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Meaning:  Brave

List of Names that means 'Brave'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AafreenIndianBrave; Acclaim; EncouragementGirl
AdalardGermanNoble Strength; BraveBoy
AdalhardGermanHardy; Strong; BraveBoy
AdnaanIndianLion; BraveryBoy
AdnanIndianLion; BraveryBoy
AndrzejPolishManly; BraveBoy
AnoopbirIndianBeauteous and braveBoy
AriHebrewLion; BraveBoy
AriehHebrewLion; BraveBoy
ArielaSpanishLion of God; BraveGirl
ArpadHungarianSeed; Adventurous; BraveBoy
AtamveerIndianSpiritually braveBoy
AveerIndianBrave; one who fights for peaceBoy
BahadarIndianOne who is brave and courageousBoy
BahadurArabianBold; Brave In PersianBoy
BahadurIndianWarrior; Brave; BoldBoy
BahadurIranian (Persian)Warrior; Brave; BoldBoy
BalavantIndianLord Hanuman; Brave; MightyBoy
BalbirIndianVery strong; Valiant hero; BraveBoy
BaldinoSpanishBrave friendBoy
BaldomeroSpanishBold; BraveBoy
BaldovinoItalianBrave FriendBoy
BaldricEnglishBrave RulerBoy
BaldricIndianBrave RulerBoy
BalduanoPortugueseBrave friendBoy
BaldwinEnglishBrave FriendBoy
BaldwinIndianBrave FriendBoy
BaliIndianBrave; Monkey kingBoy
BaliIndianBrave; Lord of strengthBoy
BamardGermanBrave as a bearBoy
BameyGermanBrave as a bearBoy
BarrettGermanBrave as a bearBoy
Basil  (باسل)ArabianBrave; ValiantBoy
BasilIndianBrave; Bold; ValiantBoy
BasilahIndianBrave; FearlessGirl
BaudouinFrenchBrave FriendBoy
BemotGermanBrave as a bearBoy
BenatGermanBrave as a bearBoy
BerendGermanBrave and bold as a bearBoy
BerinhardGermanBrave and bold as a bearBoy
BernadeaFrenchBrave BearGirl
BernadetteFrenchBrave BearGirl
BernadinaFrenchBrave BearGirl
BernadineFrenchBrave BearGirl
BernadynPolishBrave as a BearBoy
BernardFrenchBrave BearBoy
BernardGermanBrave and bold as a bearBoy
BernardPolishBrave; HardyBoy
BernardaFrenchBrave BearGirl
BernardettaItalianBrave as a Bear; Bold as a BearGirl
BernardinoItalianBrave as a Bear; Bold as a BearBoy
BernardoGermanBrave and bold as a bearBoy
BernardoItalianBrave as a Bear; Bold as a BearBoy
BernardoSpanishBrave as a bearBoy
BernardynGermanBrave and bold as a bearBoy
BernardynPolishBrave as a BearBoy
BerndGermanBrave and bold as a bearBoy
BerndtGermanBrave and bold as a bearBoy
BerneGermanBrave and bold as a bearBoy
BerneenFrenchBrave BearGirl
BernekCzech & SlovakBrave As a BearBoy
BernelleFrenchBrave BearGirl
BernettaFrenchBrave BearGirl
BernetteFrenchBrave BearGirl
BernhardGermanBrave and bold as a bearBoy
BernhardtGermanBrave and bold as a bearBoy
BhagatveerIndianThe brave devotee of godBoy
BheemsenIndianSons of brave manBoy
BhimsenIndianSons of brave manBoy
BimaIndonesianBrave; Strong; MuscularBoy
BimoIndonesianBrave; Strong; MuscularBoy
BirbalIndianBrave heartBoy
BirindarIndianThe brave godBoy
BoldMongolianSteel; Courage; BraveBoy
BoudewijnDutchBrave FriendBoy
BurnardGermanStrong; Brave as a bearBoy
BurnellGermanStrong; Brave as a bearBoy
CenhelmAnglo-SaxonBrave; ProtectionBoy
ConradGermanHonest; Brave AdvisorBoy
ConradinGermanHonest; Brave AdvisorBoy
ConradoGermanHonest; Brave AdvisorBoy
ConradoSpanishHonest; Brave advisor; Bold counselBoy
CunegondeFrenchBrave warGirl
CynebealAnglo-SaxonRoyal BraveBoy
CynebealdAnglo-SaxonRoyal BraveBoy
DaraEnglishBrave; DaringGirl
DaraIndianBrave; DaringGirl
DarshanbirIndianVision of exalted braveryBoy
DharamveerIndianBravely upholding righteousnessBoy
DhirenIndianStrong; Powerful; BraveBoy
DhirendraIndianLord of braveBoy
DhirendraIndianLord of bravesBoy
DhirendraIndianLord of the braveBoy
DickEnglishPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickIndianPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickieEnglishPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickieIndianPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickyEnglishPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickyIndianPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DilawarIndianBrave; Strong heartedBoy
DilawarIndianBrave; CourageousBoy
DungVietnameseBrave; Heroic; StrongBoy
EkambirIndianOne brave godBoy
EkavirIndianBrave of the bravestBoy
EkavirIndianBravest of the braveBoy
EnapayNative AmericanBrave; StrongBoy
EoforheardAnglo-SaxonHard; Strong; BraveBoy
ErdmutGermanBrave; Strong spiritedBoy
ErdmuthGermanBrave; Strong spiritedBoy
ErhardGermanBrave and honorableBoy
ErhardtGermanBrave and honorableBoy
FerdinandFrenchDaring; BraveBoy
GanzorigMongolianSteel; Courage; BraveBoy
GebbertGermanGift of bravery; StrengthBoy
GebhardGermanGift of bravery; StrengthBoy
GedEnglishSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GedIndianSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GeeraardDutchSpear BraveBoy
GeerdDutchSpear BraveBoy
GeertDutchSpear BraveBoy
GellerHungarianBrave with a SpearBoy
GellertHungarianSpear BraveBoy
GeraldoSpanishSpear ruler; Brave with a spearBoy
GerardEnglishSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GerardFrenchBrave with a spearBoy
GerardGermanBrave with a spearBoy
GerardIndianSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GerardoItalianBrave with a Spear; WarriorBoy
GerardoSpanishSpear ruler; Brave with a spearBoy
GerdGermanSpear BraveBoy
GerdNorseSpear braveGirl
GerhardGermanSpear BraveBoy
GerhardinaGermanBrave with a spearGirl
GerhardineGermanBrave with a spearGirl
GerhardtGermanSpear BraveBoy
GerhartGermanSpear BraveBoy
GernotGermanSpear BraveBoy
GerrardEnglishSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GerrardFrenchBrave with a spearBoy
GerrardGermanBrave with a spearBoy
GerrardIndianSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GerritGermanSpear BraveBoy
GertGermanSpear BraveBoy
GherardoItalianBrave with a SpearBoy
Gi  (노병)KoreanThe Brave OneBoy
GiaanveerIndianBrave and divine in knowledgeBoy
GiffordFrenchGift of braveryBoy
GunbirIndianVirtuous and braveBoy
HamzaIndianLion; Strong; Steadfast; BraveBoy
HamzahIndianLion; Strong; Steadfast; BraveBoy
HardingEnglishBrave; Hardy; StrongBoy
HardingIndianBrave; Hardy; StrongBoy
HardyEnglishBrave; Hardy; StrongBoy
HardyIndianBrave; Hardy; StrongBoy
HarirajIndianKing of lions; BraveBoy
HarithIndianLion; BraveBoy
HartmutGermanBrave; Strong spiritedBoy
HelmutGermanHelmet Courage; BraveBoy
HelmuthGermanHelmet Courage; BraveBoy
HelmuttGermanHelmet Courage; BraveBoy
HimmatIndianBrave; CourageBoy
HimmatIndianCourage; BraveBoy
HungVietnameseFlood; Brave; HeroicBoy
HyderIndianLion; Strong; Steadfast; BraveBoy
InderbirIndianLord of braveryBoy
IndraarjunIndianBright and brave IndraBoy
IndrarjunIndianBright and brave lord IndraBoy
IndrarjunIndianBright and brave IndraBoy
JagatveerIndianBravest in the worldBoy
JagveerIndianBravest in the worldBoy
JapbirIndianA brave one who remembers godBoy
JarredEnglishSpear BraveBoy
JarredIndianSpear BraveBoy
JasbirIndianA brave one who sings god's praisesBoy
JasbirIndianBrave; HeroBoy
JerrardEnglishSpear Strong; Spear BraveBoy
JerrardIndianSpear Strong; Spear BraveBoy
JodhIndianThe brave warriorBoy
KafeleEgyptianWould die for; BraveBoy
KekoaHawaiianThe Brave OneBoy
KenelmEnglishBrave; Keen ProtectionBoy
KenelmIndianBrave; Keen ProtectionBoy
KimballEnglishRoyal Courage; Royal BraveBoy
KimballIndianRoyal Courage; Royal BraveBoy
KimbelEnglishRoyal Courage; Royal BraveBoy
KimbelIndianRoyal Courage; Royal BraveBoy
KingaHungarianBrave WarGirl
KingaPolishBrave WarGirl
KingeGermanBrave WarGirl
KitchiNative AmericanBrave; StrongBoy
KoseyEgyptianLion; Brave; StrongBoy
KrishnaveerIndianBrave as KrishnaBoy
KulvinderIndianBrave soul; Hero of the familyBoy
KulvirIndianBrave soul; Hero of the familyBoy
KunegundaPolishBrave WarGirl
KunibertGermanBrave BrightGirl
KunigondeDutchBrave WarGirl
KunigundeGermanBrave WarGirl
KunoGermanHonest Advisor; BraveBoy
KunzGermanHonest Advisor; BraveBoy
KuonradaGermanHonest Advisor; BraveGirl
KurtGermanHonest Advisor; BraveBoy
LakhbirIndianAs brave as a hundred thousandBoy
LaviHebrewLion; BraveBoy
LeanderLatinLion man; BraveBoy
LeandraLatinLion man; BraveGirl
LeandreFrenchLion Man; Brave as a LionBoy
LeandroSpanishLion Man; BraveBoy
Leandros  (Λέανδρος)GreekLion Man; BraveBoy
LebHebrewHeart; Lion; BraveBoy
LeiandrosGreekLion Man; BraveBoy
LenardFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LenardGermanBrave as a LionBoy
LennardFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LennardGermanBrave as a LionBoy
LennartFinnishLion; Brave; StrongBoy
LeoFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LeoLatinLion; BraveBoy
LeocadieFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LeodegranceFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LeolaEnglishLion; BraveGirl
LeolaFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
LeolaIndianLion; BraveGirl
LeonEnglishLion; BraveBoy
LeonFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LeonGermanLion; BraveBoy
LeonIndianLion; BraveBoy
LeonSpanishLion Man; BraveBoy
LeonaEnglishLion; BraveGirl
LeonaFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
LeonaGermanLioness; BraveGirl
LeonaIndianLion; BraveGirl
LeonaLatinLion; BraveGirl
LeonardFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LeonardGermanLion; BraveBoy
LeonardPolishBrave LionBoy
LeonardaFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
LeonardoItalianBrave as a Lion; Strong; fear lessBoy
LeonardoSpanishLion Man; BraveBoy
LeonasLithuanianLion; BraveBoy
LeonceFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LeoncioSpanishLion Man; BraveBoy
LeondaFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
LeondraFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
LeondreaFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
LeoneEnglishLion; BraveGirl
LeoneFrenchLion; BraveUnisex
LeoneIndianLion; BraveGirl
LeonekPolishBrave as a LionBoy
Leonid  (Леонид)RussianBrave as a LionBoy
LeonieFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
LeoniusLatinLion; BraveBoy
LeonneFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
Leonti  (Леонтий)RussianLion; BraveBoy
LeontinaLatinLion; BraveGirl
LeontinusLatinLion; BraveBoy
LeontiusLatinLion; BraveBoy
Leonty  (Леонтий)RussianLion; BraveBoy
LeontyneEnglishLion like; BraveGirl
LeontyneIndianLion like; BraveGirl
LeosCzech & SlovakLion; BraveBoy
LevHebrewHeart; Lion; BraveBoy
Lev  (Лев)RussianLion; BraveBoy
LeventTurkishThe Lions; Handsome; BraveBoy
LinikPolishBrave as a LionBoy
LisimbaEgyptianLion; Brave; StrongBoy
LuanAlbanianLion; BraveBoy
LuitpoldTeutonicBold; BraveBoy
LyovRussianLion; BraveBoy
MahibIndianAnother name for god; Lion; BraveBoy
MaldwynWelshBrave friendBoy
MarshandaIndonesianBrave GirlGirl
MastveerIndianCare free and braveBoy
MeinardGermanStrong and BraveBoy
MohanbirIndianBeauteous and braveBoy
MrigendraIndianLion; BraveBoy
MrigeshIndianLion; BraveBoy
MrinendraIndianLion; BraveBoy
NajdahIndianCourage; BraveryGirl
NandorHungarianAdventurous; BraveBoy
NarhariIndianLion man; BraveBoy
NarhariIndianLion; Lion man; BraveBoy
NarsimhaIndianLion among men; BraveBoy
NarveerIndianA brave personBoy
NehadIndianBrave; Face challengeBoy
OhitekahNative AmericanBrave; StrongBoy
OsamaIndianDescription of lion; BraveBoy
OssamaIndianDescription of lion; BraveBoy
ParashuraamIndianBrave; Ancient sageBoy
ParindraIndianLion; BraveBoy
PatveerIndianThe respected brave oneBoy
PrabhbirIndianGod's brave warriorBoy
PrabirIndianHero; Brave oneBoy
PratapIndianBravery; Dignity; Majesty; VigorBoy
PravirIndianBrave; HeroBoy
PravitIndianBrave; HeroBoy
PreruetFrenchBrave little oneBoy
PrewittFrenchBrave little oneBoy
PruetFrenchBrave little oneBoy
PruieFrenchBrave little oneBoy
PruittFrenchBrave little oneBoy
QadirIndianBrave; Courageous; Able; PowerfulBoy
QahirIndianCourageous; Brave; Conqueror; DestructorBoy
RaghbirIndianBrave lord RamaBoy
RaghunandanIndianLord Rama; Brave man of the Raghu clanBoy
RaghunathIndianLord Rama; Brave man of the Raghu clanBoy
RaghupatiIndianLord Rama; Brave man of the Raghu clanBoy
RaghuveerIndianLord Rama; Brave man of the Raghu clanBoy
RaghuvirIndianLord Rama; Brave man of the Raghu clanBoy
RanbirIndianThe brave warriorBoy
RandheerIndianOne who shows bravery and boldness in warBoy
RandhirIndianBrave in battle fieldBoy
RanveerIndianThe brave warriorBoy
RasheedIndianRationale; Pretend; Intelligent; Brave; Wise; MatureBoy
RasheedIranian (Persian)BraveBoy
RasheedaIndianRationale; Pretend; Intelligent; Brave; Wise; MatureGirl
RashidIndianRationale; Pretend; Intelligent; Brave; Wise; MatureBoy
RashidIranian (Persian)BraveBoy
RashidaIndianRationale; Pretend; Intelligent; Brave; Wise; MatureGirl
RatanbirIndianThe priceless brave oneBoy
ReginhardGermanMighty and braveBoy
RhisiartWelshPowerful and braveBoy
RicardaLatinPowerful and BraveGirl
RicardoIndianBrave and strongBoy
RicardoSpanishPowerful and BraveBoy
RiccardaItalianPowerful and BraveGirl
RiccardoItalianRich and Powerful Ruler; Powerful and Brave; Home RulerBoy
RicciardoItalianRich and Powerful Ruler; Powerful and Brave; Home RulerBoy
RichEnglishPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RichIndianPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RichardEnglishPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RichardGermanPowerful and braveBoy
RichardHungarianBrave; Rich and Powerful RulerBoy
RichardIndianPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RichardTeutonicPowerful and braveBoy
RichardaEnglishPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichardaIndianPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichardineEnglishPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichardineIndianPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichelleEnglishPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichelleIndianPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichendraEnglishPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichendraIndianPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichieEnglishPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RichieIndianPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RichieSpanishBrave PowerBoy
RickEnglishPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RickIndianPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RickenaEnglishPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RickenaIndianPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RickertGermanPowerful and braveBoy
RickeyEnglishPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RickeyIndianPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RickiEnglishPowerful and brave rulerUnisex
RickiIndianPowerful and brave rulerUnisex
RickieEnglishPowerful and brave rulerUnisex
RickieIndianPowerful and brave rulerUnisex
RickyEnglishPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RickyIndianPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RicoItalianRich and Powerful Ruler; Powerful and Brave; Home RulerBoy
RikardHungarianBrave; Rich and Powerful RulerBoy
RikertGermanPowerful and braveBoy
RikhardFinnishPowerful and BraveBoy
RikkiEnglishPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RikkiIndianPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RikuFinnishPowerful and BraveBoy
RitaIndianBrave; Honest; Way of lifeGirl
RitaSanskritBrave; HonestGirl
RitchieSpanishBrave PowerBoy
RuiseartScottishPowerful and BraveBoy
RustamIndianBrave fighterBoy
SaarimIndianBrave; Sharp mindedBoy
SachveerIndianBravely upholding the truthBoy
SadavirIndianAlways brave; Ever courageousBoy
SatveerIndianBravely upholding the truthBoy
ShajiIndianBrave; Warlike; CourageousUnisex
ShamsherIndianBrave like a lionBoy
ShouryaIndianFame for being braveBoy
SimbiatIndianBrave womanGirl
Sourja (Shaurya)IndianBraveBoy
SudhirIndianResolute; Brave; WiseBoy
SudhirIndianResolute; BraveBoy
SudhirIndianWise; Resolute; BraveBoy
SundarveerIndianBeauteous and braveBoy
SuryaveerIndianBrave as lord SuryaBoy
TaraswinIndianBrave; Powerful; StrengthBoy
TaraswinIndianBrave; Face of strengthBoy
TaraswinIndianBrave; Shakti ka rup; PowerfulBoy
TauEgyptianLion; Brave; StrongBoy
TegbirIndianThe brave warrior wielding the swordBoy
TejbirIndianThe glory of the brave oneBoy
TerrwynWelshBrave; FairGirl
ThalbirIndianThe brave warriorBoy
UttamveerIndianThe exalted bravery and courageBoy
ValerioItalianBrave; StrongBoy
ValeskaPolishGlorious Ruler; Brave LeaderGirl
VariamIndianThe brave oneBoy
VeerIndianA brave personBoy
Veer BahadurIndianBraveBoy
VeeraIndianThe BraveBoy
VeeramaniIndianBrave one with a bell around his neckBoy
VeeramanikantaIndianBrave one with a bell around his neckBoy
VeerasundariIndianGoddess of braveryGirl
VeerindarIndianA brave godly personBoy
VeerottamIndianSupreme amongst braves.Boy
VeerottamIndianSupreme amongst bravesBoy
VijenderIndianGod of braveryBoy
VijenderIndianGod of bravery; Triumph of godBoy
VikramjitIndianGod of braveryBoy
VikrantIndianPowerful; BraveBoy
VikrantIndianBrave; Powerful; StrongBoy
VikrantaIndianPowerful; BraveBoy
VirIndianBrave; StrongBoy
ViranathIndianLord of bravesBoy
ViranathIndianLord of the braveBoy
ViranathIndianLord of braveBoy
VirenIndianBrave lord; Lord of the heroesBoy
VirenIndianBravery lordBoy
VirenIndianBrave lordBoy
VirenIndianA Bravery lordBoy
VirendraIndianBrave lordBoy
VirendraIndianBrave lord; Lord of heroesBoy
VirendraIndianBrave lord; Lord of the heroesBoy
VireshIndianBrave lord; Lord ShivaBoy
VireshIndianBrave lordBoy
WaniIndonesianDaring; BraveUnisex
WigheardAnglo-SaxonBrave; Hard; StrongBoy
WladyslawPolishGlorious Ruler; Brave LeaderBoy
WladyslawaPolishGlorious Ruler; Brave LeaderGirl
WojciechPolishSoldier of Consolation; Happy Soldier; Brave SoldierBoy
WojciechaPolishSoldier of Consolation; Happy Soldier; Brave SoldierGirl
WojtekPolishSoldier of Consolation; Happy Soldier; Brave SoldierBoy
WyattEnglishHardy Warrior; War BraveBoy
WyattIndianHardy Warrior; War BraveBoy
YingjieChineseBrave and HeroicBoy
Yong  (; )ChineseBrave; PerpetualBoy
Yong  ()KoreanBrave; PerpetualUnisex
Yong Sun  (용 일)KoreanBrave ObedienceBoy
Young  ()KoreanProsperity; Brave; SuperiorUnisex
Yuuta  (勇太)JapaneseGreat BraveryBoy
ZereldaIndianBrave; Woman warriorGirl
ZereldaIndianBrave warrior womanGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Brave'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
BaldwinEnglish Brave friend
HardingEnglish Brave; Hardy; Strong
HeardingEnglish Brave; Hardy; Strong
WeerasingheSri Lanka Bravelion
WickerEnglish Man of the bay; Man of the creek; Brave
YılmazTurkey Unshirking; Unbeatable; Brave

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