indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  Talks With A Lisp

List of Names that means 'Talks With A Lisp'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
BalazsHungarianTalks with a LispBoy
BiaggioItalianTalks with a LispBoy
BiaginoItalianTalks with a LispBoy
BiagioItalianTalks with a LispBoy
BlaijPolishTalks with a LispBoy
BlaizeEnglishTalks with a lispBoy
BlaizeIndianTalks with a lispBoy
BlasiusLatinTalks with a lisp; LispingBoy
BlazeEnglishTalks with a lispBoy
BlazeIndianTalks with a lispBoy
BlazejCzech & SlovakStammered; Talks with a LispBoy
BrasPortugueseTalks with a lispBoy
VlasiRussianTalks with a lispBoy
Vlasis  (Βλασης)GreekTalks with a lispBoy
Vlassis  (Βλασσης)GreekTalks with a lispBoy