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 Names meaning 'Strong'

Name that means

Meaning:  Strong

List of Names that means 'Strong'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
Abd Al MatinArabianServant of StrongBoy
AbhipsaIndianStrong desireGirl
AbihailBiblicalStrong FatherGirl
AdalhardGermanHardy; Strong; BraveBoy
AdiraArabianStrong and PowerfulGirl
AdiraHebrewNoble; Powerful; StrongGirl
Alkimos  (Άλκιμος)GreekStrongBoy
AllonaHebrewStrong as an OakGirl
AlloniaHebrewStrong as an OakGirl
AmalasuinthaGermanStrong WorkerGirl
AmalasuinthaTeutonicStrong workerGirl
AmaldaGermanEagle; StrongGirl
AmandlaAfricanPowerful; StrongGirl
AndreFrenchStrong; Man; WarriorBoy
AndreaFrenchStrong; WarriorGirl
AndreeFrenchStrong; WarriorGirl
AshmaIndianRock; Mountain of rocks; StrongGirl
AshmitaIndianRock born; Very hard and strongGirl
AtoniaHebrewStrong as an OakGirl
BalbirIndianVery strong; Valiant hero; BraveBoy
BalbirIndianStrong; Full of strengthBoy
BaldevIndianStrong; Godlike in powerBoy
BaldevIndianGodlike in power; StrongBoy
BaldhartGermanBold; StrongGirl
BalineHungarianHealthy; StrongBoy
BalintHungarianHealthy; StrongBoy
BallardGermanBold; StrongGirl
BalrajIndianMighty; Powerful; StrongBoy
BalveerIndianPowerful; Strong; MightyBoy
BalvinderIndianPowerful; Strong; MightyUnisex
BalvindraIndianPowerful; Strong; MightyUnisex
BalwanIndianStrong personBoy
BalwantIndianPowerful; Strong; MightyUnisex
BarnardGermanStrong as a BearBoy
Bat ErdeneMongolianStrong JewelBoy
BatbayarMongolianStrong JoyBoy
BatzorigMongolianCourageous; StrongBoy
BearnardScottishBold as a bear; StrongBoy
BemelleGermanStrong as a BearBoy
BenipeEgyptianIron; StrongBoy
BerkTurkishSolid; Firm; StrongBoy
BernadettHungarianBold as a Bear; StrongGirl
BernatHungarianBold as a Bear; StrongBoy
BernitaFrenchStrong BearGirl
BharadwajIndianA sage; A mythical bird; Skylark; Strong and fastBoy
BharadwajSanskritA sage; A mythical bird; Skylark; Strong & fastBoy
BhardwajIndianA sage; A mythical bird; Skylark; Strong and fastBoy
BhardwajSanskritA sage; A mythical bird; Skylark; Strong & fastBoy
BheeshamIndianStrong; An elder of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'Boy
BhishamIndianStrong; Mighty; An elder of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'Boy
BhishmaIndianStrong; An elder of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'Boy
BidziilNative AmericanStrongBoy
BiffEnglishStrong; Tough; A blow with the fistBoy
BiffIndianStrong; Tough; A blow with the fistBoy
BimaIndonesianBrave; Strong; MuscularBoy
BimoIndonesianBrave; Strong; MuscularBoy
BrielleEnglishStrong one of God; Warrior of GodGirl
BrielleIndianStrong one of God; Warrior of GodGirl
BrycenScottishSon of the strongBoy
BrygidaPolishStrong; Exalted OneGirl
BrynIndianStrong; Vigilant; HonoredGirl
BrysonScottishSon of the strongBoy
BurhardtGermanStrong as a CastleBoy
BurkhardGermanStrong ProtectionBoy
BurkhartGermanStrong as a CastleBoy
BurnardGermanStrong; Brave as a bearBoy
BurnellGermanStrong; Brave as a bearBoy
CarloFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
CarloItalianStrong; Manly; MasculineBoy
CarlosItalianStrong; Manly; MasculineBoy
CarolosFrenchManly; Strong; MasculineBoy
CarolusFrenchManly; Strong; MasculineBoy
CedroSpanishStrong GiftBoy
ChaturbhujIndianOne who has four arms; StrongBoy
ChaturbhujSanskritBroad shouldered; Strong; Lord VishnuBoy
ChaturbhujaIndianFour Armed; StrongGirl
ChidikeAfricanGod is StrongBoy
ChuluunMongolianStone; StrongBoy
CidroSpanishStrong GiftBoy
ComhnallScottishStrong as a wolfBoy
ConallScottishStrong WolfGirl
ConnellEnglishStrong as a wolfBoy
ConnellIndianStrong as a wolfBoy
CraigScottishRock; Hard; StrongBoy
DecebalusLatinStrong as TenBoy
DhirenIndianStrong; Powerful; BraveBoy
DhirenIndianOne who is strongBoy
DhruddavratIndianStrong willed meditatorBoy
DhruddavratIndianStrong willed mediatorBoy
DilawarIndianBrave; Strong heartedBoy
DrusillaBiblicalThe Strong OneGirl
DrusillaEnglishOak strongGirl
DrusillaIndianOak strongGirl
DrusillaLatinOak; StrongGirl
DrususLatinOak; StrongBoy
DungVietnameseBrave; Heroic; StrongBoy
EbbaGermanStrong as a BoarGirl
EbbeGermanStrong as a BoarBoy
EberardoSpanishStrong as a boarBoy
EberhardGermanStrong as a BoarBoy
EberhardTeutonicStrong as a boarBoy
EberhardtGermanStrong as a BoarBoy
EberhartGermanStrong as a BoarBoy
EbertGermanStrong as a BoarBoy
EburhardGermanStrong as a BoarBoy
EburhardtGermanStrong as a BoarBoy
EckehardGermanStrong point of a swordBoy
EckhardGermanStrong point of a swordBoy
EckhardtGermanStrong point of a swordBoy
EdzardGermanStrong point of a swordBoy
EggertGermanStrong point of a swordBoy
EginhardGermanStrong with a swordBoy
EginhardtGermanStrong with a swordBoy
EilertGermanStrong point of a swordBoy
EilertScandinavianStrong point of a swordBoy
EinhardGermanStrong with a swordBoy
EinhardtGermanStrong with a swordBoy
EitanHebrewStrong; Long-LivedBoy
EkkehardtGermanStrong point of a swordBoy
EliudEnglishStrong manBoy
EliudIndianStrong manBoy
EloisaSpanishFamous in war; Healthy; StrongGirl
EnapayNative AmericanBrave; StrongBoy
EnnoGermanStrong with a swordBoy
EnoGermanStrong with a swordBoy
EoforheardAnglo-SaxonHard; Strong; BraveBoy
ErdmannGermanStrong ManBoy
ErdmutGermanBrave; Strong spiritedBoy
ErdmuthGermanBrave; Strong spiritedBoy
EtanHebrewStrong; Long-LivedBoy
EthanEnglishStrong; Long livedBoy
EthanIndianStrong; Long livedBoy
EverardEnglishStrong as a boarBoy
EverardGermanStrong as a Wild BoarBoy
EverardIndianStrong as a boarBoy
EverardoSpanishStrong as a wild boarBoy
EverettEnglishStrong as a boarBoy
EverettIndianStrong as a boarBoy
EveretteEnglishStrong as a boarUnisex
EveretteIndianStrong as a boarUnisex
EverittEnglishStrong as a boarBoy
EverittIndianStrong as a boarBoy
EvertGermanStrong as a BoarBoy
EvrardFrenchStrong BoarBoy
EvrardGermanStrong as a BoarBoy
EwardGermanStrong as a BoarBoy
EwartGermanStrong as a BoarBoy
FaridoonIndianThrice strongBoy
FaridoonIranian (Persian)Thrice StrongBoy
FergieEnglishStrong manBoy
FergieIndianStrong manBoy
FergusEnglishStrong manBoy
FergusIndianStrong manBoy
FergusScottishStrong; MasculineBoy
FergusonScottishSon of a StrongBoy
FergussonScottishSon of a StrongBoy
FerminSpanishFirm; Steadfast; StrongBoy
FerminaSpanishFirm; Steadfast; StrongGirl
FerroItalianStrong; IronBoy
FerruccioItalianStrong; IronBoy
FilomenaItalianLove Strong; Loved OneGirl
FilomenaPortugueseLove strongGirl
FilomenaSpanishLove StrongGirl
FirmanFrenchFirm; StrongBoy
FolantWelshHealthy; StrongBoy
FrideswideAnglo-SaxonPeace; StrongGirl
FrithswithAnglo-SaxonPeace; StrongGirl
GabaCzech & SlovakStrong Man of GodGirl
GabbieEnglishStrong one of GodGirl
GabbieIndianStrong one of GodGirl
GabbyEnglishStrong man of GodBoy
GabbyIndianStrong man of GodBoy
GabeEnglishStrong man of GodBoy
GabeIndianStrong man of GodBoy
GabekCzech & SlovakStrong Man of GodBoy
GabiEnglishStrong one of GodGirl
GabiHungarianStrong Man of GodBoy
GabiIndianStrong one of GodGirl
GabinaCzech & SlovakStrong Man of GodGirl
GabinkaCzech & SlovakStrong Man of GodGirl
GabirelCzech & SlovakStrong Man of GodBoy
GabkoCzech & SlovakStrong Man of GodBoy
GableEnglishStrong man of GodBoy
GableIndianStrong man of GodBoy
GaborHungarianStrong Man of GodBoy
GabraCzech & SlovakStrong Man of GodGirl
GabrielEnglishStrong man of GodBoy
GabrielFinnishStrong Man of GodBoy
GabrielFrenchStrong man of GodBoy
GabrielHungarianStrong Man of GodBoy
GabrielIndianStrong man of GodBoy
GabrielNorwegianStrong man of godBoy
GabrielPolishStrong Man of GodBoy
GabrielPortugueseStrong man of GodBoy
GabrielaEnglishStrong one of GodGirl
GabrielaIndianStrong one of GodGirl
GabrielaItalianStrong Man of GodGirl
GabrielaPolishStrong Man of GodGirl
GabrielaPortugueseStrong man of GodGirl
GabrieleItalianStrong Man of GodBoy
GabriellaEnglishStrong one of GodGirl
GabriellaIndianStrong one of GodGirl
GabriellaItalianStrong Man of GodGirl
GabrielleEnglishStrong one of GodGirl
GabrielleIndianStrong one of GodGirl
GabrisCzech & SlovakStrong Man of GodBoy
GabrjelPolishStrong Man of GodBoy
GabryjelPolishStrong Man of GodBoy
GabrysPolishStrong Man of GodBoy
GabrysiaPolishStrong Man of GodGirl
GabryszPolishStrong Man of GodBoy
GabyEnglishStrong one of GodGirl
GabyIndianStrong one of GodGirl
GalteroSpanishStrong warriorBoy
Gang  ()ChineseStrong; StrengthBoy
GardNorseEnclosure; StrongholdGirl
GaryEnglishStrong man of GodBoy
GaryIndianStrong man of GodBoy
GaviHebrewStrong Man of GodBoy
GavraHebrewStrong Man of GodGirl
Gavrail  (Гавраил)BulgarianStrong Man Of GodBoy
Gavrel  (גַאבְֿרֶעל)YiddishStrong Man of God; GabrielBoy
GavrieRussianStrong man of GodBoy
GavrielHebrewStrong Man of GodBoy
GavrielaHebrewStrong Man of GodGirl
Gavriil  (Гавриил)RussianStrong man of GodBoy
GavriilaRussianStrong man of GodGirl
Gavril  (Гаврил)BulgarianStrong Man Of GodBoy
GavrilaHebrewStrong Man of GodGirl
GavrillaHebrewStrong Man of GodGirl
GayEnglishHappy; Strong man of GodGirl
GayIndianHappy; Strong man of GodGirl
GedEnglishSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GedIndianSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GerardEnglishSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GerardIndianSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GerdaDutchEnclosure; StrongholdGirl
GerdaScandinavianEnclosure; StrongholdGirl
GerrardEnglishSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GerrardIndianSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GevehardGermanBold; Hardy; StrongBoy
GevehardTeutonicBold; Hardy; StrongBoy
GodardFrenchGod StrongBoy
GoddardEnglishGod StrongBoy
GoddardFrenchGod StrongBoy
GoddardIndianGod StrongBoy
GotthardGermanGod StrongBoy
GualterioSpanishStrong and powerful warriorBoy
GualtieroItalianStrong and Powerful Warrior; Ruler of the ArmyBoy
Hamza  (حمزة)ArabianStrong; SteadfastBoy
HamzaIndianLion; Strong; Steadfast; BraveBoy
HamzahIndianLion; Strong; Steadfast; BraveBoy
HardingEnglishBrave; Hardy; StrongBoy
HardingIndianBrave; Hardy; StrongBoy
HardyEnglishBrave; Hardy; StrongBoy
HardyIndianBrave; Hardy; StrongBoy
HarizIndianStrong; Secure; GuardedBoy
HartmanGermanStrong ManBoy
HartmannGermanStrong ManBoy
HartmutGermanBrave; Strong spiritedBoy
HartwigGermanStrong BattleBoy
HartwigTeutonicStrong battleBoy
HertaLatinStrong; VigorousGirl
HerthaLatinStrong; VigorousGirl
HonoviNative AmericanStrong Deerunisex
HyderIndianLion; Strong; Steadfast; BraveBoy
InderIndianKing Of Gods; Most StrongBoy
IndratanIndianAs strong as IndraBoy
IndratanIndianStrong as lord IndraBoy
IndratanIndianAs strong as lord IndraBoy
IneshIndianA Strong kingBoy
IneshIndianStrong kingBoy
IneshIndianStrong king; Lord VishnuBoy
Iphigenia  (Ιφιγένεια)GreekStrong bornGirl
IphigeniaLatinStrong BornGirl
IsaGermanStrong WilledGirl
IsanaGermanStrong WilledGirl
IsaneGermanStrong WilledGirl
Jabbar  (جبّار)ArabianMost Powerful; Mighty; StrongBoy
JaggerIndianStrong; LoyalBoy
JarogniewPolishFierce; StrongBoy
JarrettEnglishSpear StrongBoy
JarrettIndianSpear StrongBoy
JedrekPolishStrong; Manly; MasculineBoy
JerrardEnglishSpear Strong; Spear BraveBoy
JerrardIndianSpear Strong; Spear BraveBoy
Jian  (; )ChineseWell Build; Strong; HealthyUnisex
KaapoFinnishStrong Man of GodBoy
KaaproFinnishStrong Man of GodBoy
KaarleFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KaarloFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KaleHawaiianStrong and ManlyBoy
KalleFinnishStrong; Masculine; ManGirl
KalleFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KalmanFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
Kang DaeKoreanStrong; BigBoy
Kaori  ()JapanesePerfume; Fragrance; StrongGirl
KarcsiFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KarelCzech & SlovakStrong; MasculineBoy
KarelFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KarlensFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KarlikCzech & SlovakStrong; MasculineBoy
KarlisFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KarlitisFrenchStrong and masculineBoy
KarolPolishStrong; Manly; MasculineBoy
KarolyFrenchStrong and masculineUnisex
KenEnglishHealthy; StrongBoy
KenIndianHealthy; StrongBoy
Ken  (; ; )JapaneseHealthy And StrongBoy
Kenichi  (健一)JapaneseStrong; Healthy First SonBoy
KharqaIndianStrong; WindGirl
KitchiNative AmericanBrave; StrongBoy
KoseyEgyptianLion; Brave; StrongBoy
Kwan  ()KoreanStrongBoy
LenEnglishLion strong; FluteBoy
LenIndianLion strong; FluteBoy
LenardEnglishLion strongBoy
LenardIndianLion strongBoy
LennardEnglishLion strongBoy
LennardIndianLion strongBoy
LennartFinnishLion; Brave; StrongBoy
LennieEnglishLion strongBoy
LennieIndianLion strongBoy
LennyEnglishLion strongBoy
LennyIndianLion strongBoy
LeoEnglishLion strongBoy
LeoIndianLion strongBoy
LeonardEnglishLion strongBoy
LeonardIndianLion strongBoy
LeonardoItalianBrave as a Lion; Strong; fear lessBoy
LeonardoPortugueseLion StrongBoy
LeonhardGermanLion StrongBoy
LeonhardTeutonicLion strongBoy
LeonhardtGermanLion StrongBoy
LisimbaEgyptianLion; Brave; StrongBoy
LugovalioLatinStrong as LugBoy
MaganhildiGermanStrong battle maidenGirl
MagnhildNorwegianMighty Battle; StrongGirl
MagnhildaGermanStrong battle maidenGirl
MagnildGermanStrong battle maidenGirl
MagnildaGermanStrong battle maidenGirl
MagnildeGermanStrong battle maidenGirl
MahabahuIndianArjun; One with strong armsBoy
MahabaliIndianStrong; Mighty; One with great strengthBoy
MakeenIndianStrong; FirmBoy
MalasinthaGermanStrong WorkerGirl
MalasinthaTeutonicStrong workerGirl
MalihaIndianStrong; BeautifulGirl
ManfredPolishPeaceful; StrongBoy
ManfredusLatinStrong PeaceBoy
ManuelIndianPowerful; StrongBoy
MaskaNative AmericanStrongBoy
MaynardEnglishStrong and hardyBoy
MaynardIndianStrong and hardyBoy
MaynerdEnglishStrong and hardyBoy
MaynerdIndianStrong and hardyBoy
MeinardGermanStrong and BraveBoy
MeinradGermanStrong AdvisorBoy
MelicentEnglishStrong workerGirl
MelicentIndianStrong workerGirl
MilicentEnglishStrong workerGirl
MilicentIndianStrong workerGirl
MilisentEnglishStrong workerGirl
MilisentIndianStrong workerGirl
MillesantEnglishStrong workerGirl
MillesantIndianStrong workerGirl
MillicentEnglishStrong workerGirl
MillicentIndianStrong workerGirl
MillieEnglishStrong workerGirl
MillieIndianStrong workerGirl
MillyEnglishStrong workerGirl
MillyIndianStrong workerGirl
NapayshniNative AmericanCourageous; StrongBoy
NardoGermanStrong; HardyBoy
NerthusLatinStrong; VigorousGirl
NerthuzTeutonicStrong; VigorousGirl
NinaNative AmericanFire; Strong; Little GirlGirl
NishiIndianGetting strongerGirl
NjordNorwegianStrong; VigourousBoy
NjordrNorseStrong; VigorousBoy
NjorthrNorseStrong; VigorousBoy
OhitekahNative AmericanBrave; StrongBoy
OnamEnglishVigorous; StrongBoy
OnamIndianVigorous; StrongBoy
OorjitIndianPowerful; StrongBoy
OrsinaItalianBear Like; StrongGirl
OrsinoItalianBear Like; StrongBoy
OtsoFinnishBear; StrongBoy
PedroPortugueseRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PekkaFinnishRock; Stone; StrongBoy
Penka  (Пенка)BulgarianRock; Stone; StrongGirl
Penko  (Пенко)BulgarianRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PernilleDanishLittle Rock; Stone; StrongGirl
PerrenFrenchRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PerrinFrenchRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PerrineFrenchRock; Stone; StrongGirl
PerryFrenchRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PerrynFrenchRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PetaNative AmericanGolden Eagle; Rock; Stone; StrongGirl
PetahNative AmericanGolden Eagle; Rock; Stone; StrongGirl
Petar  (Петър)BulgarianRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PeterHungarianRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PetiHungarianRock; Stone; StrongBoy
Petia  (Петя)BulgarianRock; Stone; StrongUnisex
Petko  (Петко)BulgarianRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PetrCzech & SlovakRock; Stone; StrongBoy
Petra  (Петра)BulgarianRock; Stone; StrongGirl
PetraFinnishRock; Stone; StrongGirl
PetrasLithuanianRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PetriFinnishRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PetricCzech & SlovakRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PetricekCzech & SlovakRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PetrinaGreekRock; Stone; StrongGirl
Petros  (Πετρος)GreekRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PetrousekCzech & SlovakRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PetrusDutchA Stone; Rock; StrongBoy
PetteriFinnishRock; Stone; StrongBoy
Petya  (Петя)BulgarianRock; Stone; StrongUnisex
Petya  (Петя)RussianRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PhilomenaGreekLove StrongGirl
PhilomenesGreekLove StrongBoy
PierDutchA Stone; Rock; StrongBoy
PieraItalianRock; Stone; StrongGirl
PierinaItalianRock; Stone; StrongGirl
PieroItalianRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PierpontFrenchRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PierreFrenchRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PierrepontFrenchRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PierrettaFrenchRock; Stone; StrongGirl
PierretteFrenchRock; Stone; StrongGirl
PietDutchA Stone; Rock; StrongBoy
PietariFinnishRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PietrinaItalianRock; Stone; StrongGirl
PietroItalianRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PiotrPolishRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PiotrekPolishRock; Stone; StrongBoy
PoseidonGreekEarth Shaker; StrongBoy
PrabalIndianVery strong; Mighty; CoralBoy
PrabalIndianCoral; StrongBoy
PravalIndianFierce; StrongBoy
Pyotr  (Петр)RussianRock; Stone; StrongBoy
QayyimIndianAnother name for holy Quran; Just; StrongBoy
Qiang  ()ChineseStrongBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Strong'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AganScottish Force; Violence; Strong Handed
AmesEnglish Immortal; Strong
ArmstrongEnglish Strong Arm
EganScottish Force; Violence; Strong Handed
EverettEnglish Strong as a boar
HardingEnglish Brave; Hardy; Strong
HeardingEnglish Brave; Hardy; Strong
MainardFrench Strong and hardy
MaynardEnglish Strong and hardy
WillardAnglo-Saxon Strong Willed
WillardEnglish Strong Willed

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