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 Names meaning 'Vishnu'

Name that means

Meaning:  Vishnu

List of Names that means 'Vishnu'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbhayapradaIndianBestower of Safety; Lord VishnuBoy
AbhayapradaIndianBestowed of safety; Lord VishnuBoy
AbhayapradaIndianBestower of safety; Another name for VishnuBoy
AbhayapradaIndianBestower of safety; Another name for lord VishnuBoy
AcchutanIndianLord VishnuBoy
AchintyaIndianLord Shiva; VishnuBoy
AchyutIndianImperishable; A name of lord VishnuBoy
AchyutIndianImperishable; Lord VishnuBoy
AchyutSanskritImperishable; A name of VishnuBoy
AcyutarayaIndianWorshipper of the Infallible; A devotee of lord VishnuBoy
AcyutarayaIndianWorshipper of the Infallible; Devotee of lord VishnuBoy
AdeepIndianLight of lord VishnuBoy
AdeepIndianThe light of lord VishnuBoy
AdhritIndianThe one who don't need any support but supports everyone; Lord VishnuBoy
AdhritSanskritThe one who don't need any support but supports everyone; Lord VishnuBoy
AdinathIndianFirst lord; Lord VishnuBoy
AdinathIndianLord VishnuBoy
AdinathIndianThe First Lord; Lord VishnuBoy
AdinathSanskritLord VishnuBoy
AdiseshIndianLord VishnuBoy
AiyappanIndianOf lord Vishnu and lord ShivaBoy
AiyappanIndianOf Vishnu and Shiva (Ayya meaning lord Vishnu and Appa meaning lord Shiva)Boy
AiyappanIndianLord Vishnu and lord Shiva togetherBoy
AiyappanIndianOf Vishnu and ShivaBoy
AjeyaIndianLord VishnuGirl
AjiteshIndianLord VishnuBoy
AkshajIndianLord VishnuBoy
AkshajSanskritLord VishnuBoy
AkshobhyaIndianLord VishnuBoy
AmeyatmaIndianLord VishnuBoy
AmeyatmaSanskritLord VishnuBoy
AmritayaIndianImmortal; Lord VishnuBoy
AmritayaIndianThe immortal. Lord VishnuBoy
AmritayaIndianThe Immortal; Lord VishnuBoy
AnantajeetIndianThe victor of Infinity; Lord VishnuBoy
AnantajeetIndianVictor of Infinity; Lord VishnuBoy
AnirudhIndianBoundless; Lord VishnuBoy
AnirvinyaIndianLord VishnuBoy
AnirvinyaIndianA name of god VishnuBoy
AnishIndianLord Krishna; Lord VishnuBoy
AnishIndianSupreme; Continuous; Lord Vishnu; Lord ShivaBoy
AnishSanskritLord Vishnu; Lord ShivaBoy
AyyappanIndianOf Vishnu and ShivaBoy
BadriIndianLord VishnuBoy
BadrinathIndianLord of Mt. Badri; Lord VishnuBoy
BadrinathIndianLord VishnuBoy
BadrinathIndianLord of mount Badri; Lord VishnuBoy
BaijayantiIndianPrize; Garland of lord VishnuGirl
BaijayantiSanskritPrize; Garland of lord VishnuGirl
BalajiIndianLord VishnuBoy
BalajiIndianA name for lord VishnuBoy
BansilalIndianLord Krishna; The first lord; Lord VishnuBoy
BhooshanIndianOrnament; Decoration; Lord VishnuBoy
BhooshanSanskritOrnament; Lord VishnuBoy
BhudhavIndianLord VishnuBoy
BhushanIndianOrnament; Decoration; Lord VishnuBoy
BhushanSanskritOrnament; Lord VishnuBoy
BhuvaneshIndianLord VishnuBoy
BhuvaneshIndianLord of the universe; Lord VishnuBoy
BhuvaneshIndianLord of world; Lord VishnuBoy
BishanIndianimmaculate god; Lord VishnuBoy
ChakradevIndianLord VishnuBoy
ChakradevIndianLord Vishnu; One who carries chakraBoy
ChakradharIndianLord Vishnu; One who carries chakraBoy
ChakradharIndianLord VishnuBoy
ChakradharSanskritName of lord VishnuBoy
ChakrapaaniIndianLord VishnuBoy
ChakrapaniIndianLord VishnuBoy
ChakrapaniIndianName of lord VishnuBoy
ChakreshIndianLord VishnuBoy
ChakreshIndianName of lord VishnuBoy
ChandranshuIndianMoon Ray; Lord VishnuBoy
ChaturbhujSanskritBroad shouldered; Strong; Lord VishnuBoy
ChhatrabhujIndianLord VishnuBoy
ChiranjeevIndianLord Vishnu; Immortal; Long lived; Without death; EternalBoy
ChiranjeevSanskritLord Vishnu; ImmortalBoy
ChiranjeeveIndianLord Vishnu; Immortal; Long lived; Without death; EternalBoy
ChiranjeeveSanskritLord Vishnu; ImmortalBoy
ChiranjeeviIndianLord Vishnu; Immortal; Long lived; Without death; EternalBoy
ChiranjivIndianLord Vishnu; Immortal; Long lived; Without death; EternalBoy
DattatreyaIndianSon of Atri; God; Incarnation Of Lord VishnuBoy
DeenathIndianLord VishnuBoy
DevarajIndianLord VishnuBoy
DhananjayIndianOne who wins wealth; Lord Arjun; Lord VishnuBoy
EashanIndianLord VishnuBoy
EhaIndianLord VishnuBoy
EkaIndianLord VishnuBoy
EkaIndianMatchless; Alone; Unique; Lord VishnuGirl
EkanaIndianLord VishnuBoy
EvyavanIndianLord VishnuBoy
GadhadharIndianName of lord VishnuBoy
GadhadharIndianLord VishnuBoy
HaranadhIndianLord VishnuBoy
HariIndianSun; Lord VishnuBoy
HariIndianSun; VishnuBoy
HariSanskritGod Vishnu; God Narayanan; Lord KrishnaBoy
HaribalaIndianDaughter of lord VishnuGirl
HarigangaIndianGanga of VishnuGirl
HarigangaIndianGanga of lord VishnuGirl
HariharIndianLord Vishnu and lord Shiva togetherBoy
HariharIndianVishnu and Shiva togetherBoy
HariharIndianBorn out of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva)Boy
HariharaatmajaIndianSon of lord Vishnu (hari) and lord Shiva (hara)Boy
HariharaatmajaIndianSon of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva)Boy
HariharanIndianBorn out of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva)Boy
HariharanIndianBorn out of lord Vishnu (Hari) and lord Shiva (Hara)Boy
HariharaputraIndianSon of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva)Boy
HariharaputraIndianSon of lord Vishnu (hari) and lord Shiva (hara)Boy
HariharasuthanIndianSon of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva)Boy
HariharasuthanIndianSon of lord Vishnu (hari) and lord Shiva (hara)Boy
HarinaIndianDeer; Lord Vishnu and lord ShivaBoy
HarinaIndianDeer; Other name for lord Vishnu and SivaBoy
HarinarayanIndianLord VishnuBoy
HarinarayanSanskritLord VishnuBoy
HariomIndianLord VishnuBoy
HaripriyaIndianConsort of Lord Vishnu; Goddess LakshmiGirl
HaripriyaIndianConsort of lord Vishnu; LakshmiGirl
HaripriyaIndianConsort of lord Vishnu; LaxmiGirl
HaripriyaIndianConsort of lord Vishnu; Goddess LaxmiGirl
HemangIndianLord VishnuBoy
HemangIndianOne with shining body; Lord VishnuBoy
HiranyaIndianLord VishnuBoy
HiranyaIndianGolden; Wealth; Lord VishnuGirl
HrishikeshIndianOne who controls senses; Lord Krishna; Lord VishnuBoy
HrishikeshIndianOne who control senses; Lord VishnuBoy
HrishikeshIndianLord VishnuBoy
IdaspatiIndianGod of Rain (Vishnu)Boy
IdaspatiIndianLord of rain; Lord VishnuBoy
IdaspatiIndianGod of rain; Lord VishnuBoy
IjayIndianLord VishnuBoy
IndiraSanskritThe Goddess Lakshmi; Wife of the god VishnuGirl
IndivarIndianBlue lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
IndivarIndianLord VishnuBoy
IneshIndianLord VishnuBoy
IneshIndianStrong king; Lord VishnuBoy
IreshIndianLord of earth; VishnuBoy
IreshIndianLord of earth; Lord VishnuBoy
IshIndianLord VishnuBoy
IshanIndianSun; Lord of wealth; Lord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
IshtaIndianAnother name for lord VishnuGirl
IshtaIndianLord VishnuGirl
JagadeeshIndianLord Of The World; Lord Vishnu; GodBoy
JagannathIndianLord VishnuBoy
JagannathIndianLord of world; Lord VishnuBoy
JaipalIndianLord VishnuBoy
JaipalIndianLord Brahma; Lord VishnuBoy
JaithraIndianLord VishnuBoy
JanamejayIndianLord Vishnu; An ancient kingBoy
JanamejayIndianLord VishnuBoy
JanardanIndianLord VishnuBoy
JanardanIndianOne who helps people; Lord VishnuBoy
JanardhanaIndianOne who helps people; Lord VishnuBoy
JayantIndianVictorious; Lord VishnuBoy
JayantaIndianLord VishnuBoy
JayantaIndianVictorious; Lord VishnuBoy
JayapalIndianKing; Lord Vishnu; Lord BrahmaBoy
JayapalIndianKing; Lord Vishnu; Lord BramhaBoy
JinaIndianLord VishnuBoy
JinalIndianLord VishnuGirl
JoshiIndianLord VishnuBoy
JyesthaIndianThe Eldest; Lord VishnuBoy
JyotheeshIndianLord who gives light; Lord VishnuBoy
KalkinIndianTenth incarnation of god VishnuBoy
KamalaapatiIndianLord of lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
KamalakarIndianLord Vishnu; A lake where lotus growsBoy
KamalakarIndianLord VishnuBoy
KamalapatiIndianLord of lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
KamalapatiIndianLord VishnuBoy
KamaleshIndianThe preserver; Lord VishnuBoy
KamaleshSanskritThe preserver; Lord VishnuBoy
KamaleshwarIndianLord of lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
KamalkantIndianLord of lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
KamalkantIndianLord VishnuBoy
KamalnathIndianLord VishnuBoy
KamalnathIndianLord of goddess Laxmi; Lord VishnuBoy
KamlapatiIndianLord of lotus; The preserver; Lord VishnuBoy
KamleshIndianLord of lotus; The preserver; Lord VishnuBoy
KamleshIndianThe Preserver; Lord Vishnu; God of lotusBoy
KamleshIndianThe preserver; Lord VishnuBoy
KamleshSanskritThe preserver; Lord VishnuBoy
KanthaIndianConsort of VishnuGirl
KaustavIndianA legendary gem; A gem worn by lord VishnuBoy
KaustavIndianLegendary gem; A gem worn by lord VishnuBoy
KaustavIndianLegendary gem; Gem worn by lord VishnuBoy
KaustubhIndianJewel of lord VishnuBoy
KaustubhIndianA jewel of lord VishnuBoy
KaustubhIndianImmortal; Jewel of lord VishnuBoy
KaustubhiIndianStone in lord Vishnu's necklaceGirl
KaustubhiIndianStone in lord Vishnu's necklace; KaustubhGirl
KeshavIndianLord VishnuBoy
KeshavaIndianLord VishnuBoy
KumudIndianLotus; Lord VishnuGirl
KumudIndianLord VishnuUnisex
KundaIndianLord VishnuBoy
KundaIndianMusk; Jasmine; Lord VishnuGirl
LakshmiIndianGoddess of wealth; Goddess Laxmi; Fortunate; Wife of lord VishnuGirl
LakshmiSanskritGoddess of Wealth; Fortunate; Wife of lord VishnuGirl
LakshmidharIndianLord VishnuBoy
LakshmidharSanskritLord VishnuBoy
LakshmigopalIndianLord VishnuBoy
LakshmikantIndianVishnu; Husband of goddess LakshmiBoy
LakshmikantIndianLord Vishnu; Husband of goddess LaxmiBoy
LakshmikantIndianVishnu; Husband of goddess LaxmiBoy
LakshmikantaIndianLord VishnuBoy
LakshminarayanIndianLakshmi and lord Vishnu togetherBoy
LakshminarayanIndianGoddess Laxmi and lord Vishnu togetherBoy
LakshminathIndianConsort of goddess Laxmi; Lord VishnuBoy
LakshminathSanskritConsort of Goddess Lakshmi; Lord VishnuBoy
LakshmipatiIndianHusband of goddess Laxmi; Lord VishnuBoy
LakshmiramanIndianLord VishnuBoy
LaxmiIndianGoddess of Wealth; Fortunate; Wife of lord VishnuGirl
LaxmiSanskritGoddess of Wealth; Fortunate; Wife of lord VishnuGirl
LiladharIndianLord VishnuBoy
LohitakshIndianLord VishnuBoy
LohitakshaIndianLord VishnuBoy
LoknathIndianLord VishnuBoy
LoknathIndianLord of world; Lord VishnuBoy
LokranjanIndianLord VishnuBoy
MadhubanIndianLord VishnuBoy
MadhubanIndianLord Vishnu; Flower GardenBoy
MahakramIndianLord VishnuBoy
MahatruIndianLord VishnuBoy
MaheepatiIndianKing Mahendra; Lord VishnuBoy
MahendraIndianLord VishnuBoy
MantramIndianHoly Name; Lord VishnuBoy
MukundIndianName of lord VishnuBoy
MukundIndianLord VishnuBoy
MurthyIndianLord VishnuBoy
NamdevIndianLord Vishnu; Poet; SaintBoy
NamdevIndianLord VishnuBoy
NamiIndianOne of lord Vishnu's nameGirl
NamiIndianOne of Vishnu's nameGirl
NamiIndianLord VishnuGirl
NamishIndianLord VishnuBoy
NarahariIndianLord VishnuBoy
NarasimhaIndianIncarnation of lord VishnuBoy
NarasimhaIndianAn incarnation of lord VishnuBoy
NarayanIndianLord Vishnu; The son of manBoy
NarayanIndianLord VishnuBoy
NarayanSanskritLord Vishnu; The son of manBoy
NarayanaIndianVishnu; Refuge of manBoy
NarayanaIndianLord Vishnu; Refuge of man; GodBoy
NarayananIndianTitle of VishnuBoy
NarayananIndianTitle of lord VishnuBoy
NarottamIndianBest among men; Lord VishnuBoy
NarottamIndianLord VishnuBoy
NeelkantIndianA Jewel; Lord VishnuBoy
NityantaIndianLord VishnuBoy
PadmadharIndianOne who holds a lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
PadmakarIndianJewel; Lord VishnuBoy
PadmanabhIndianOne with lotus in his navel (lord Vishnu)Boy
PadmanabhIndianOne with lotus in his navel; Lord VishnuBoy
PadmanabhaIndianLord VishnuBoy
PadmanabhaIndianThe lord who has a lotus shaped navel; Lord VishnuBoy
PadmapatiIndianLord VishnuBoy
PadmeshIndianLord VishnuBoy
PankajanIndianLotus; Lord VishnuBoy
ParashuramIndianSixth incarnation of lord VishnuBoy
ParmeshIndianLord VishnuBoy
PhanindranathIndianLord VishnuBoy
PitambarIndianLord Vishnu; Yellow RobedBoy
PitambarIndianLord Vishnu; Yellow RobbedBoy
PitambarIndianLord VishnuBoy
PramodanIndianLord VishnuBoy
PranadIndianLord Vishnu; Lord Brahma; Loud Sound; ReverberationBoy
PranadIndianLord Vishnu; Lord BrahmaBoy
PranshuIndianTall; Lord VishnuBoy
PurandarIndianLord Indra; Lord VishnuBoy
PurshottamIndianLord VishnuBoy
PurshottamIndianThe supreme soul; Lord Vishnu; Best among men; Lord RamaBoy
PurushottamIndianThe supreme soul; Lord Vishnu; Best among men; Lord RamaBoy
PushpakIndianMythical vehicle of lord VishnuBoy
RajagopalIndianLord VishnuBoy
RajatanabhiIndianVery rich; Lord VishnuBoy
RakshanIndianLord VishnuBoy
RakshanIndianProtector; Lord VishnuBoy
RamIndianLord VishnuBoy
RamakaantIndianLord VishnuBoy
RamakantIndianLord VishnuBoy
RamakantaIndianBeloved of lord Ram; Lord VishnuBoy
RamakantaIndianLord VishnuBoy
RamashrayIndianLord Vishnu; Protected by lord RamaBoy
RameshIndianPreserver; Lord VishnuBoy
RameshIndianRuler of Rama; Lord Vishnu; The preserverBoy
RameshIndianLord VishnuBoy
RameshSanskritRuler of Rama; Lord VishnuBoy
RamuIndianLord VishnuBoy
RanganathIndianLord VishnuBoy
RangarajanIndianLord VishnuBoy
RangarajanIndianHindu God; Lord VishnuBoy
RangarajanIndianName of Hindu god; Lord VishnuBoy
RatannabhaIndianLord VishnuBoy
RatnabhuIndianLord VishnuBoy
RatnanidhiIndianLord VishnuBoy
RavindranathIndianLord VishnuBoy
RenukaIndianMother of Parasurma; The sixth incarnation of lord VishnuGirl
RenukaIndianMother of Parasurma; Sixth incarnation of lord VishnuGirl
RenukaIndianThe mother of Parasurma; The sixth incarnation of lord VishnuGirl
RishikeshIndianLord VishnuBoy
RishikeshIndianLord of the senses; Lord VishnuBoy
RohinIndianRising; Lord VishnuGirl
RomeshIndianGod of Rama; Lord VishnuBoy
SadabinduIndianLord VishnuBoy
SadruIndianLord VishnuBoy
SahishnuIndianLord VishnuBoy
SahishnuIndianLord Vishnu; Patient; EnduringBoy
SahishnuIndianLord Vishnu; EnduringBoy
SamarajitIndianLord VishnuBoy
SamarendraIndianLord VishnuBoy
SamarendraIndianLord of war; Lord VishnuBoy
SamarenduIndianLord VishnuBoy
SamarenduIndianLord of war; Lord VishnuBoy
SamarjitIndianLord VishnuBoy
SamarjitIndianVictorious in war; Lord VishnuBoy
SamavartIndianLord VishnuBoy
SamenduIndianLord VishnuBoy
SaprathasIndianLord VishnuBoy
SaprathasIndianLord Vishnu; Extensive wideBoy
SarnginIndianLord VishnuBoy
SarnginIndianName of lord VishnuBoy
SarnginIndianName of god VishnuBoy
SarvagnyIndianAll knowing. Lord VishnuBoy
SarvagnyIndianThe all knowing; Lord VishnuBoy
SatanandIndianLord VishnuBoy
SatindraIndianLord VishnuBoy
SatindraIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
SatkartarIndianLord VishnuBoy
SatveerIndianLord VishnuBoy
SatyanarayanIndianLord Krishna; Lord VishnuBoy
SatyanarayanIndianLord VishnuBoy
SavyaIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShaligramIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShalmaliIndianLord Vishnu's powerBoy
ShalmaliIndianSilk Cottom tree; Lord Vishnu's powerGirl
ShankhapaniIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShankhdharIndianOne Who Carries A Conch Shell (Lord Vishnu)Boy
ShankhiIndianOcean; Lord VishnuBoy
ShankhinIndianLord VishnuBoy
SharuIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShauriIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShesanandIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShighraIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
ShikhandinIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
ShipiristIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShouriIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShreekantIndianAn epithet of VishnuBoy
ShreekantIndianAn epithet of lord VishnuBoy
ShreenandIndianLord Vishnu; Lord KrishnaBoy
ShreenivasIndianAbode Of Laxmi (Vaikunth; Vishnu)Boy
ShreerangIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShreerangIndianAnother name of lord VishnuBoy
ShreshtaIndianBest; Lord VishnuBoy
ShreshtaIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShridharIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrihanIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrihariIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShriharitIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrikantIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrikanthIndianAn epithet of lord VishnuBoy
ShrikarIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrimatIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrinandIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrinathIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShriniketanIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrinivasIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShripadIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShripalIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShripatiIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrirangIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrirangaIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShriranjanIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrishIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrishaIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShritanIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrivarahIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrivardhanIndianLord Vishnu; Lord ShivaBoy
ShrivasIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShrivatsaIndianLord VishnuBoy
ShuklaIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
ShuklaIndianGoddess Saraswati; Lord Shiva; Lord VishnuGirl
SindhuIndianLord VishnuBoy
SindhuIndianOcean; River; Lord VishnuGirl
SkandajitIndianWife of lord VishnuGirl
SomasindhuIndianLord VishnuBoy
SourishIndianLord VishnuBoy
SragvibhushanIndianLord Vishnu; One who loves Tulsi (Basel)Boy
SragvibhushanIndianLord Vishnu; One who loves Tulsi (Basil)Boy
SreenathIndianLord VishnuBoy
SreenikeshIndianSri maha VishnuBoy
SreenikeshIndianLord VishnuBoy
SreevalsanIndianLoved by lord VishnuBoy
SricharanIndianFoot of lord VishnuBoy
SridharIndianPossessor of goddess Laxmi; Possessor of good fortune; Lord VishnuBoy
SridharIndianPossessor of Lakshmi; Possessor of good fortune; Lord VishnuBoy
SrinikeshIndianLord VishnuBoy
SrivarIndianLord VishnuBoy
SrivathsaIndianLord of Srimaha; Lord VishnuBoy
SrivathsaIndianGod of SrimahavishnuBoy
StavyaIndianLord VishnuBoy
StotriIndianLord VishnuBoy
SudhanvaIndianLord VishnuBoy
SudhanvanIndianLord VishnuBoy
SuparnIndianLord VishnuBoy
SurajivIndianLord VishnuBoy
SurbhupIndianLord VishnuBoy
SusenIndianLord VishnuBoy
SusenIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
SuseshIndianGood armies; Lord VishnuBoy
SuseshIndianWith good armies; Lord VishnuBoy
SutantuIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
SuyamunIndianLord VishnuBoy
SuyatiIndianLord VishnuBoy
SvaminIndianLord VishnuBoy
SvarIndianLord VishnuBoy
SvayambhuIndianLord Brahma; Lord Vishnu; Lord ShivaBoy
SvayambhuIndianLord Brahma; Vishnu; ShivaBoy
SyamantakIndianA Jewel of lord VishnuBoy
SyamantakIndianJewel of lord VishnuBoy
TamoghnaIndianLord Vishnu; Lord ShivaBoy
TapasranjanIndianLord VishnuBoy
TaranIndianLord Vishnu; Raft; HeavenBoy
TaranIndianLord VishnuBoy
TirthankarIndianLord VishnuBoy
TrambakeshwarIndianName of lord Shiva and lord VishnuBoy
TrambakeshwarIndianLord Shiva and Lord VishnuBoy
TridevIndianHindu Trinity (Brahma; Vishnu and Mahesh - The creator; sustainer and destroyer)Boy
TridevIndianHindu Trinity (Brahma; Vishnu and Mahesh - Creator; sustainer and destroyer)Boy
TridevIndianHindu trinity (Brahma; Vishnu & Mahesh - The Creator; Sustainer & Destroyer)Boy
TridevIndianHindu Trinity (Brahma; Vishnu and Mahesh - Creator; sustainer and destroyer)Boy
TrilokeshIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
TrilokeshIndianLord VishnuBoy
TrilokeshIndianLord of Universe; Lord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
TrilokeshSanskritLord of Universe; Lord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
TrinabhIndianLord VishnuBoy
TrivikramIndianLord VishnuBoy
TungishIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
UchadevIndianLord VishnuBoy
UdarathiIndianLord VishnuBoy
UddiranIndianLord VishnuBoy
UdjithIndianLord VishnuBoy
UpendraIndianLord VishnuBoy
UpendraIndianBrother of lord Indra; Lord Vishnu; An ElementBoy
UpendraIndianElement; Lord VishnuBoy
UpendraSanskritLord VishnuBoy
UtpalakshIndianLord VishnuBoy
VaamanIndianLord VishnuBoy
VaarshaneyIndianlord VishnuBoy
VaijantimalaIndianPrize; Garland of lord VishnuGirl
VaijayanthiIndianPrize; Garland of lord VishnuGirl
VaijayanthiSanskritPrize; Garland of lord VishnuGirl
VaijayantiIndianA Garland of lord VishnuGirl
VaijayantiIndianPrize; Garland of lord VishnuGirl
VaijayantiIndianGarland of lord VishnuGirl
VaijayantiSanskritPrize; Garland of lord VishnuGirl
VaijayantimalaIndianA Garland of lord VishnuGirl
VaijayantimalaIndianGarland of lord VishnuGirl
VaikhanIndianLord VishnuBoy
VaikunthIndianVaikuntam; Abode of lord VishnuBoy
VaikunthIndianAbode of lord VishnuBoy
VaikunthIndianVaikuntam; The abode of lord VishnuBoy
VaikunthIndianHeaven; Abode of lord VishnuBoy
VairochanIndianAn ancient name; Lord Vishnu's sonBoy
VairochanIndianLord Vishnu's sonBoy
VaishaviIndianLord Vishnu's devoteeGirl
VaishaviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiGirl
VaishnavIndianDevotee of lord VishnuBoy
VaishnaviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess Parvati; Tulsi (Basil)Girl
VaishnaviIndianWorshipper of lord VishnuGirl
VaishnaviSanskritGoddess Parvati; Worshipper of lord VishnuGirl
VaishnoIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiGirl
VaishnoSanskritGoddess Parvati; Worshipper of lord VishnuGirl
VaishnodeviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiGirl
VaishodeviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiBoy
VaishviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiGirl
VaishviSanskritGoddess Parvati; Worshipper of lord VishnuGirl
VajasaniIndianLord Vishnu's sonBoy
VajasaniIndianSon of lord VishnuBoy
VamanIndianFifth incarnation of lord VishnuBoy
VamanIndianShort; Fifth incarnation of lord VishnuBoy
VaraahIndianAn epithet of lord VishnuBoy
VaradaraajIndianLord VishnuBoy
VaradarajIndianAnother name of lord VishnuBoy
VaradarajIndianLord VishnuBoy
VaradrajIndianLord VishnuBoy
VarahIndianAn epithet of lord VishnuBoy
VaralakshmiSanskritThe consort of lord Vishnu; MahalakshmiGirl
VarishIndianLord VishnuBoy
VasuIndianWealth; Lord Vishnu; An ancient kingBoy
VatsinIndianLord VishnuBoy
VedatmanIndianLord VishnuBoy
VenkatIndianLord Vishnu; Lord KrishnaBoy
VenkataramananandanIndianA name for lord VishnuBoy
VenkataramananandanIndianLord VishnuBoy
VenkateshIndianLord Vishnu; Lord KrishnaBoy
VenkateshIndianLord VishnuBoy
VenkateshIndianName of god VishnuBoy
VenkateshIndianName of lord VishnuBoy

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