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 Names meaning 'Mother'

Name that means

Meaning:  Mother

List of Names that means 'Mother'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbraArabianMother of ManyGirl
AbraHebrewMother of ManyGirl
AbriannaHebrewMother of GraceGirl
AditiIndianMother of godsGirl
AditiIndianMother of Gods; Earth; Nature; Radiant like the sunGirl
AditiIndianMother of the godsGirl
AditiIndianMother of Gods; Radiant like the sunGirl
AhiamEnglishMother's brother; UncleBoy
AhiamIndianMother's brother; UncleBoy
AmbaIndianGoddess Parvati; Goddess Durga; MotherGirl
AmbaalikaIndianMother; One who is sensitiveGirl
AmbalikaIndianMother; One who is sensitiveGirl
AngiraIndianMother of BirhaspatiGirl
AngwusnasomtaqaNative AmericanCrow mother spiritGirl
AnjanaIndianDusky; Mother of lord HanumanBoy
AnjanaIndianMother of lord HanumanGirl
AnjanaIndianMother of HanumanGirl
AnjanaIndianMother of lord Hanuman; DuskyGirl
AnjaniIndianMother of lord HanumanBoy
AnjaniIndianA title of the mother of lord HanumanBoy
AnjaniIndianHanuman's mother; Illusion (maya)Girl
AnjaniIndianMother of lord Hanuman; illusionGirl
AnjiniIndianMother of HanumanGirl
AnjiniIndianMother of lord HanumanGirl
AnnaNative AmericanMotherGirl
BaneenIndianMother of four sonsGirl
BayarmaaMongolianMother of joyGirl
BolormaaMongolianCrystal MotherGirl
ChochmingwuNative AmericanCorn motherGirl
DarHebrewMother-Of-Pearl; Marble; PearlBoy
DemetraLatinEarth MotherGirl
DemetriaLatinEarth MotherGirl
DemetriusLatinEarth MotherBoy
DevakiIndianDivine; Mother of lord KrishnaGirl
DevkiIndianLord Krishna's motherGirl
DonWelshMother goddessGirl
DvaimaturaIndianOne who has two mothersBoy
FaatimaIndianOne sucking her mother's milkGirl
FatemaIndianOne sucking her mother's milkGirl
GahoNative AmericanMotherGirl
GayathriIndianMother of the Vedas; Goddess SaraswatiGirl
GayathriIndianMother of the vedasGirl
GayathriIndianMother of Vedas; A GoddessGirl
GayatriIndianMother of Vedas; A GoddessGirl
GayatriIndianMother of the Vedas; Goddess SaraswatiGirl
GayatriIndianMother of the Vedas; A GoddessGirl
GayatriSanskritVeda Mata - The mother of all Vedas; Sanskrit mantraGirl
HaajarIndianProphet Ismail's motherGirl
HaajaraIndianProphet Ismail's motherGirl
HehewutiNative AmericanWarrior mother spiritGirl
HerambaIndianMother's beloved son; Boastful; Ganapati; Lord GaneshBoy
HerambaIndianMother's beloved sonBoy
IgraineEnglishLegend name of mother of king ArthurGirl
IgraineIndianLegend name of mother of king ArthurGirl
JagadambaIndianMother of universeGirl
JagadambaIndianMother of the UniverseGirl
JagamataIndianMother of the world; Goddess DurgaGirl
JaganmataIndianMother of the worldGirl
JaganmataIndianMother of worldGirl
JaganmataIndianMother of the universeGirl
JananiIndianMother; TendernessGirl
JananiIndianMother; Tenderness; Name of three goddessGirl
JasodaIndianMother of lord KrishnaGirl
JasodharaIndianMother of lord BuddhaGirl
KathyayaniIndianGoddess Parvati in her motherly roleGirl
KausalyaIndianMother of lord RamaGirl
KaushalyaIndianLord Rama's motherGirl
KaushalyaIndianMother of lord RamaGirl
KhanijaIndianMother EarthGirl
KuntiIndianThe mother of the PandavasGirl
KuntiIndianMother of PandavasGirl
KuntiIndianMother of the PandavasGirl
KuntiIndianPandavas motherGirl
LokajananiIndianLakshmi; Mother of the worldGirl
LokajananiIndianGoddess Laxmi; Mother of the worldGirl
LokamatriIndianGoddess Laxmi; Mother of the worldGirl
LokamatriIndianLakshmi; Mother of the worldGirl
LokamatriIndianMother of the universe; Goddess LaxmiGirl
LokamatriIndianMother of the universe; Goddess LakshmiGirl
MaeaLatinNursing MotherGirl
MakaweeNative AmericanMothering; Earth Maiden; GenerousGirl
MamataIndianMotherly love; AffectionGirl
MamtaIndianMotherly loveGirl
MamtaIndianMotherly love; AffectionGirl
MarisaIndianMother of dachasGirl
MarisaIndianMother of DaksaGirl
MarudeviIndianMother of lord RishbhdevGirl
MatrikaIndianMother; Name of GoddessGirl
MatrikaIndianMother; Name of a goddessGirl
MayEnglishMonth of May; Nursing MotherGirl
MayIndianMonth of May; Nursing MotherGirl
MenakaIndianCelestial dancer; An Apsara; Shakuntala's motherGirl
MenakaSanskritAn Apsara; Shakuntala's motherGirl
MenkaIndianCelestial dancer; An Apsara; Shakuntala's motherGirl
MenkaSanskritAn Apsara; Shakuntala's motherGirl
Metrophanes  (Μητροφάνη)GreekMotherBoy
Mitrofan  (Митрофан)RussianMother AppearingBoy
ModronWelshDivine motherGirl
MrittikaIndianMother earthGirl
MutEgyptianMythical MotherGirl
NabiryeEgyptianMother of TwinsGirl
NaliniIndianLotus; Mother of the Vedas; Goddess Gayatri; Sweet nectarGirl
NaliniSanskritLotus; Mother of the Vedas; Goddess GayatriGirl
NarayiniIndianMother goddess Saraswati and LaxmiGirl
NeithEgyptianThe Divine MotherGirl
NetEgyptianThe Divine MotherGirl
NnekaAfricanMy Mother is SupremeGirl
NnennaAfricanFather's MotherGirl
NnenneAfricanMother's MotherGirl
NokomisNative AmericanGrandmotherGirl
NontleAfricanMother of BeautyGirl
NosiphoAfricanMother of a GiftGirl
NosizweAfricanMother of the NationGirl
PrajaktaIndianFragrant flower; Mother of the people; Goddess of creationGirl
PrithaIndianMother of Pandavas - KuntiGirl
PrithaIndianKunti; Mother of PandavasGirl
PruthvijIndianSon of mother earthBoy
PurandhriIndianMother of Vedas; A GoddessGirl
PurandhriIndianMother of Vedas; A GoddessGirl
PurnayanIndianOne who has born with full of his mother and fatherBoy
PurnayanIndianOne who was born with full of his mother and fatherBoy
RenukaIndianMother of Parasurma; The sixth incarnation of lord VishnuGirl
RenukaIndianMother of Parasurma; Sixth incarnation of lord VishnuGirl
RenukaIndianMother of ParasuramGirl
RenukaIndianThe mother of Parasurma; The sixth incarnation of lord VishnuGirl
SaimaIndianMother of flowersGirl
SatyavatiIndianMother of Vyasa; TruthfulGirl
SatyavatiIndianMother of VyasaGirl
SavitriIndianMother; Form of the deviGirl
SavitriIndianPure; MotherGirl
SumaIndianGood motherGirl
SumitraIndianMother of lord Lakshman; Good friendGirl
SumitraIndianMother of lord LakshmanGirl
SumitraIndianLakshman's motherGirl
SumitraSanskritName of the mother of Lakshmana; Good friendGirl
SuneetiIndianMother of DhruvaGirl
TarpanaIndianMother of Vedas; A GoddessGirl
ThayanbanIndianDevoted to ones motherBoy
TonalnanNahuatlMother of lightGirl
TriaEnglishEarth MotherGirl
TriaIndianEarth MotherGirl
TrishalaIndianMother of lord MahavirGirl
TrishalaIndianTrident; Mother of lord MahavirGirl
UmaymaEgyptianLittle MotherGirl
UmaymahIndianYoung motherGirl
Umm UlIndianMother of sonsGirl
UmmeIndianMother of sonsGirl
Ummu KulthoomIndianMother of sonsGirl
Umm-Ul-BaninIndianMother of sonsGirl
VinataIndianHumble; Mother of GarudaGirl
VishwajananiIndianMother of the universeGirl
YashodaIndianKrishna's motherGirl
YashodaIndianMother of lord Krishna; Famous; SuccessfulGirl
YashodaIndianMother of lord KrishnaGirl
YashodaIndianFoster mother of lord KrishnaGirl
YasodhaIndianMother of lord Krishna; Famous; SuccessfulGirl
YauvaniIndianMother of Vedas; A GoddessGirl
YejideAfricanImage of the MotherGirl
YewandeAfricanMother Has ReturnedGirl

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