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Name that means

Meaning:  Strong And Masculine

List of Names that means 'Strong And Masculine'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
CarloFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
CarloItalianStrong; Manly; MasculineBoy
CarlosItalianStrong; Manly; MasculineBoy
CarolosFrenchManly; Strong; MasculineBoy
CarolusFrenchManly; Strong; MasculineBoy
FergusScottishStrong; MasculineBoy
JedrekPolishStrong; Manly; MasculineBoy
KaarleFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KaarloFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KalleFinnishStrong; Masculine; ManGirl
KalleFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KalmanFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KarcsiFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KarelCzech & SlovakStrong; MasculineBoy
KarelFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KarlensFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KarlikCzech & SlovakStrong; MasculineBoy
KarlisFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KarlitisFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KarolPolishStrong; Manly; MasculineBoy
KarolyFrenchStrong and masculineUnisex