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Name that means

Meaning:  Lord Of Braj Land

List of Names that means 'Lord Of Braj Land'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
BirjeshIndianLord of Braj LandBoy
BirjeshSanskritLord of Braj LandBoy
BrajendraIndianLord of Braj landBoy
BrajendraSanskritLord of Braj LandBoy
BrajeshIndianLord of Braj landBoy
BrajeshSanskritLord of Braj LandBoy
BrajraajIndianLord of Braj landBoy
BrajrajIndianLord of Braj landBoy
BrijeshIndianLord of Braj landBoy
BrijeshIndianGod of the land of Braj; Lord KrishnaBoy
BrijeshSanskritLord of Braj LandBoy