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 Names meaning 'Oath'

Name that means

Meaning:  Oath

List of Names that means 'Oath'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AdalfieriItalianNoble OathBoy
AilsaEnglishGod is my oathGirl
AilsaIndianGod is my oathGirl
AlzbetaCzech & SlovakGod is my OathGirl
AnelieGermanFavor; Grace; God is my oathGirl
AnnaFinnishFavor; Grace; God Is My OathGirl
Anna LiisaFinnishFavor; Grace; God Is My OathGirl
AnnabethEnglishGod is my oathGirl
AnnabethIndianGod is my oathGirl
AnnaleisaGermanFavor; Grace; God is my oathGirl
AnnaliesaGermanFavor; Grace; God is my oathGirl
AnnalieseGermanFavor; Grace; God is my oathGirl
AnnalisaItalianFavor + God is my OathGirl
AnnelieGermanFavor; Grace; God is my oathGirl
AnnelienGermanFavor; Grace; God is my oathGirl
AnnelieseGermanFavor; Grace; God is my oathGirl
AnnelieseHebrewGracious; God is my OathGirl
ArlanHebrewPledge; OathBoy
ArlinHebrewPledge; OathBoy
BabetteEnglishGod is my oathGirl
BabetteIndianGod is my oathGirl
BakariEgyptianNoble OathBoy
BathsevaHebrewDaughter of the OathGirl
BathshebaHebrewDaughter of the OathGirl
BatshebaHebrewDaughter of the OathGirl
BatshevaHebrewDaughter of the OathGirl
BeileagScottishGod is my OathGirl
BellaItalianGod is my OathGirl
BellaLatinGod is my oath; BeautifulGirl
BerkantTurkishSolid OathBoy
BesartAlbanianGolden oathBoy
BessEnglishGod is my oathGirl
BessIndianGod is my oathGirl
BessieEnglishGod is my oathGirl
BessieIndianGod is my oathGirl
BessyEnglishGod is my oathGirl
BessyIndianGod is my oathGirl
BetEnglishGod is my oathGirl
BetIndianGod is my oathGirl
BetaCzech & SlovakGod is my OathGirl
BethEnglishGod is my oathGirl
BethHebrewGod is my OathGirl
BethIndianGod is my oathGirl
BethanWelshGod is my oathGirl
BetjeHebrewGod is my OathGirl
BetkaCzech & SlovakGod is my OathGirl
BetsyEnglishGod is my oathGirl
BetsyHebrewGod is my OathGirl
BetsyIndianGod is my oathGirl
BetteEnglishGod is my oathGirl
BetteFrenchGod is my OathGirl
BetteIndianGod is my oathGirl
BettiHebrewGod is my OathGirl
BettieEnglishGod is my oathGirl
BettieIndianGod is my oathGirl
BettinaEnglishGod is my oath; BlessedGirl
BettinaHebrewGod is my OathGirl
BettinaIndianGod is my oath; BlessedGirl
BettineFrenchGod is my OathGirl
BettineHebrewGod is my OathGirl
BettyEnglishGod is my oathGirl
BettyHebrewGod is my OathGirl
BettyIndianGod is my oathGirl
BettyeEnglishGod is my oathGirl
BettyeIndianGod is my oathGirl
BetuskaCzech & SlovakGod is my OathGirl
BozsiHungarianGod is my OathGirl
BuffyEnglishGod is my oathGirl
BuffyIndianGod is my oathGirl
BuzziHungarianGod is my OathGirl
CarlisaEnglishGod is my oathGirl
CarlisaIndianGod is my oathGirl
EalasaidScottishGod is my OathGirl
ElaPolishGod is my OathGirl
ElicaGermanGod is my oathGirl
EliciaFrenchGod is my OathGirl
EliisaFinnishGod is my OathGirl
ElikapekaHawaiianGod is my OathGirl
ElisaEnglishGod is my oathGirl
ElisaFinnishGod is my oath; God is abundanceGirl
ElisaFrenchGod is my OathGirl
ElisaIndianGod is my oathGirl
ElisaItalianGod is my OathGirl
ElisaSpanishGod is my OathGirl
ElisabetFinnishGod is my oath; God is abundanceGirl
ElisabetHebrewGod is my OathGirl
ElisabetScandinavianGod is my oathGirl
ElisabetePortugueseGod is my OathGirl
ElisabethBiblicalOath of GodGirl
ElisabethEnglishGod is my oathGirl
ElisabethFrenchGod is my OathGirl
ElisabethHebrewGod is my OathGirl
ElisabethIndianGod is my oathGirl
ElisabettaItalianGod is my OathGirl
ElisamarieFrenchGod is my OathGirl
Elisavet  (Ελισαβετ)GreekGod is my oathGirl
ElisavetHebrewGod is my OathGirl
Elisaveta  (Елисавета)BulgarianGod Is My OathGirl
ElisavetaHebrewGod is my OathGirl
EliseEnglishGod is my oathGirl
EliseFrenchGod is my OathGirl
EliseIndianGod is my oathGirl
ElishebaHebrewGod is my OathBoy
ElishevaHebrewGod is my OathBoy
ElishiaFrenchGod is my OathGirl
EliskaCzech & SlovakGod is my OathGirl
ElissaEnglishGod is my oathGirl
ElissaIndianGod is my oathGirl
ElitaCzech & SlovakGod is my OathGirl
ElizaEnglishGod is my oathGirl
ElizaFrenchGod is my OathGirl
ElizaHebrewGod is my OathGirl
ElizaIndianGod is my oathGirl
ElizabethEnglishGod is my oathGirl
ElizabethHebrewGod is my OathGirl
ElizabethIndianGod is my oathGirl
ElizavetaHebrewGod is my OathGirl
ElizavetaPolishGod is my OathGirl
Elizaveta  (Елизавета)RussianGod is my oathGirl
ElkaHebrewGod is my OathGirl
ElkeHebrewGod is my OathGirl
ElliFinnishGod is my OathGirl
ElliGermanGod is my oathGirl
ElliHebrewGod is my OathGirl
ElliceHebrewGod is my OathGirl
ElsaEnglishGod is my oathGirl
ElsaFinnishGod is my oath; God is abundanceGirl
ElsaGermanGod is my oath; NobleGirl
ElsaIndianGod is my oathGirl
ElsaScandinavianGod is my oathGirl
ElsaSpanishGod is my OathGirl
ElsabethEnglishGod is my oathGirl
ElsabethIndianGod is my oathGirl
ElsbethScottishGod is my OathGirl
ElseGermanGod is my oath; NobleGirl
ElseScandinavianGod is my oathGirl
ElshaGermanGod is my oath; NobleGirl
ElsieEnglishGod is my oathGirl
ElsieGermanGod is my oath; NobleGirl
ElsieHebrewGod is my OathGirl
ElsieIndianGod is my oathGirl
ElsjeGermanGod is my oath; NobleGirl
ElspetEnglishGod is my oathGirl
ElspetIndianGod is my oathGirl
ElspetScottishGod is my OathGirl
ElspethEnglishGod is my oathGirl
ElspethHebrewGod is my OathGirl
ElspethIndianGod is my oathGirl
ElspethScottishGod is my OathGirl
ElspieEnglishGod is my oathGirl
ElspieIndianGod is my oathGirl
ElspieScottishGod is my OathGirl
ElyseEnglishGod is my oathGirl
ElyseIndianGod is my oathGirl
ElyzabethEnglishGod is my oathGirl
ElyzabethIndianGod is my oathGirl
ElzbietaPolishGod is my OathGirl
ErrsikeHungarianGod is my OathGirl
ErssikeHungarianGod is my OathGirl
ErszokHungarianGod is my OathGirl
ErzebetHungarianGod is my OathGirl
ErzsebetHungarianGod is my OathGirl
ErzsiHungarianGod is my OathGirl
ErzsokHungarianGod is my OathGirl
GhislainGermanOath; PledgeBoy
GhislaineGermanOath; PledgeGirl
IbbieSpanishGod is my OathGirl
IlsaGermanGod is my oathGirl
IlseGermanGod is my oathGirl
IlseHebrewGod is my OathGirl
IsabelEnglishGod is my oathGirl
IsabelIndianGod is my oathGirl
IsabelPortugueseGod is my OathGirl
IsabelSpanishGod is my OathGirl
IsabelaLatinGod is my oathGirl
IsabelaPortugueseGod is my OathGirl
IsabelaSpanishGod is my OathGirl
IsabellSpanishGod is my OathGirl
IsabellaEnglishGod is my oathGirl
IsabellaIndianGod is my oathGirl
IsabellaItalianConsecrated to God; God is my OathGirl
IsabellaLatinGod is my oathGirl
IsabellaSpanishGod is my OathGirl
IsabelleEnglishGod is my oathGirl
IsabelleFrenchGod is my OathGirl
IsabelleIndianGod is my oathGirl
IsbelSpanishGod is my OathGirl
IseabailScottishGod is my OathGirl
IsebellaLatinGod is my oathGirl
IshbelScottishGod is my OathGirl
IsobelSpanishGod is my OathGirl
IssyEnglishGod is my oathGirl
IssyIndianGod is my oathGirl
IzaPolishGod is my OathGirl
IzabelPolishGod is my OathGirl
IzabelaCzech & SlovakGod is my OathGirl
IzabellaHungarianGod is my OathGirl
IzabellaPolishGod is my OathGirl
IzabelleSpanishGod is my OathGirl
IzzieEnglishGod is my oathGirl
IzzieIndianGod is my oathGirl
IzzyEnglishGift of Isis; God is my oathUnisex
IzzyIndianGift of Isis; God is my oathUnisex
IzzySpanishGift of Isis; God is my OathUnisex
JobethEnglishGod is gracious and God is my oathGirl
JobethIndianGod is gracious and God is my oathGirl
LeesaEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LeesaIndianGod is my oathGirl
LeolinEnglishOath of BelenusBoy
LeolinIndianOath of BelenusBoy
LeolinWelshOath Of BelenusBoy
LesiaEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LesiaIndianGod is my oathGirl
LibbieEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LibbieIndianGod is my oathGirl
LibbyEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LibbyIndianGod is my oathGirl
LiesGermanGod is my oathGirl
LiesaGermanGod is my oathGirl
LiesbethDutchGod is My OathGirl
LieseGermanGod is my oathGirl
LieselGermanGod is my oathGirl
LieselotteGermanGod is my oathGirl
LiesjeDutchGod is My OathGirl
LieslGermanGod is my oathGirl
LiisaFinnishGod is my OathGirl
LiisiFinnishGod is my OathGirl
LijsbethDutchGod is My OathGirl
LiliGermanGod is my oathGirl
LiloGermanGod is my oathGirl
LiloHawaiianGod is my Oath.Girl
LisEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LisIndianGod is my oathGirl
LisaEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LisaIndianGod is my oathGirl
LisanneEnglishGod is my oath; Favor; GraceGirl
LisanneIndianGod is my oath; Favor; GraceGirl
LisbetScandinavianGod is my oathGirl
LisbethEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LisbethGermanGod is my oathGirl
LisbethIndianGod is my oathGirl
LiseDanishGod is My OathGirl
LiseNative AmericanGod is my Oath.Boy
LiseNorwegianGod is my oathGirl
LiselotDutchGod is My OathGirl
LiselotteGermanGod is my oathGirl
LiszkaHungarianGod is my Oath; Consecrated to GodGirl
LizEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LizIndianGod is my oathGirl
LizaEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LizaIndianGod is my oathGirl
Liza  (Лиза)RussianGod is my oathGirl
Lizabeta  (Lizabeta)RussianGod is my oathGirl
Lizaveta  (Лизавета)RussianGod is my oathGirl
LizbethEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LizbethIndianGod is my oathGirl
LizetteEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LizetteIndianGod is my oathGirl
LizzieEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LizzieIndianGod is my oathGirl
LizzyEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LizzyIndianGod is my oathGirl
LlewEnglishOath of BelenusBoy
LlewIndianOath of BelenusBoy
LlewellynEnglishOath of BelenusBoy
LlewellynIndianOath of BelenusBoy
LlewelynEnglishOath of BelenusBoy
LlewelynIndianOath of BelenusBoy
LotteEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LotteGermanGod is my oathGirl
LotteIndianGod is my oathGirl
LysetteEnglishGod is my oathGirl
LysetteIndianGod is my oathGirl
MaribelSpanishBeloved; God is my oathGirl
MarlisGermanBeloved; God is my oathGirl
MarlisaGermanBeloved; God is my oathGirl
OrzsebetHungarianGod is my OathGirl
SabelaSpanishGod is my OathGirl
SabellaEnglishGod is my oathGirl
SabellaIndianGod is my oathGirl
SogandIndianOath; PledgeGirl
SogandIranian (Persian)Oath; PledgeGirl
TettyEnglishGod is my oathGirl
TettyIndianGod is my oathGirl
YameenIndianOath; Right hand; Right wingBoy
Yelizaveta  (Елизавета)RussianGod is my oathGirl
YsabelEnglishGod is my oathGirl
YsabelIndianGod is my oathGirl
YsbailWelshGod is my oathGirl
ZabelSpanishGod is my OathGirl
ZsizsiHungarianGod is my OathGirl
ZsokaHungarianGod is my OathGirl

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