIndianName of lord ShivaBoy
EkalingSanskritName of lord ShivaBoy
EkalingaIndianLord ShivaBoy
EkapadIndianLord ShivaBoy
EkaviraIndianLord Shiva's daughterBoy
EshankaIndianGoddess Parvati; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
EshankaIndianParvati; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
EshankaIndianGoddess Parvati; Lord Shiva's wifeGirl
EshanputraIndianLord Shiva's SonBoy
EshwarIndianLord ShivaBoy
EshwarIndianLord Shiva; GodBoy
FanibhusanIndianLord ShivaBoy
FanibhushanIndianLord ShivaBoy
GagneshIndianLord ShivaBoy
GaneshIndianSon of lord ShivaBoy
GaneshIndianSon of lord Shiva & Parvati; Lord GaneshBoy
GaneshIndianSon of lord Shiva and Parvati; Lord GaneshBoy
GaneshIndianSon of lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati; Lord GaneshBoy
GaneshIndianSon of lord Shiva and goddess Parvati; Lord GaneshBoy
GaneshSanskritLord Ganesha; Son of lord Shiva and ParvatiBoy
GangadharIndianHolding the Ganga; Lord ShivaBoy
GangeshIndianLord ShivaBoy
GangeshIndianLord Shiva; Lord of the Ganges RiverBoy
GangeshSanskritLord Shiva; Lord of the Ganges RiverBoy
GannaathIndianAn epithet of lord ShivaBoy
GannathIndianAn epithet of lord ShivaBoy
GauraangIndianFair; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord ShivaBoy
GauraangSanskritA Fair one; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord ShivaBoy
GaurangIndianFair; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord Shiva; MelodyBoy
GaurangSanskritA Fair one; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord ShivaBoy
GaureshIndianLord ShivaBoy
GaureshIndianA name of lord ShivaBoy
GaurikantIndianHusband of Gauri; Lord ShivaBoy
GaurikantIndianHusband of Gauri (lord Shiva)Boy
GaurinathIndianHusband of Gauri; Lord ShivaBoy
GaurinathIndianLord ShivaBoy
GaurishIndianLord ShivaBoy
GaurishankarIndianPeak of the Himalaya; Lord Shiva And Gauri (Parvati)Boy
GirijaSanskritGoddess Parvati; Consort of lord ShivaGirl
GirikIndianLord Shiva; Heart of the godsBoy
GirikIndianLord ShivaBoy
GirikSanskritLord Shiva; Heart of the godsBoy
GirikaIndianLord Shiva; Heart of the godsGirl
GirikaSanskritLord Shiva; Heart of the godsGirl
GirilalIndianLord ShivaBoy
GirilalIndianSon of mountain; Lord ShivaBoy
GirindraIndianLord ShivaBoy
GirindraIndianLord of the mountains; Lord ShivaBoy
GirindraSanskritLord of the mountains; Lord ShivaBoy
GirirajIndianLord of mountain; Lord ShivaBoy
GirishIndianLord of mountain; Lord ShivaBoy
GirishIndianLord of mountains; Lord Shiva; Mahadev; HimalayaBoy
GirishIndianLord ShivaBoy
GirjaIndianGoddess Parvati; Consort of lord ShivaGirl
GirjaSanskritGoddess Parvati; Consort of lord ShivaGirl
HaimavathiIndianGoddess Parvati; Lord Shiva's wifeGirl
HaimavatiIndianGoddess Parvati; Lord Shiva's wifeGirl
HaimavatiIndianParvati; Lord Shiva's wifeGirl
HaimavatiIndianParvati; Wife of Lord ShivaGirl
HarIndianLord ShivaBoy
HarIndianName of lord ShivaBoy
HareendraIndianLord ShivaBoy
HareeshIndianLord Krishna; Lord ShivaBoy
HarendraIndianLord ShivaBoy
HareshIndianLord Krishna; Lord ShivaBoy
HariaksaIndianLord ShivaBoy
HariharIndianLord Vishnu and lord Shiva togetherBoy
HariharaatmajaIndianSon of lord Vishnu (hari) and lord Shiva (hara)Boy
HariharanIndianBorn out of lord Vishnu (Hari) and lord Shiva (Hara)Boy
HariharaputraIndianSon of lord Vishnu (hari) and lord Shiva (hara)Boy
HariharasuthanIndianSon of lord Vishnu (hari) and lord Shiva (hara)Boy
HarinaIndianDeer; Lord Vishnu and lord ShivaBoy
HarinakshIndianLord ShivaBoy
HarishIndianLord Shiva; Lord KrishnaBoy
HarishIndianLord ShivaBoy
HarishankarIndianLord ShivaBoy
HavishIndianLord ShivaBoy
HemakeshIndianLord ShivaBoy
HimakshIndianLord ShivaBoy
HimanishIndianLord ShivaBoy
HimnishIndianLord ShivaBoy
IndumalIndianLord ShivaBoy
IndushekharIndianLike a moon; Lord ShivaBoy
IsarIndianEminent; Lord ShivaBoy
IshaanIndianLord ShivaBoy
IshanIndianSun; Lord of wealth; Lord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
IshaniIndianParvati; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
IshaniIndianGoddess Parvati; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
IshaniIndianGoddess Parvati; Lord Shiva's wifeGirl
JaiIndianLord ShivaBoy
JaiIndianConqueror; Lord ShivaBoy
JaishankarIndianVictory of lord ShivaBoy
JaivardhanIndianLord ShivaBoy
JapendraIndianLord of chants; Lord ShivaBoy
JapenduIndianLord of chants; Lord ShivaBoy
JapeshIndianLord of chants; Lord ShivaBoy
JapeshIndianLord ShivaBoy
JatinIndianLord Shiva; Pertaining to saintBoy
JatinIndianLord ShivaBoy
JatinIndianOne who has matted hair; Lord ShivaBoy
JayantIndianLord ShivaBoy
JayantIndianVictorious; Lord ShivaBoy
JitinIndianLord Shiva; Pertaining to saintBoy
JogeshIndianLord ShivaBoy
JoginderIndianEstablishing union with god; Lord ShivaBoy
JoginderIndianLord ShivaBoy
JogindraIndianEstablishing union with god; Lord ShivaBoy
JogindraIndianLord ShivaBoy
JograjIndianLord ShivaBoy
JwaliaIndianLord ShivaBoy
KaartikeyaIndianSon of lord ShivaBoy
KailasIndianAbode of lord ShivaBoy
KailashIndianHimalayan Peak; Abode of lord ShivaBoy
KailashIndianOne who bestows peace; Adobe of lord Shiva; Name of a Himalayan peakBoy
KailashIndianName of a Himalayan peak; Abode of lord ShivaBoy
KailashSanskritAdobe of Lord Shiva; Name of a Himalayan peakBoy
KailashadhipatiIndianLord of mount Kailash; Lord ShivaBoy
KailashchandraIndianLord of mount Kailash; Lord ShivaBoy
KailashchandraIndianLord ShivaBoy
KailashnathIndianLotus eyed lord; Lord ShivaBoy
KailashnathIndianLord ShivaBoy
KailasnathIndianLord of mount Kailash; Lord ShivaBoy
KalanidhiIndianTreasure of art; Moon; Lord ShivaGirl
KapaaliIndianLord ShivaBoy
KapaliIndianLord ShivaBoy
KarhikIndianSon of Lord Shiva and leader of Deva army; A Hindu monthBoy
KarhikIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of Diva army; Kartik is also a Hindu monthBoy
KarhikIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of deva army; Kartik is a Hindu monthBoy
KarthikaIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of deva army; Kartik is a Hindu monthBoy
KarthikaIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of Diva army; Kartik is also a Hindu monthBoy
KarthikaIndianSon of Lord Shiva and leader of Deva army; A Hindu monthBoy
KartikeyaIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of Diva army; Kartik is also a Hindu monthBoy
KartikeyaIndianSon of lord ShivaBoy
KashinathIndianLord ShivaBoy
KashinathIndianLord of Kashi (Varanasi); Lord ShivaBoy
KashiprasadIndianBlessed by lord ShivaBoy
KasishIndianLord ShivaBoy
KedaarIndianA Field; Name of lord Shiva; A peak in HimalayaBoy
KedarIndianA Field; Lord ShivaBoy
KedarIndianA Field; Name of lord ShivaBoy
KedarIndianA Field; Name of lord Shiva; A peak in HimalayaBoy
KedarIndianField; Lord ShivaBoy
KedarIndianLord ShivaBoy
KedarnathIndianLord ShivaBoy
KetuIndianLord ShivaBoy
KiratIndianLord ShivaBoy
KrishangIndianLord ShivaBoy
KrishivIndianLord Krishna and Lord Shiva combinedBoy
KriviIndianLord ShivaBoy
KshrugalIndianLord ShivaBoy
LanibanIndianLord ShivaBoy
LavithIndianLord ShivaBoy
LavitraIndianLord ShivaBoy
LohitashwaIndianOne with red horse; Fire; Lord ShivaBoy
LohithIndianBeautiful; Lord ShivaBoy
LomashIndianName of lord Shiva; A sageBoy
MadeshIndianLord ShivaBoy
MadhavanIndianLord ShivaBoy
MahaadevIndianLord ShivaBoy
MahadevIndianLord Shiva; Most powerful godBoy
MahadevIndianAnother name of lord ShivaBoy
MahadevIndianLord ShivaBoy
MahakalIndianLord Shiva; Lord of all timesBoy
MahakalIndianLord ShivaBoy
MahakalaIndianLord Shiva; Lord of all timesBoy
MahaketuIndianLord ShivaBoy
MahamaniIndianLord ShivaBoy
MaheshIndianLord ShivaBoy
MaheshIndianLord Shiva; A great ruler; Supreme godBoy
MaheshSanskritLord Shiva; A great rulerBoy
MaheshinderIndianLord ShivaBoy
MaheshkumarIndianSon of lord ShivaBoy
MaheshwarIndianLord ShivaBoy
MalleshIndianLord ShivaBoy
MallikarjunIndianLord ShivaBoy
MangeshIndianLord ShivaBoy
ManishankarIndianLord ShivaBoy
MarkandayIndianLord Shiva's devotee; A Sage who wrote Devi MahatmyamBoy
MarkandeyaIndianDevotee of lord ShivaBoy
MarkandeyaIndianDevotee to lord ShivaBoy
MarkandeyaIndianLord Shiva's devotee; A Sage who wrote Devi MahatmyamGirl
MarushikaIndianBorn with blessings of lord ShivaGirl
MatheyshIndianLord ShivaBoy
MrigankamouliIndianLord ShivaBoy
MrigankasekharIndianLord ShivaBoy
MrigankmouliIndianOne with moon in his hair; Lord ShivaBoy
MrigankshekharIndianOne with moon in his hair; Lord ShivaBoy
MrigasyaIndianLord ShivaBoy
MrityunjayIndianLord Shiva; One who has conquered deathBoy
MrityunjayIndianLord ShivaBoy
MrtyumjayaIndianOvercoming death; Another name of lord ShivaBoy
MrudunIndianLord ShivaBoy
MukeshIndianLord Shiva; Lord of joyBoy
MukeshIndianLord of dumb; Lord Shiva; Lord of joyBoy
MukeshSanskritLord Shiva; CupidBoy
NaagdharIndianOne who wears cobra; Lord ShivaBoy
NabhyaIndianCentral; Lord ShivaBoy
NabhyaIndianLord ShivaBoy
NagabhushanamIndianGod Shankar; Lord ShivaBoy
NagabhushanamSanskritGod Shankar; Lord ShivaBoy
NagdharIndianOne who wears cobra; Lord ShivaBoy
NagendraIndianSeshnag; Cosmic serpent; Lord ShivaBoy
NagendraIndianLord ShivaBoy
NageshIndianLord ShivaBoy
NageshIndianSeshnag; Cosmic serpent; Lord ShivaBoy
NageshIndianSeshnag; Lord of serpent; Lord ShivaBoy
NaginderIndianLord of mountain; Lord ShivaBoy
NakulIndianLord ShivaBoy
NakulIndianLord Shiva; Name of one of the PandavasBoy
NandanaIndianLord Shiva's SonBoy
NandishIndianLord of pleasure; Lord ShivaBoy
NandishIndianLord ShivaBoy
NandishwarIndianLord ShivaBoy
NatarajIndianLord ShivaBoy
NateshIndianKing; Lord ShivaBoy
NateshIndianLord ShivaBoy
NateshwarIndianLord of drama; Lord ShivaBoy
NateshwarIndianGod of drama (lord Shiva)Boy
NateshwarIndianGod of Drama; Lord ShivaBoy
NeelgreevIndianLord ShivaBoy
NeelkantaIndianLord ShivaBoy
NeelkanthIndianPeacock; Lord ShivaBoy
NilaxIndianLord ShivaBoy
NilaxIndianA name of lord ShivaBoy
NiranjanIndianSimple; Lord Shiva; FlawlessBoy
NiranjanIndianLord ShivaBoy
NiranjanIndianSimple; Lord ShivaBoy
NiranjanSanskritLord ShivaBoy
NirantakIndianLord ShivaBoy
ObaleshIndianLord ShivaBoy
OmkarnathIndianLord of Omkaar; Lord ShivaBoy
PanchaananIndianFive eyed; Lord ShivaBoy
PanchajanaIndianFive eyed; Lord ShivaBoy
PanchalIndianLord ShivaBoy
PanchananIndianFive eyed; Name of lord ShivaBoy
PanchananIndianFive Eyed; Name of lord ShivaBoy
PanchananIndianFive eyed; Lord ShivaBoy
PanshulIndianLord ShivaBoy
ParameshIndianLord ShivaBoy
ParvatiIndianWife of lord ShivaGirl
ParvatiIndianWife of lord Shiva; Goddess DurgaGirl
ParvatiIndianGoddess; Wife of lord Shiva; DurgaGirl
ParvatiSanskritGoddess; Wife of lord Shiva; DurgaGirl
PashunathIndianLord of animals; Lord ShivaBoy
PashupatiIndianLord Shiva's incarnationBoy
PashupatiIndianLord of animals; Lord ShivaBoy
PasupatiIndianLord ShivaBoy
PhanibhusanIndianLord ShivaBoy
PhanibhushanIndianOne who wears snake; Lord ShivaBoy
PinakIndianBow of lord ShivaBoy
PinakiIndianBow of lord ShivaBoy
PinakinIndianLord ShivaBoy
PraneelIndianA name for lord ShivaBoy
PraneelIndianLord ShivaBoy
PribhaktaIndianFavourite of the devotees. A name for lord ShivaBoy
PribhaktaIndianFavorite of the devotees; Lord ShivaBoy
PurahanIndianLord ShivaBoy
PurajitIndianLord ShivaBoy
PuranjayIndianLord ShivaBoy
PushkalIndianLord ShivaBoy
RameshwarIndianLord ShivaBoy
RaneshIndianLord ShivaBoy
RaudraIndianSon of lord Shiva - KartikeyaBoy
RishikIndianLord ShivaBoy
RudrIndianFearsome; Name of lord ShivaBoy
RudrIndianFearsome; Lord ShivaBoy
RudraIndianLord ShivaBoy
RudraIndianGoddess Parvati; Consort of lord Shiva; CryingGirl
RudraSanskritThe terrible; Lord ShivaBoy
RudraniIndianA wife of lord Shiva (rudra)Girl
RudraniIndianWife of lord Shiva (Rudra); Goddess ParvatiGirl
RudraniIndianWife of lord Shiva (rudra)Girl
RudrapriyaIndianBeloved of lord ShivaBoy
SachinIndianLord ShivaBoy
SachinIndianPure; Lord Shiva; Existence; EssenceBoy
SachinSanskritPure; Lord Shiva; Existence; EssenceBoy
SadaiappanIndianLord ShivaBoy
SadanandIndianEver joyous; Lord ShivaBoy
SadanandIndianLord ShivaBoy
SaganIndianLord ShivaBoy
SaganIndianLeader; Lord ShivaBoy
SaharaIndianLord ShivaBoy
SaharaIndianLord Shiva; Shelter; HelpfulBoy
SahasradIndianLord ShivaBoy
SahayaIndianLord ShivaBoy
SahayaIndianLord Shiva; CompanionBoy
SahayaIndianLord Shiva; HelpfulBoy
SaibyaIndianBelonging to lord ShivaBoy
SailadevIndianLord ShivaBoy
SamabashivIndianLord ShivaBoy
SamajasIndianLord ShivaBoy
SamanyuIndianLord ShivaBoy
SanatanaIndianEternel; Lord ShivaBoy
SanatanaIndianEternal; Lord ShivaBoy
SankaraIndianLord Shiva; AuspiciousBoy
Sankara; ShankarIndianLord ShivaBoy
SarbeshIndianEmperor; Lord ShivaBoy
SarbeshIndianLord ShivaBoy
SarvaIndianLord Krishna; Lord ShivaBoy
SarvadIndianLord ShivaBoy
SarvadIndianLord Shiva all bestowingBoy
SarvadIndianLord Shiva; All bestowingBoy
SarvadevIndianLord ShivaBoy
SarvadharinIndianLord ShivaBoy
SarvagIndianLord ShivaBoy
SarvagIndianLord Shiva; Spirit soulBoy
SarvagIndianLord Shiva spirit soulBoy
SarvangIndianLord ShivaBoy
SarvashayIndianLord ShivaBoy
SarvavasIndianLord ShivaBoy
SarveshvaraIndianLord of all; A name for lord ShivaBoy
SarveshvaraIndianLord of all; Lord ShivaBoy
SarveshvaraIndianLord of all. A name for lord ShivaBoy
SarveshwaraIndianLord of all; Lord ShivaBoy
SatiIndianChaste woman; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
SatinathIndianLord ShivaBoy
SatindraIndianLord ShivaBoy
SatindraIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
SatishIndianLord ShivaBoy
SatishIndianRuler of hundreds; Lord ShivaBoy
SatishSanskritRuler of hundreds; Victorious; One who speaks truth; Sati's husband; Lord Shiva; SunriseBoy
SatkartIndianHonored respected lord ShivaBoy
SavarIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShailendraIndianKing of mountains; Himalaya; Lord ShivaBoy
ShailendraIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShaileshIndianLord of mountains; Himalaya; Lord ShivaBoy
ShaktidharIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShaktidharIndianLord Shiva; PowerfulBoy
ShamakarnIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShambhuIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShambhuIndianAbode of joy; Lord ShivaBoy
ShankarIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShankarIndianLord Shiva; God Shankar; He who gives happinessBoy
ShankarSanskritLord Shiva; God Shankar; He who gives happinessBoy
ShankariIndianWife of lord Shiva; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShankariIndianWife of lord ShivaGirl
ShankirIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShankuIndianLord Shiva arrow dartBoy
ShankuIndianLord Shiva; Arrow dartBoy
ShanmukhaIndianKartikeya; First son of lord ShivaBoy
ShashibhushanIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShashibhushanIndianOne who wears moon as ornament; Lord ShivaBoy
ShashidharIndianOne who carries moon; Lord ShivaBoy
ShashishIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShashishekharIndianLord Shiva; Moon crestedBoy
ShashishekharIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShatarupaIndianLord ShivaGirl
ShatishIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShekharIndianCrest; Peak; Lord Shiva; UltimateBoy
ShekharIndianCrest; Peak; Ultimate; Lord ShivaBoy
SheshdharIndianOne who holds snake; Lord ShivaBoy
ShibhyaIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShighraIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
ShikhandinIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
ShitikanthIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShivIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShivIndianLord Shiva; Auspicious; LuckyBoy
ShivaIndianLord Shiva; Auspicious; LuckyBoy
ShivaIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShivaIndianLord Shiva; Auspicious; LuckyGirl
ShivakantaIndianWife of lord Shiva; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShivamIndianAuspicious; Lord ShivaBoy
ShivanandIndianOne who is happy in lord Shiva's thoughts; Worship of lord ShivaBoy
ShivanandIndianOne who is happy in lord Shiva's thoughts; Shiva's worshipBoy
ShivanathIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShivangIndianA Portion of lord ShivaBoy
ShivangIndianPortion of lord ShivaBoy
Shivang; ShivanshIndianA portion of lord ShivaBoy
Shivang; ShivanshIndianPortion of lord ShivaBoy
ShivangelIndianAngel; Messenger of lord ShivaBoy
ShivangelIndianMessenger of lord ShivaBoy
ShivaniIndianGoddess Parvati; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
ShivaniIndianWife of lord Shiva; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShivanjaliIndianWife of lord Shiva; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShivanshIndianA Portion of lord ShivaBoy
ShivanshIndianPortion of lord ShivaBoy
ShivanshiIndianPortion of lord ShivaGirl
ShivanshiIndianA part of lord ShivaGirl
ShivapriyaIndianLiked by lord Shiva; Goddess DurgaGirl
ShivapriyaIndianLiked by lord Shiva and goddess DurgaGirl
ShivasIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShivenIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShivendraIndianLord Shiva; Lord IndraBoy
ShivendraIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShiveshIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShiveshIndianLord Shiva and lord RamBoy
ShivkumarIndianSon of lord ShivaBoy
ShivlalIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShivrajIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShivramIndianLord Shiva; Lord RamBoy
ShivshankarIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShivshekharIndianOne at the top of lord Shiva (Moon)Boy
ShrivardhanIndianLord Vishnu; Lord ShivaBoy
ShubhakshIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShuklaIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
ShuklaIndianGoddess Saraswati; Lord Shiva; Lord VishnuGirl
ShulandharIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShulinIndianLord ShivaBoy
ShulinIndianLord Krishna; Lord ShivaBoy
ShvetambarIndianLord ShivaBoy
SiddhaIndianLord ShivaBoy
SiddhadevIndianLord ShivaBoy
SiddhanathIndianMahadev; Lord ShivaBoy
SiddhanathIndianMahadev (Lord Shiva)Boy
SiddheshwarIndianGoddess; Lord ShivaBoy
SiddheshwarIndianLord ShivaBoy
SiddheshwariIndianLord ShivaGirl
SiddidIndianLord ShivaBoy
SidduIndianLord ShivaBoy
SinhagIndianLord ShivaBoy
SinhvahanIndianLord Shiva; One who rides a lionBoy
SinhvahanIndianLord ShivaBoy
SitikanthaIndianLord ShivaBoy
SivaIndianLord ShivaBoy
SivakumaranIndianSon of lord ShivaBoy
SivanandhiniIndianDevotee of lord ShivaGirl
SivaniIndianParvati the wife of lord ShivaGirl
SivantaIndianLord ShivaBoy
SkandaIndianWife of lord ShivaGirl
SkandaIndianWife of lord Shiva; Lord Karthik's nameGirl
SokanathanIndianLord ShivaBoy
SomashekharIndianLord ShivaBoy
SomeshwarIndianLord Krishna; Lord ShivaBoy
SomeshwarIndianLord ShivaBoy
SomnathIndianLord of the moon; Lord ShivaBoy
SomnathIndianLord ShivaBoy
SomsangitIndianCombination of music and lord ShivaBoy
SrithikIndianLord ShivaBoy
SubalIndianFriend of lord Krishna; Lord ShivaBoy
SubalIndianLord ShivaBoy
SubhangIndianLord ShivaBoy
SukhajatIndianLord ShivaBoy
SukhashaktIndianLord ShivaBoy
SumeruIndianLord ShivaBoy
SumukhIndianLord ShivaBoy
SuneetIndianLord Shiva; RighteousBoy
SuneetIndianLord Shiva; Righteous; Of good principles; PrudentBoy
SupratikIndianLord ShivaBoy
SupratikIndianCupid; Lord ShivaBoy
SuraganIndianLord ShivaBoy
SurarihanIndianLord ShivaBoy
SureshIndianLord Shiva; Lord IndraBoy
SureshIndianLord Shiva; Lord Indra; SunBoy
SurupIndianLord ShivaBoy
SuryashankarIndianLord ShivaBoy
SusadhIndianLord ShivaBoy
SusahIndianLord ShivaBoy
SusanIndianLord ShivaBoy
SusenIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
SutantuIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnnuBoy
SutantuIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
SutirthIndianLord ShivaBoy
SuvarnIndianLord ShivaBoy
SuvasIndianLord ShivaBoy
SuvirIndianLord ShivaBoy
SvayambhuIndianLord Brahma; Lord Vishnu; Lord ShivaBoy
SvayambhutIndianLord ShivaBoy
SwayambhuIndianSelf manifested; Self existent; Lord ShivaBoy
SwayambhuIndianLord ShivaBoy
TalankIndianLord ShivaBoy
TalinIndianLord ShivaBoy
TamoghnaIndianLord Vishnu; Lord ShivaBoy
TanushIndianLord ShivaBoy
TapasendraIndianLord ShivaBoy
TapeshwarIndianLord ShivaBoy
TarakeshwarIndianLord ShivaBoy
TaraknathIndianLord ShivaBoy
TarkeshwarIndianLord ShivaBoy
TatyaIndianLord ShivaBoy
ThanumaliyaIndianLord ShivaGirl
ThavaneshIndianLord ShivaBoy
ThayalanIndianLord ShivaBoy
TirranandIndianLord ShivaBoy
TisyaketuIndianLord ShivaBoy
TrambakIndianLord ShivaBoy
TrambakeshwarIndianName of lord Shiva and lord VishnuBoy
TrambakeshwarIndianLord Shiva and Lord VishnuBoy
TriambakIndianLord ShivaBoy
TrijalIndianLord ShivaBoy
TrilochanIndianOne with three eyes; Lord ShivaBoy
TrilochanSanskritThree eyed lord; Lord ShivaBoy
TrilochanaIndianLord ShivaGirl
TrilochanaIndianThree eyed lord; Lord ShivaGirl
TrilochanaSanskritThree eyed lord; Lord ShivaGirl
TrilokanathIndianLord ShivaBoy
TrilokanathSanskritLord ShivaBoy
TrilokeshIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
TrilokeshIndianLord of Universe; Lord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
TrilokeshIndianLord ShivaBoy
TrilokeshSanskritLord of Universe; Lord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
TrilokiIndianLord ShivaBoy
TrilokiSanskritLord ShivaBoy
Triloki NathIndianLord ShivaBoy
Triloki NathSanskritLord ShivaBoy
TrinayIndianLord ShivaBoy
TrinayanIndianLord ShivaBoy
TripurajitIndianLord ShivaBoy
TripurariIndianLord ShivaBoy
TrishulIndianLord Shiva's weaponBoy
TrishulIndianLord Shiva's tridentBoy
TrishulankIndianLord ShivaBoy
TrishulinIndianLord ShivaBoy
TundaIndianLord ShivaBoy
TungishIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
TusharkantiIndianLord ShivaBoy
TusyaIndianLord ShivaBoy
Tusya UdarchisIndianLord ShivaBoy
UdarchisIndianLord ShivaBoy
UddishIndianLord ShivaBoy
UgreshIndianLord ShivaBoy
UmachandraIndianUma ( Goddess Parvati) and Lord ShivaBoy
UmakantIndianHusband Of Uma; Lord ShivaBoy
UmakantIndianLord ShivaBoy
UmanandIndianLord ShivaBoy
UmashankarIndianLord ShivaBoy
UmeshIndianLord of Uma; Lord ShivaBoy
UmeshIndianLord ShivaBoy
UmeshwarIndianLord ShivaBoy
UmeshwarIndianLord of Uma; Lord ShivaBoy
UshanguIndianLord ShivaBoy
UshnisinIndianLord ShivaBoy
UttameshIndianLord ShivaBoy
UttarIndianLord ShivaBoy
UttarIndianLord Shiva; Son of king VirataBoy
UttarIndianSon of king Virata; Lord ShivaBoy
UttarakIndianLord ShivaBoy
VaamdevIndianLord ShivaBoy
VahinIndianLord Shiva; FlowingBoy
VahinIndianLord ShivaBoy
VaijnathIndianLord ShivaBoy
VainavinIndianLord ShivaBoy
VajrahastIndianLord ShivaBoy
VamaIndianLord ShivaBoy
VamadevIndianLord ShivaBoy
VamdevIndianLord ShivaBoy
VamdevIndianName of a lord ShivaBoy
VanijIndianLord ShivaBoy
VardhanIndianLord ShivaBoy
VareshIndianLord ShivaBoy
VareshIndianGiver of boons; Lord ShivaBoy
VareshvarIndianLord ShivaBoy
VareshvarIndianGiver of boons; Lord ShivaBoy
VariyasIndianLord ShivaBoy
VasuroopIndianLord ShivaBoy
VelanIndianLord Murugan; Son of lord ShivaBoy
VelanIndianLord Shiva's sonBoy
VenavirIndianLord Shiva's sonBoy
ViamrshIndianLord ShivaBoy
VibhusnuIndianLord ShivaBoy
VidhatruIndianLord ShivaBoy
VidheshIndianLord ShivaBoy
VidheshIndianForeign land; Lord ShivaBoy
VidvatamIndianLord ShivaBoy
VigrahIndianLord ShivaBoy
VijayeshIndianLord ShivaBoy
VikramIndianLord Shiva; RecordBoy
VikramIndianLord Shiva; Record; Son of velourBoy
VilohitIndianLord ShivaBoy
VinahastIndianLord ShivaBoy
VinochanIndianLord ShivaBoy
VirabhadraIndianLord ShivaBoy
VireshIndianLord ShivaBoy
VireshIndianBrave lord; Lord ShivaBoy
VireshvarIndianLord ShivaBoy
VisamakshIndianLord ShivaBoy
VishakhIndianLord ShivaBoy
VishalakshIndianLord ShivaBoy
VishalakshIndianLarge eyed; Lord ShivaBoy
VishantakIndianLord ShivaBoy
VisuIndianLord ShivaBoy
VitabhayIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnnuBoy
VitabhayIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
VrateshIndianLord ShivaBoy
VrisagIndianLord ShivaBoy
VrisanIndianLord ShivaBoy
VrisanganIndianLord ShivaBoy
VrisapatiIndianLord ShivaBoy
VrishankIndianLord ShivaBoy
VrisiniIndianLord ShivaBoy
VyomdevIndianLord ShivaBoy
YajatIndianLord ShivaBoy
YamajitIndianLord ShivaBoy
YamajithIndianLord ShivaBoy
YamajithIndianAnother name for lord ShivaBoy
YayinIndianLord ShivaBoy
YogendraIndianGod of Yoga (Lord Shiva); AgainBoy
YogendraSanskritGod of Yoga (Lord Shiva)Boy
YogeshIndianLord ShivaBoy
YogeshIndianGod of yoga; Lord ShivaBoy
YoginderIndianGod of Yoga (Lord Shiva)Boy
YoginderSanskritGod of Yoga (Lord Shiva)Boy
YogirajIndianGreat Ascetic; Lord ShivaBoy