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 Names meaning 'Son'

Name that means

Meaning:  Son

List of Names that means 'Son'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AaditeyaIndianSon of AditiBoy
AagneyIndianSon of fireBoy
AagneyIndianBorn from fire; Son of fireBoy
AagneyIndianSon of the fireBoy
AagneySanskritSon of the Fire GodBoy
AagneyaIndianSon of the fireBoy
AagneyaIndianBorn from fire; Son of fireBoy
AagneyaIndianSon of fireBoy
AagneyaSanskritSon of Agni; Son of the fireBoy
AamaniIndianSpring season (vasanth ritu)Girl
AamaniIndianSpring season; vasanth rituGirl
AamaniIndianSpring season (vasant ritu)Girl
AaniyaIndianSon of Anjani; Lord HanumanGirl
AanjaneyaIndianSon of Anjani; Lord HanumanBoy
AanjaneyaIndianSon of AnjaniBoy
AanjaneyaSanskritSon of Anjani; Name of HanumanBoy
AashmanIndianSon of the sunBoy
AatishIndianExplosive; Dynamic person; Lord Ganesh; FireworksBoy
AbhayIndianFearless; Son of DharmaBoy
Abhay kumarIndianSon of king ShrenikBoy
AbhimaniIndianFull of pride; Eldest son of lord BrahmaBoy
AbhimaniIndianFull of pride; Another name for Agni as the eldest son of BrahmaBoy
AbhimanyuIndianSon of Arjun; Heroic; One with self respectBoy
AbhimanyuIndianArjuna's son; Heroic; With self respectBoy
AbhimanyusutaIndianSon or AbhimanyuBoy
AbhimanyusutaIndianSon of AbhimanyuBoy
AbhisyantaIndianSplendid; Son of Kuru and VahiniBoy
AbhisyantaIndianSplendid; A son of Kuru and VahiniBoy
AbhisyantaSanskritSplendid; A son of Kuru and VahiniBoy
AbhyagniIndianTowards the fire; Son of AitasaBoy
AbhyagniIndianTowards the fire; A son of AitasaBoy
AbimanyuIndianSon of Arjun; Heroic; One with self respectBoy
AbimanyuIndianSon of lord ArjunBoy
AbimanyuIndianArjuna's SonBoy
AbrarIndianTruthful person; SaintBoy
AbrarIndianA truthful person; SaintBoy
AcaryanandanaIndianSon of teacher; Another name for AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryanandanaIndianSon of the teacher; Lord AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryanandanaIndianSon of the teacher; Another name for AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryasutaIndianSon of the teacher; Another name for AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryasutaIndianSon of teacher; Another name for AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryasutaIndianSon of the teacher; Lord AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryatanayaIndianSon of teacher; Another name for AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryatanayaIndianSon of the teacher; Lord AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryatanayaIndianSon of the teacher; Another name for AswatthamaBoy
AcaryatanayaIndianSon of the teacher; Another name for AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryatanayaSanskritSon of the teacher; Another name for AswatthamaBoy
AcharyanandanaIndianSon of the teacher; Another name for AswatthamaBoy
AcharyanandanaSanskritSon of the teacher; Another name for AswatthamaBoy
AcharyasutaIndianSon of the teacher; Another name for AswatthamaBoy
AcharyasutaSanskritSon of the teacher; Another name for AswatthamaBoy
AdawiIndianGrandson of Sayyindina UmerBoy
AddisonEnglishSon of AdamUnisex
AddisonIndianSon of AdamUnisex
AdeebIndianA literary Person; cultured; civilizedBoy
AdeebaIndianA literary Person; cultured; civilizedGirl
AdisonEnglishSon of AdamUnisex
AdisonIndianSon of AdamUnisex
AdissonEnglishSon of AdamUnisex
AdissonIndianSon of AdamUnisex
AditeyaIndianAnother name for the sun; Son of 'Aditi'Boy
AditeyaSanskritAnother name for the sun; Son of 'Aditi'Boy
AdithyaIndianSun god; Son of goddess AdithiBoy
AdithyaIndianSun God; Son of AdithiBoy
AdityaIndianThe Son of AditiBoy
AdityaIndianLord Surya; Sun; Son of AditiBoy
AdityanandanIndianSon of sunBoy
AdityanandanSanskritSon of the sunBoy
AdityanandanaIndianSon of sunBoy
AdityanandanaIndianSon of the SunBoy
AejazIndianPerson who does miraclesBoy
AethelwulfingAnglo-SaxonSon of AethulwulfBoy
AgneyaIndianSon of Agni; Son of the fireBoy
AgneyaIndianSon of AgniBoy
AgneyaSanskritSon of Agni; Son of the fireBoy
AgnikumaraIndianSon of AgniBoy
AhmoseEgyptianSon of IahBoy
AidithAnglo-SaxonSeasoned warriorGirl
Aika  (愛佳)JapaneseLove SongGirl
AilithAnglo-SaxonSeasoned warriorGirl
AliIndianHigh; Noble; Excellent; Elevated; Exalted; Prophet Mohammad's son in lawBoy
AliIranian (Persian)High; Prophet Mohammad's Son in LawBoy
AmaniIndianSpring season (vasanth ritu)Girl
AmaniIndianSpring season (vasanth ritu); Wishes; AspirationsGirl
AmaniIndianWishes; Aspirations; Spring season (vasanth ritu)Girl
AmmarIndianBuilder; Constructor; Religious personBoy
AmmarIndianMaker; Builder; Constructor; Religious personBoy
AmsiEgyptianPersonification of ReproductionBoy
AmsuEgyptianPersonification of ReproductionBoy
AnandmoortiIndianHappiness PersonifiedBoy
AnantachidrupamayamIndianInfinite and consciousness personifiedBoy
AnantachidrupamayamIndianInfinite and consciousness; PersonifiedBoy
AndersonEnglishSon of AndrewBoy
AndersonIndianSon of AndrewBoy
AnilatmajaIndianSon of wind; Lord HanumanBoy
AnilkumarIndianSon of wind; Lord HanumanBoy
AniruddhIndianGrandson of lord KrishnaBoy
AnjaneyaIndianSon of AnjanaBoy
AnjaneyaIndianSon of Anjani; Name of HanumanBoy
AnjaneyaSanskritSon of Anjani; Name of HanumanBoy
AnoopIndianIncomparable; The best; Without Comparison; IncomparableBoy
AnshulIndianRadiant; Bright; Intelligent personBoy
AnsonEnglishSon of AgnesBoy
AnsonIndianSon of AgnesBoy
AnsoniaEnglishSon of AgnesGirl
AnsoniaIndianSon of AgnesGirl
AntraIndianMiddle part of a songGirl
AnupIndianWithout comparison; Incomparable; BestBoy
AnupIndianIncomparable; The best; Without Comparison; IncomparableBoy
AnupIndianWithout comparisonBoy
ArapmoiAfricanSon of WarBoy
ArijitIndianConquering Enemies; Son of Krishna and SubhadraBoy
ArijitIndianConquering enemies; Son of lord Krishna and SubhadraBoy
ArivanandhanIndianPerson having Wisdom and happyBoy
ArjavIndianStraight forward person by heart; Speech and actBoy
ArjavIndianStraightforward person by heart; Speech and actBoy
ArjunIndianPeacock; Son of lord Indra; One of the Pandava brothersBoy
ArjunSanskritSon of lord Indra; One of the Pandava brothersBoy
AryadityaIndianSun like person in AryansBoy
AryanIndianSon of Arya; Noble; Nobility; Of noble birthBoy
AryanIndianAn Ancient civilization; Of the Aryan race; Son of AryaBoy
AshikaIndianPerson without sorrowGirl
AshmanIndianSon of the SunBoy
AshmanIndianSon of sunBoy
AtishIndianExplosive; Dynamic personBoy
AtishIndianExplosive; A Dynamic personBoy
AurvaIndianGrandson of rishi BhriguBoy
BachittarIndianA person with wondrous meritsBoy
BalwanIndianStrong personBoy
BamaHebrewSon of ProphecyBoy
BaneenIndianMother of four sonsGirl
BaramHebrewSon of the NationBoy
Bar-JesusEnglishSon of JesusBoy
Bar-JesusIndianSon of JesusBoy
BarnaHungarianSon of Exhortation; Son of ComfortBoy
BarnabaCzech & SlovakSon of ComfortBoy
BarnabasEnglishSon of exhortationBoy
Barnabas  (Βαρνάβας)GreekSon of exhortationBoy
BarnabasHebrewSon of ComfortBoy
BarnabasHungarianSon of Exhortation; Son of ComfortBoy
BarnabasIndianSon of exhortationBoy
BarnabeFrenchSon of prophecyBoy
BarnabeHebrewSon of ProphecyBoy
BarnabyEnglishSon of exhortationBoy
BarnabyHebrewSon of ProphecyBoy
BarnabyIndianSon of exhortationBoy
BartEnglishSon of TalmaiBoy
BartIndianSon of TalmaiBoy
BartalHungarianSon of TalmaiBoy
BartelDutchSon of TalmaiBoy
BartholomaeusLatinSon of TalmaiBoy
Bartholomaios  (Βαρθολομαίος)GreekSon of TalmaiBoy
BartholomausGermanSon of TalmaiBoy
BartholomeusDutchSon of TalmaiBoy
BartholomewEnglishSon of TalmaiBoy
BartholomewIndianSon of TalmaiBoy
BartletEnglishSon of TalmaiBoy
BartletIndianSon of TalmaiBoy
BartlomiejPolishSon of TalmaiBoy
BartoHungarianSon of TalmaiBoy
BartolmeuPortugueseSon of TalmaiBoy
BartoloItalianSon of TalmaiBoy
BartolomaeusLatinSon of TalmaiBoy
BartolomausGermanSon of TalmaiBoy
BartolomejCzech & SlovakPloughman; Son of TalmaiBoy
BartolomeoItalianSon of TalmaiBoy
BartolommeoItalianSon of TalmaiBoy
BartosHungarianSon of TalmaiBoy
BartoszPolishSon of TalmaiBoy
BasantIndianSeason of springBoy
BasantIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredBoy
BasantIndianSpring seasonBoy
BasantaIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredBoy
BasantiIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredGirl
BemabeSpanishSon of comfortBoy
BenEnglishSon of the south; BlessedBoy
BenIndianSon of the south; BlessedBoy
BeniaminPolishSon of the Right HandBoy
BeniaminoItalianSon of the SouthBoy
BenjamimPortugueseSon of the SouthBoy
BenjaminEnglishSon of the right handBoy
BenjaminFrenchSon of the southBoy
BenjaminHungarianSon of the SouthBoy
BenjaminIndianSon of the right handBoy
BenjiEnglishSon of the right hand; Son of the southBoy
BenjiIndianSon of the right hand; Son of the southBoy
BenjieEnglishSon of the right hand; Son of the southBoy
BenjieIndianSon of the right hand; Son of the southBoy
BenjyEnglishSon of the right hand; Son of the southBoy
BenjyIndianSon of the right hand; Son of the southBoy
BennieEnglishSon of the south; BlessedBoy
BennieIndianSon of the south; BlessedBoy
BennyEnglishSon of the south; BlessedBoy
BennyIndianSon of the south; BlessedBoy
BenoniEnglishSon of my sorrowBoy
BenoniHebrewSon of my SorrowsBoy
BenoniIndianSon of my sorrowBoy
Ben-OniEnglishSon of my sorrowBoy
Ben-OniIndianSon of my sorrowBoy
BenroyHebrewSon of a LionBoy
BensonEnglishSon of BenBoy
BensonIndianSon of BenBoy
BenyaminHebrewSon of the SouthBoy
BenzionHebrewSon of ZionBoy
BerlynGermanSon of BerlBoy
BertalanHungarianSon of TalmaiBoy
BevanEnglishSon of Evan; Son of JohnBoy
BevanIndianSon of Evan; Son of JohnBoy
BhagadityaIndianThe Son who bestows wealthBoy
BhagadityaIndianSon who bestows wealthBoy
BhagadityaIndianThe son which bestows wealthBoy
BharatIndianFirst chakrawarti of India; Son of lord Rishabhdev; Elder brother of BahubaliBoy
BheemsenIndianSons of brave manBoy
BheeshamIndianStrong; An elder of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'Boy
BheeshmaSanskritAn elder of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'Boy
BhimsenIndianSons of brave manBoy
BhishamIndianStrong; Mighty; An elder of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'Boy
BhishamSanskritAn elder of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'Boy
BhishmaIndianStrong; An elder of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'Boy
BhishmaSanskritAn elder of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'Boy
BhuminIndianSon of the earthBoy
BilaalIndianA prophet's person calling prayerBoy
BilagaanaNative AmericanWhite PersonBoy
BilalIndianA prophet's person calling prayerBoy
BindusarIndianExcellent pearl; Son of AshokBoy
BindusarIndianSon of AshokBoy
BinyaminHebrewSon of the Right HandBoy
BrodericScottishSon of the famous rulerBoy
BroderickScottishSon of the famous rulerBoy
BrodricScottishSon of the famous rulerBoy
BrodrickScottishSon of the famous rulerBoy
BronsonGermanBrown's SonBoy
BrycenScottishSon of the strongBoy
BrysonScottishSon of the strongBoy
BuddhadevIndianWise person; Gautam BuddhaBoy
BuddhadevIndianWise personBoy
BuddhadevaIndianWise person; Gautam BuddhaBoy
BurlinGermanSon of BerlBoy
CadenScottishSon of CadanBoy
CadeoVietnameseFolk SongBoy
CarmelaSpanishGarden; Vineyard; SongGirl
CarmelitaSpanishGarden; Vineyard; SongGirl
CarmeloSpanishGarden; Vineyard; SongBoy
CarmenSpanishGarden; Vineyard; SongGirl
CarmencitaSpanishGarden; Vineyard; SongGirl
CarminaItalianSong; VineyardGirl
CarminaSpanishGarden; Vineyard; SongGirl
CarmineItalianSong; VineyardBoy
CarmitaSpanishGarden; Vineyard; SongGirl
CarolFrenchSong of joyGirl
CarolaFrenchSong of joyGirl
CarolaSpanishSong of joyGirl
CaroleFrenchSong of joyGirl
CarrolaSpanishSong of joyGirl
CarsonScottishSon of CarrBoy
ChaaruchandraIndianBeautiful moon; Son of Rukmini and lord KrishnaBoy
ChaaruchandraSanskritBeautiful moon; Son of Rukmini and Sri KrishnaBoy
ChaitaliIndianA season; Born in the Chaitra monthGirl
ChalmerScottishSon of the LordBoy
ChalmersScottishSon of the LordBoy
CharanIndianA humble personBoy
CharmaineIndianSmall songGirl
CharmaineIndianLittle songGirl
CharuchandraIndianBeautiful moon; Son of Rukmini and Sri KrishnaBoy
CharuchandraSanskritBeautiful moon; Son of Rukmini and Sri KrishnaBoy
CormagScottishSon of DefilementBoy
Daichi  (大地; 大智)JapaneseGreat First Son Or Great LandBoy
DakshIndianSon of lord Brahma; Capable; Precious sonBoy
DakshIndianPrecious sonBoy
DakshIndianSon of lord Brahma; CapableBoy
DakshIndianSon of Brahma; CapableBoy
DashurieAlbanianIntimacy; Liaison; LoveGirl
DattatreyaIndianA son of Atri; A GodBoy
DattatreyaIndianSon of Atri; God; Incarnation Of Lord VishnuBoy
DattatreyaIndianSon of Atri; GodBoy
DattatreyaIndianSon of Atri; A GodBoy
DavisScottishSon of DavidBoy
DawsonEnglishSon of DawBoy
DawsonIndianSon of DawBoy
DayadaIndianSon; InheritorBoy
DayadaIndianSon; InheritorBoy
DelaineFrenchSon of the challengerBoy
DelancyFrenchSon of the challengerBoy
DelaneFrenchSon of the challengerBoy
DelaneyFrenchSon of the challengerBoy
DelroyEnglishSon; Servant of the kingBoy
DelroyIndianSon; Servant of the kingBoy
Dev KumarIndianSon of godsBoy
Dev KumarIndianSon of godBoy
DevakinandanIndianSon of Devki; Lord KrishnaBoy
DevakumarIndianSon of godBoy
DevakumarIndianSon of a godBoy
DevanandIndianSon of godsBoy
DevanandanIndianSon of godBoy
DevilaalIndianSon of goddessBoy
DevilalIndianSon of goddessBoy
DevkinandanIndianSon of Devki; Lord KrishnaBoy
DevkinandanIndianSon of Devki (Lord Krishna)Boy
DevkumarIndianSon of GodBoy
DevkumarIndianSon of godsBoy
DhanyaIndianGreat; Personification of Gratitude; Thankful; Lucky; Giver of wealthGirl
DhanyaIndianGreat; Personification of GratitudeGirl
DharamIndianThe righteous and religious personBoy
DharmadityaIndianSon of DharmaBoy
DharmaketuSanskritOne who upholds the right way; Son of Urmila & Lakshman in Hindu epic 'Ramayana'Boy
DhilanIndianSon of the WavesBoy
DhilanIndianSon of wavesBoy
DhruvaIndianSon of UttanapadBoy
DoyelIndianSong birdGirl
DoyelIndianA SongbirdGirl
DuranjayaIndianHeroic sonBoy
DuranjayaIndianA heroic sonBoy
DurvishIndianWho cannot be affected by poisonBoy
DurvishIndianOne who cannot be affected by poisonBoy
DurvishIndianOne who cannot be affected by poison; Lord ShivaBoy
DysonEnglishSon of DyeBoy
DysonIndianSon of DyeBoy
EasonEnglishSon of EadeBoy
EasonIndianSon of EadeBoy
EdisonEnglishSon of EdaBoy
EdisonIndianSon of EdaBoy
EdsonEnglishSon of EdBoy
EdsonIndianSon of EdBoy
Eiji  (永次; 英治; 英二; 栄治)JapaneseExcellent Second Son; Splendid RulerBoy
EkachakraIndianSon of KashyapaBoy
EmersonEnglishSon of EmeryBoy
EmersonIndianSon of EmeryBoy
EmmersonEnglishSon of EmeryBoy
EmmersonIndianSon of EmeryBoy
EnitanAfricanA Person of Story; RenownedBoy
ErenTurkishSaint; Holy PersonBoy
EshanputraIndianLord Shiva's SonBoy
EsmaeelIndianIshmael (Son of Abraham)Boy
EsmaeelIranian (Persian)Ishmael (Son of Abraham)Boy
EssienAfricanSixth-Born SonBoy
FakeerIndianA saintly personBoy
FarlanScottishSon of the FurrowsBoy
FergusonScottishSon of a StrongBoy
FergussonScottishSon of a StrongBoy
FinnNorwegianPerson from FinlandBoy
FitzFrenchSon ofBoy
FitzgeraldFrenchSon of GeraldBoy
FitzhughFrenchSon of HughBoy
FitzpatrickFrenchSon of PatrickBoy
GandharvIndianMaster in music; Gandhi SonBoy
GaneshIndianSon of lord ShivaBoy
GaneshIndianSon of lord Shiva & Parvati; Lord GaneshBoy
GaneshIndianSon of lord Shiva and Parvati; Lord GaneshBoy
GaneshIndianSon of lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati; Lord GaneshBoy
GaneshIndianSon of lord Shiva and goddess Parvati; Lord GaneshBoy
GaneshSanskritLord Ganesha; Son of lord Shiva and ParvatiBoy
GangeyaIndianSon of river GangaBoy
GaurinandanIndianSon of Gauri; Lord GaneshBoy
GaurinandanIndianThe Son of Gauri (Parvati); Lord GaneshaBoy
GaurinandanIndianThe Son of Gauri (Parvati); Lord GaneshBoy
GaurisutaIndianThe Son of Gauri (Parvati); Lord GaneshaBoy
GaurisutaIndianSon of Gauri; Lord GaneshBoy
GaurisutaIndianThe Son of Gauri (Parvati); Lord GaneshBoy
GeetIndianMelody; SongGirl
GeetanjaliIndianCollection of poems or songs; Presenting songs as an offeringGirl
GeetanjaliSanskritCollection of poems or songs; Presenting songs as an offeringGirl
GeetiIndianMelody; SongGirl
GeetiIndianA SongGirl
GeetikaIndianLittle songGirl
GeetikaIndianA little songGirl
GeetikaIndianA small songGirl
GeyarajanIndianLord of songsBoy
GharchetIndianOne who meditate son the real home withinBoy
GirijanandanIndianSon of Girija; Lord GaneshBoy
GirijanandanIndianSon of Girija (Lord Ganesh)Boy
GirilalIndianSon of mountain; Lord ShivaBoy
GirilalIndianSon of mountainBoy
GitaIranian (Persian)Kind of SongGirl
GitaliIndianLover of song; MelodiousGirl
GitaliIndianMelodious; Lover of songGirl
GitaliIndianLover of songGirl
GitanjaliIndianAn offering of songsGirl
GitanjaliIndianMelodious tribute; An offering of songsGirl
GitanjaliIndianCollection of poems or songs; Offering of songs; Melodious tributeGirl
GitanjaliIndianOffering of songsGirl
GitanjaliSanskritCollection of poems or songs; Presenting songs as an offeringGirl
GitikaIndianA small songGirl
GitikaIndianSmall songGirl
GomerHebrewComplete; Son of Japheth; Wife of the Prophet HoseaBoy
Goro  (五郎)JapaneseFifth SonBoy
GreeshmaIndianKind of seasonGirl
GuitaIndianKind of songGirl
GuitaIranian (Persian)Kind of SongGirl
Hachiro  (八郎)JapaneseEighth SonBoy
HaganGermanHigh SonBoy
HagenDanishHigh SonBoy
HakanScandinavianHigh sonBoy
HakonNorseHigh sonBoy
HakonNorwegianHigh sonBoy
HanumanIndianMonkey god of Ramayana; Devotee Of Lord Ram; Son of windBoy
HanumanIndianSon of the god of windBoy
HanumanIndianSon of wind; The monkey god of epic RamayanaBoy
HanumantIndianSon of wind; The monkey god of epic RamayanaBoy
HanumantIndianMonkey god of Ramayana; Devotee Of Lord Ram; Son of windBoy
HariharaatmajaIndianSon of lord Vishnu (hari) and lord Shiva (hara)Boy
HariharaatmajaIndianSon of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva)Boy
HariharaputraIndianSon of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva)Boy
HariharaputraIndianSon of lord Vishnu (hari) and lord Shiva (hara)Boy
HariharasuthanIndianSon of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva)Boy
HariharasuthanIndianSon of lord Vishnu (hari) and lord Shiva (hara)Boy
HarilalIndianSon of HariBoy
HarimantiIndianBorn in the season of HemantaGirl
HarnekIndianGod's noble personBoy
HarrisEnglishSon of HarryBoy
HarrisIndianSon of HarryBoy
HarrisonEnglishSon of HarryBoy
HarrisonIndianSon of HarryBoy
HawshabIndianA son of imam MuslimBoy
Hayato  (隼人)JapaneseFalcon PersonBoy
HeeraIndianAn exalted person; Diamond likeBoy
HemantIndianEarly winter; Most beautiful season of the yearBoy
HemavatinandanIndianSon of goddess ParvatiBoy
HendersonEnglishSon of HendryBoy
HendersonIndianSon of HendryBoy
HendersonScottishSon of HenryBoy
HensonScottishSon of HenryBoy
HerambIndianLord Ganesh; Respected and calm personBoy
HerambIndianErudite; Respected and calm personBoy
HerambIndianAn erudite; Respected and calm personBoy
HerambaIndianMother's beloved son; Boastful; Ganapati; Lord GaneshBoy
HerambaIndianMother's beloved sonBoy
Hesiod  (Ησίοδος)GreekTo send songBoy
Hesiodos  (Ησίοδος)GreekTo send songBoy
HopcynWelshSon of HobBoy
HudsonEnglishSon of HuddeBoy
HudsonIndianSon of HuddeBoy
HujjaIndianArgument; Reasoning; ProofGirl
HujjatIndianArgument; Reasoning; ProofBoy
HusseinIndianBeautiful; Name of son of Ali and the grandson of the Prophet MuhammadBoy
HymanLatinBridal Song; Wedding SongBoy
HymenLatinBridal Song; Wedding SongBoy
HymenaeusLatinBridal Song; Wedding SongBoy
Ichiro  (穂高)JapaneseFirst SonBoy
IgnatzGermanA Foolish Person; Awkward PersonBoy
IiniwaNative AmericanBison; BuffaloBoy
IndrasutaIndianSon of lord IndraBoy
IndrasutaIndianSon of IndraBoy
IriIndianLord Hanuman; Son of windBoy
IriIndianHanuman; Son of wind godBoy
JacksonEnglishSon of JackBoy
JacksonIndianSon of JackBoy
JamiesonEnglishSon of JamieBoy
JamiesonIndianSon of JamieBoy
JamisonEnglishSon of Jamie; Son of JamesBoy
JamisonIndianSon of Jamie; Son of JamesBoy
JaxonEnglishSon of JackBoy
JaxonIndianSon of JackBoy
JeffersonEnglishSon of JeffreyBoy
JeffersonIndianSon of JeffreyBoy
JehangirIndianAkbar's son; Lord of universeBoy
Jiro  (二郎)JapaneseSecond SonBoy
JishaIndianPerson having highest feelings for livingGirl
JishaIndianPerson having the highest feelings for livingGirl
JoEnglishGod shall add (a another son)Unisex
JoIndianGod shall add (a another son)Unisex
JochiMongolianSon of ChenghizBoy
JodyEnglishGod is Gracious; God shall add (a another son)Unisex
JodyIndianGod is Gracious; God shall add (a another son)Unisex
JoeEnglishGod shall add (a another son)Boy
JoeIndianGod shall add (a another son)Boy
JoeyEnglishGod shall add (a another son)Boy
JoeyIndianGod shall add (a another son)Boy
JohnsonFrenchSon of JohnBoy
JohnsonScottishSon of JohnBoy
JojoEnglishGod is Gracious; God shall add (a another son)Unisex
JojoIndianGod is Gracious; God shall add (a another son)Unisex
JosephEnglishGod shall add (a another son)Boy
JosephIndianGod shall add (a another son)Boy
JosephIndianGod will add (another son)Boy
JosephIndianGod shall add (another son)Boy
JosephaEnglishGod shall add (a another son)Girl
JosephaIndianGod shall add (a another son)Girl
JosephineEnglishGod shall add (a another son)Girl
JosephineIndianGod shall add (a another son)Girl
JosetteEnglishGod shall add (a another son)Girl
JosetteIndianGod shall add (a another son)Girl
JosieEnglishGod shall add (a another son)Girl
JosieIndianGod shall add (a another son)Girl
Junichi  (順一)JapaneseObedient First SonBoy
JuozapasLithuanianGod shall add (another son)Boy
JuozasLithuanianGod shall add (another son)Boy
Juro  (順一)JapaneseTenth SonBoy
KaartikeyaIndianSon of lord ShivaBoy
KarcsiFrenchJoyful SongGirl
KarhikIndianSon of Lord Shiva and leader of Deva army; A Hindu monthBoy
KarhikIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of Diva army; Kartik is also a Hindu monthBoy
KarhikIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of deva army; Kartik is a Hindu monthBoy
KarthikaIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of deva army; Kartik is a Hindu monthBoy
KarthikaIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of Diva army; Kartik is also a Hindu monthBoy
KarthikaIndianSon of Lord Shiva and leader of Deva army; A Hindu monthBoy
KartikeyaIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of Diva army; Kartik is also a Hindu monthBoy
KartikeyaIndianSon of ShivaBoy
KartikeyaIndianSon of lord ShivaBoy
Katsuro  (勝郎)JapaneseVictorious SonBoy
KaunteyaIndianSon of KuntiBoy
KeertanIndianSongs of worshipBoy
KeertanaIndianHymn; Song in praise of godGirl
KeerthanaIndianDevotional songGirl
KeerthinathIndianFamous personBoy
Keiichi  (圭一)JapaneseRespectful First SonBoy
Keiji  (敬二)JapaneseRespectful Second SonBoy
Kenichi  (健一)JapaneseStrong; Healthy First SonBoy
KenjiroJapaneseSecond Son Who Sees With InsightBoy
KesarinandanIndianSon of KesariBoy
KesarisutIndianSon of KesariBoy
Kichiro  (吉郎)JapaneseLucky SonBoy
KirtanIndianSongs of worshipBoy
KirtanaIndianHymn; Song in praise of GodGirl
KirtanaIndianHymn; A song in praise of godGirl
KirthanaIndianDevotional songGirl
KirthanaIndianHymn; Song in praise of godGirl
KirtinathIndianFamous personBoy
Koichi  (光一)JapaneseShining; Widespread First SonBoy
Koji  (光司)JapaneseFilial Ruler; Happy Second SonBoy
KontarEgyptianOnly SonBoy
KrithikIndianOne of the Shiva's son; Muruga's nameBoy
KrunalIndianCompanionate person; Kind to othersBoy
KrunalIndianCompanionate person; KindBoy
KuldevIndianThe god like person of the familyBoy
KumarIndianPrince; SonBoy
KumarSanskritPrince; A boy or sonBoy
KunaalIndianLotus; Son of emperor AshokBoy
KunalIndianSon of emperor AshokBoy
KunalIndianLotus; Of Gold; Golden; Son of emperor AshokBoy
KunalIndianLotus; Son of emperor AshokBoy
Kuro  (國男)JapaneseNinth SonBoy
KushIndianSacred grass; Son of lord RamaBoy
KushIndianSon of lord RamaBoy
KushIndianSon of lord Rama; Sacred grassBoy
KusumakarIndianGarden; Spring SeasonBoy
LarkEnglishSong birdUnisex
LarkIndianSong birdUnisex
LavIndianSon of lord Rama; FragmentBoy
LawsonEnglishSon of lawBoy
LawsonIndianSon of lawBoy
LeonidesLatinLion's SonBoy
Li  (; ; ; ; )ChineseReason; BeautifulGirl
LironHebrewMy Joy; My SongUnisex
LoringGermanSon of the famous warriorBoy
LuvIndianSon of lord RamaBoy
LuvIndianRama's twin sonBoy
MabonWelshDivine sonBoy
MacdonaldScottishSon of DonaldBoy
MacgregorScottishSon of GregoryBoy
MaddoxScottishBenefactors SonBoy
MadhumithaIndianSweet personGirl
MadisonEnglishSon of MaddeUnisex
MadisonIndianSon of MaddeUnisex
MadisynEnglishSon of MaddeUnisex
MadisynIndianSon of MaddeUnisex
MagadhIndianSon of YaduBoy
MahaanIndianA great personBoy
MaheshkumarIndianSon of lord ShivaBoy
MaisoonIndianMason; ArchitectBoy
MaisunIndianMason; ArchitectGirl
MamduhIndianPerson commended; PraisedBoy
MangalIndianFortunate; blissful song of god's praiseBoy
ManiramIndianJewel of a personBoy
ManprasadIndianMentally calm and cool personBoy
ManujIndianSon of ManuBoy
ManzoJapaneseThird SonBoy
Mariko  (真里子)JapaneseTrue Reason ChildGirl
MarutiIndianSon of Marut (Vayu; Wind God)Boy
MasonEnglishMason; Stone workerBoy
MasonIndianMason; Stone workerBoy
MathesonScottishBear's sonBoy
MavisEnglishSong thrushGirl
MavisIndianSong thrushGirl
MckennaScottishSon of CionaodhGirl
MelodieFrenchMelody; SongGirl
MenciusLatinApproved eldest sonBoy
MeoItalianSon of TalmaiBoy
MiesDutchSon of TalmaiGirl
MilesEnglishSon of mileBoy
MilesIndianSon of mileBoy
MimansaIndianA person who is always eager to knowBoy
MimarIndianMason; ArchitectBoy
MishtiIndianSweet personGirl
MiteshIndianA person with few desiresBoy
MozesDutchBorn Of; Son Of; Saved from the WaterBoy
MrigajIndianSon of moonBoy
MrigajIndianSon of the moonBoy
MusettaFrenchA SongGirl
MusetteFrenchA SongGirl
MylesEnglishSon of mileBoy
MylesIndianSon of mileBoy
NachiketIndianSon of VajashravasBoy
NaghmehIndianMelody; Song; TuneGirl
NaghmehIranian (Persian)Melody; Song; TuneGirl
NamdevIndianA godly person absorbed in naamBoy
NamgeetIndianOne whose life is the song of naamBoy
NandanIndianPleasing; SonBoy
NandanIndianPleasing; Son; One who brings happinessBoy
NandanaIndianLord Shiva's SonBoy
NandgopalaIndianThe Son of NandBoy
NandinIndianSon; DelightfulBoy
NarainIndianA godly personBoy
NarayanIndianLord Vishnu; The son of manBoy
NarayanSanskritLord Vishnu; The son of manBoy
NardevIndianA god like personBoy
NarveerIndianA brave personBoy
NashaAfricanBorn During Rainy SeasonGirl
NazimaIndianPoetess; SongGirl
NebuchadnezzarEnglishNebo; Defend my crown; Nebo; Defend my firstborn sonBoy
NebuchadnezzarIndianNebo; Defend my crown; Nebo; Defend my firstborn sonBoy
NebuchadrezzarEnglishNebo; Defend my crown; Nebo; Defend my firstborn sonBoy
NebuchadrezzarIndianNebo; Defend my crown; Nebo; Defend my firstborn sonBoy
NelsonEnglishSon of NeilBoy
NelsonIndianSon of NeilBoy
NihalIndianHappy; Blissful personBoy
NiramitraIndianSon of Pandava - SahadevaBoy
NiramitraIndianSon of Pandava SahadevaBoy
NirupamIndianWithout comparison; Incomparable; UniqueBoy
NirupamIndianWithout comparisonBoy
NirupamaIndianWithout comparison; Incomparable; UniqueGirl
OmahaIndianA person in great joy and raptureBoy
OmeraIndianGreat personalityGirl
OrionIndianSon of fireBoy
OtisEnglishSon of OttoBoy
OtisIndianSon of OttoBoy
OttisEnglishSon of OttoBoy
OttisIndianSon of OttoBoy
ParamdevIndianA godly personBoy
ParamgeetIndianThe highest song of blissBoy
ParikshitIndianTested One; Proven; Son of AbhimanyuBoy
ParryWelshSon of HarryBoy
ParthaIndianSon of the earthBoy
ParthaIndianArjun; Son of the earthBoy
PavankumarIndianBhim; Hanuman; Son of the windBoy
PavankumarIndianSon of the wind; Bhim; HanumanBoy
PavankumarIndianSon of the wind; Lord Bhim; Lord HanumanBoy
PavankumarIndianBhim; Hanuman (son of the wind)Boy
PavanputraIndianSon of wind (Hanuman)Boy
PavanputraIndianSon of wind; Lord HanumanBoy
PavanputraIndianSon of wind (lord Hanuman)Boy
PavansutIndianSon of wind (Hanuman)Boy
PavansutIndianSon of wind; Lord HanumanBoy
PavansutIndianSon of wind (lord Hanuman)Boy
PavitarIndianThe holy personBoy
PeniHawaiianSon of the South; WeaverBoy
PersephoneEnglishPerson SlayerGirl
Persephone  (Περσεφόνη)GreekPerson slayerGirl
PersephoneIndianPerson SlayerGirl
PerttuFinnishSon of TalmaiBoy
PhoenixEnglishCrimson; Dark redGirl
PhoenixIndianCrimson; Dark redGirl
PolyhymniaLatinVery Musical; Many Hymns; SongGirl
Polymnia  (Πολύμνια)GreekSongGirl
PooranIndianThe perfect personBoy
PosyEnglishGod shall add (a another son)Girl
PosyIndianGod shall add (a another son)Girl
PradumnaIndianSon of lord KrishnaBoy
PrahalladIndianSon of HiranyakasipaBoy
PrahladIndianExtreme Joyful; Excess of joy; Son of HiranyakashyapBoy
PremIndianLoving personBoy
PriceScottishSon of the ardentBoy
PriceWelshSon of RhysBoy
PrivrataIndianSon of SatarupaBoy
PriyanvadIndianSweet talking personBoy
PruthvijIndianSon of mother earthBoy
PryceWelshSon of RhysBoy
PurushIndianThe omnipotent personalityBoy
PurushIndianOmnipotent personalityBoy
PushpakarIndianSpring season (vasant); Flower seasonBoy
PushpakarIndianSpring season; Vasant; Flowering seasonBoy
PutraIndonesianPrince; SonBoy
PutrapamrityunashiniIndianSustainer of son's untimely deathGirl
QabeelIndianSon of Sayyidina AdamBoy
QutbIndianCelebrity; PersonalityBoy
QutbahIndianCelebrity; PersonalityBoy
RaahithyaIndianPerson with lots of moneyBoy
RaahithyaIndianWealthy; Person with lot of moneyBoy
RadhatanayaIndianSon of goddess RadhaBoy
RadhatanayaIndianSon of RadhaBoy
RadheyaIndianKarna; Foster son of RadhaBoy
RahulIndianSon of lord BuddhaBoy
RahulIndianSon of lord Buddha; Efficient; CapableBoy
RahulIndianCapable; Son of lord BuddhaBoy
RahulSanskritSon of Lord Buddha; Efficient; Capable; Conqueror of all miseries and sadnessBoy
RamgeetIndianSong of the all pervading godBoy
RamsesEgyptianSon of RaBoy
RaniHebrewMy Joy; My SongBoy
RatanIndianA diamond like personBoy
RatangeetIndianSong of diamond soulBoy
RaudraIndianSon of lord Shiva - KartikeyaBoy
RaudraIndianSon of Shiva - KartikeyaBoy
RaushanIndianThe exalted; Famous personBoy
RavinandanIndianKarna; Son of SunBoy
RebantaIndianA son of SuryaBoy
RebantaIndianSon of SuryaBoy
RenaHebrewJoyous SongGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Son'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AbbasovAzerbaijanAbbasovSon of Abbas
AchesonEnglish Son of Adam; Inscription; Memorial
AdamsonScottish Son of Adam
AddisonEnglish Son of Adam
AddisonScottish Son of Adam
AitkinEnglish Son of Adam; Son of Arthur
AlansonScottish Son of Alan
AliyevAzerbaijanƏliyevSon of Ali
AndersonEnglish Son of Andrew
AnsonEnglish Son of Ansel; Son Agnes
AtkinsEnglish Son of Adam; Son of Arthur
AtkinsonEnglish Son of Atkins
AtkinsonScottish Son of Atkins
BartosHungarian Son of Talmai
BensonEnglish Son of Ben
BevanEnglish Son of Evan
BevanWelsh Son of Evan
BurneyEnglish Son of Biorna; Bear
BurneyIrish Son of Biorna; Bear
ClancyEnglish Son of Flannchadh; Red Warrior
ClancyIrish Son of Flannchadh; Red Warrior
DawsonEnglish Son of Daw David
DriscollIrish Son of the messenger; News bearer
DysonEnglish Son of Dye
EasonEnglish Son of Eade
EdisonEnglish Son of Eda
EdsonEnglish Son of Ed
EmersonEnglish Son of Emery
FitzroyIrish Illegitimate son of the king
GilroyEnglish Son of the Ruadh; Red
GilroyIrish Son of the Ruadh; Red
GrigoryanArmeniaԳրիգորյանSon of Grigor (Gregory)
GuliyevAzerbaijanQuliyevSon of Qulu
HajievAzerbaijanHacıyevSon of Haji
HarrisEnglish Son of Harry
HarrisonEnglish Son of Harry
HarutyunyanArmeniaՀարությունյանSon of Harutyun (Meaning "Resurrection")
HasanovAzerbaijanHəsənovSon of Hasan
HendersonScottish Son of Hendry
HovhannisyanArmeniaՀովհաննիսյանSon of Hovhannes (John)
HudsonEnglish Son of Hudde
HuseynovAzerbaijanHüseynovSon of Hussein
IbrahimovAzerbaijanIbrahimovSon of Ibrahim
IsmayilovAzerbaijanIsmayılovSon of Ismayil
JacksonEnglish Son of Jack
JamiesonEnglish Son of Jamie
JamiesonScottish Son of Jamie
JeffersonEnglish Son of Jeffrey
KhachatryanArmeniaԽաչատրյանSon of Khachatur
LawsonEnglish Son of Law
MacambroisIrish Son of Ambrois
MadisonEnglish Son of Madde
MammadovAzerbaijanMəmmədovSon of Mammad
MasonEnglish Mason; Stone worker
MccaddenIrish Son of Cadán
MccambridgeEnglish Son of Ambrois
MckennaIrish Son of Cionaodh; Born of Fire
MckennaScottish Son of Cionaodh; Born of Fire
MusayevAzerbaijanMusayevSon of Musa
NelsonEnglish Son of Neil
NilesEnglish Son of Neal
OtisEnglish Son of Otto
ParryEnglish Son of Harry
ParryWelsh Son of Harry
PryceWelsh Son of Rhys
RasulovAzerbaijanRəsulovSon of Rasoul
SargsyanArmeniaՍարգսյանSon of Sargis
TennysonEnglish Son of Tenney
ValiyevAzerbaijanVəliyevSon of Vali
WilkinsEnglish Son of Will
WilliamsEnglish Son of William
WilliamsonEnglish Son of William
WillisEnglish Son of Willy
WilsonEnglish Son of Will

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