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Meaning:  Mighty

List of Names that means 'Mighty'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
Abd Al JabbarArabianServant of MightyBoy
Abdul AzeezIndianServant of the mightyBoy
Abdul AzeezIndianServant of the mighty; PowerfulBoy
Abdul JabaarIndianServant of the mightyBoy
Abdul QahaarIndianServant of the subdue; AlmightyBoy
Abdul QahaarIndianServant of the subduer; AlmightyBoy
Abdul-AzeezIndianServant of the mighty; The powerfulBoy
Abdul-AzeezIndianServant of the mighty; PowerfulBoy
Abdul-JabaarIndianServant of the mightyBoy
Abdul-JabarIndianServant of the mightyBoy
Abdul-QahaarIndianServant of the rubduer; AlmightyBoy
Abdul-QahaarIndianServant of the subduer; AlmightyBoy
Al Jalil (الجليل)IndianThe Mighty
AlcippeLatinMighty MareGirl
AlkippeGreekMighty mareGirl
AtaliaHebrewThe Lord is MightyGirl
AtaliahHebrewThe Lord is MightyGirl
AtalieHebrewThe Lord is MightyGirl
AzaziahEnglishYahweh is MightyBoy
AzaziahIndianYahweh is MightyBoy
BalavantIndianLord Hanuman; Brave; MightyBoy
BaldevIndianThe mighty godBoy
BaljeetIndianMighty victoriousBoy
BalrajIndianMighty; Powerful; StrongBoy
BalvanIndianPowerful and mightyBoy
BalveerIndianPowerful; Strong; MightyBoy
BalvinderIndianPowerful; Strong; MightyUnisex
BalvindraIndianPowerful; Strong; MightyUnisex
BalwantIndianPowerful; Strong; MightyUnisex
BarretGermanMighty BearBoy
BernonGermanMighty BearBoy
BerowaltGermanMighty BearBoy
BheemaIndianMighty; Huge and Gigantic; One of PandavasBoy
BhimIndianMighty; Huge and Gigantic; One of PandavasBoy
BhimaIndianMighty; Huge and Gigantic; One of PandavasBoy
BhimaSanskritThe mighty oneBoy
BhishamIndianStrong; Mighty; An elder of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'Boy
DayyanIndianA mighty RulerBoy
DomhnullScottishMighty RulerBoy
GarciaSpanishMighty with a spearBoy
GarenFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GarenGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GareyGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarinFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GarinGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarionFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GarionGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GaronFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GaronGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarrenFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GarrenGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarreyGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarrinFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GarrinGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarronFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GarronGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarryGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GaryGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GeraldFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GeraldGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GeraldinaGermanMighty with a spearGirl
GeraldineGermanMighty with a spearGirl
GeroldGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GeronFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GeronGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GerraldGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GerrellGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GerwaltGermanMighty with a spearGirl
GerwaltaGermanMighty with a spearGirl
GidEnglishCutter down; Hewer; Mighty warriorBoy
GidIndianCutter down; Hewer; Mighty warriorBoy
GideonEnglishCutter down; Hewer; Mighty warriorBoy
GideonIndianCutter down; Hewer; Mighty warriorBoy
GurdevIndianAlmighty GodBoy
GurdevSanskritAlmighty GodBoy
HadadEnglishMighty; SharpnessBoy
HadadIndianMighty; SharpnessBoy
Jabbar  (جبّار)ArabianMost Powerful; Mighty; StrongBoy
JelaniAfricanMighty; PowerfulBoy
JeraldoSpanishMighty with a spearBoy
JerardFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
JerardoSpanishMighty with a spearBoy
KudretTurkishPower; MightyBoy
MachteldDutchMighty In BattleGirl
MaddeGermanMighty in battleGirl
MafaldaItalianMighty In BattleGirl
MagnhildNorwegianMighty Battle; StrongGirl
MahabaliIndianStrong; Mighty; One with great strengthBoy
MahautFrenchMighty in battleGirl
MahthildisGermanMighty in battleGirl
MahthildisTeutonicMighty in battleGirl
MalltWelshMighty in battleGirl
MathildGermanMighty battle maidenGirl
MathildaEnglishMighty in battleGirl
MathildaFrenchMighty battle maidenGirl
MathildaGermanMighty battle maidenGirl
MathildaIndianMighty in battleGirl
MathildaLatinMighty in battleGirl
MathildeFrenchMighty in battleGirl
MathildeGermanMighty battle maidenGirl
MathildisLatinMighty in battleGirl
MatildHungarianMighty in BattleGirl
MatildaEnglishMighty in battleGirl
MatildaFrenchMighty battle maidenGirl
MatildaGermanMighty battle maidenGirl
MatildaIndianMighty in battleGirl
MatildeFrenchMighty battle maidenGirl
MatildePortugueseMighty in battleGirl
MatildeSpanishMighty in battleGirl
MattieEnglishGift of God; Mighty in battleUnisex
MattieFrenchMighty battle maidenGirl
MattieIndianGift of God; Mighty in battleUnisex
MattithiahEnglishGift of God; Mighty in battleBoy
MattithiahIndianGift of God; Mighty in battleBoy
MattyEnglishGift of God; Mighty in battleGirl
MattyFrenchMighty battle maidenGirl
MattyIndianGift of God; Mighty in battleGirl
MatyldaCzech & SlovakMighty In BattleGirl
MatyldaPolishMighty Battle MaidenGirl
MaudEnglishMighty in battleGirl
MaudFrenchMighty battle maidenGirl
MaudGermanMighty in battleGirl
MaudIndianMighty in battleGirl
MaudeEnglishMighty in battleGirl
MaudeFrenchMighty battle maidenGirl
MaudeIndianMighty in battleGirl
MaudieEnglishMighty in battleGirl
MaudieIndianMighty in battleGirl
MauldEnglishMighty in battleGirl
MauldIndianMighty in battleGirl
MechteldDutchMighty In BattleGirl
MechtildeGermanMighty in battleGirl
MedhyaIndianMighty; Clean; FreshGirl
MetteGermanMighty in battleGirl
MouldEnglishMighty in battleGirl
MouldIndianMighty in battleGirl
MutazzIndianProud; MightyBoy
ParameshwarIndianAlmighty lord; Supreme godBoy
ParameshwarIndianAlmighty lordBoy
PrabalIndianVery strong; Mighty; CoralBoy
QahaarIndianThe Almighty; The SubduerBoy
RaiSpanishMighty ProtectorBoy
RaimondaItalianWise Protector; Mighty ProtectorGirl
RaimondoItalianWise Protector; Mighty ProtectorBoy
RaimundaSpanishMighty ProtectorGirl
RaimundoSpanishMighty ProtectorBoy
RajendraIndianA mighty king; Emperor; King of kingsBoy
RajendraSanskritA mighty kingBoy
RambertGermanMighty; IntelligentBoy
RamhartGermanMighty; IntelligentBoy
RamonSpanishMighty ProtectorBoy
RamonaSpanishMighty ProtectorGirl
RamoneSpanishMighty ProtectorBoy
ReginhardGermanMighty and braveBoy
ReginherahtGermanMighty; IntelligentBoy
SagmaIndianPowerful; Mighty; StrongBoy
SahasanIndianPowerful; MightyBoy
SahasinIndianPowerful; MightyBoy
SahasyaIndianMighty; CourageousBoy
SahasyaIndianMighty; StrongBoy
SahatIndianMighty; StrongBoy
SahavanIndianPossessing strength; MightyBoy
SahovanIndianMighty; SuperiorBoy
SahovanIndianMighty; StrongBoy
SamrathIndianMighty and powerfulBoy
ShaktikIndianPowerful; MightyBoy
SwaminathIndianThe lord almightyBoy
SwaminathIndianLord almightyBoy
TahmeedIndianPraise of almighty AllahBoy
TaqdeesIndianName for Allah; The AlmightyBoy
TildaEnglishMighty in battleGirl
TildaFrenchMighty battle maidenGirl
TildaIndianMighty in battleGirl
TildeDanishMighty In BattleGirl
TillEnglishMighty in battleGirl
TillIndianMighty in battleGirl
TillieEnglishMighty in battleGirl
TillieIndianMighty in battleGirl
TillyEnglishMighty in battleGirl
TillyFrenchMighty battle maidenGirl
TillyIndianMighty in battleGirl
UdbalIndianMighty; StrongBoy
UdbalaIndianMighty; StrongGirl
UzziahHebrewGod is MightyBoy
UzzielHebrewGod is MightyBoy
VishnuIndianLord Vishnu; Root; Pervade; Almighty; The protectorBoy
VishweshIndianLord almightyBoy
VishweshIndianThe lord almightyBoy
WaldmuntGermanMighty ProtectorBoy
WalmondGermanMighty ProtectorBoy
Wei  (; ; ; ; )ChineseImpressive; Power; Strength; Great; MightyUnisex
WoseritEgyptianMighty WomanGirl

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