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Meaning:  Will

List of Names that means 'Will'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AchimaHebrewWill EstablishGirl
AchimahHebrewWill EstablishGirl
AcimaHebrewWill EstablishGirl
AcimahHebrewWill EstablishGirl
Aizik  (אַיזיק)YiddishHe will Laugh; ChearfulBoy
AkimHebrewGod will establishBoy
Akim  (Аким)RussianGod will establishBoy
AnaniasIndianGod will hearGirl
AulisFinnishHelpful; WillingBoy
BillEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
BillIndianWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
BillieEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectUnisex
BillieIndianWill Helmet; ProtectUnisex
BillyEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
BillyIndianWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
Chaskel  (טשאַסקעל)YiddishGod will StrengthenBoy
Chatzkel  (חַצְקֶעל)YiddishGod will StrengthenBoy
CheHebrewGod will add; MultiplyBoy
CheSpanishHey!; God will addBoy
ChepeHebrewGod will multiply; God will addBoy
ChepitoHebrewGod will add; MultiplyBoy
DeenHebrewGod will JudgeBoy
DhruddavratIndianStrong willed meditatorBoy
DhruddavratIndianStrong willed mediatorBoy
ElyakimEnglishGod will establishBoy
ElyakimIndianGod will establishBoy
ElyakumEnglishGod will establishBoy
ElyakumIndianGod will establishBoy
EsmailIndianGod will hearBoy
EsmailIranian (Persian)God will HearBoy
EzekielEnglishGod will strengthenBoy
EzekielIndianGod will strengthenBoy
EzequielPortugueseGod will strengthenBoy
FifiFrenchGod will addGirl
FifineFrenchGod will addGirl
GiuseppaItalianGod Will AddGirl
GiuseppeItalianGod Will AddBoy
GiuseppinaItalianGod Will AddGirl
GuilermoSpanishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
GuilhermePortugueseWill helmet; ProtectBoy
GuillaumeFrenchWill Helmet; Resolute ProtectorBoy
GuillelminaSpanishWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
GuillelmusLatinWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
GuillerminaSpanishWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
GuillermoSpanishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
GuiseppeHebrewGod will multiply; God will addBoy
GuiseppieHebrewGod will multiply; God will addGirl
GuiseppinaHebrewGod will multiply; God will addGirl
GwilWelshWill helmetBoy
GwilimWelshWill helmetBoy
GwillymWelshWill helmetBoy
GwilymWelshWill helmetBoy
Haskel  (הַשְׂכֵּל)YiddishGod will StrengthenBoy
HelmaGermanWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
HelmineGermanWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
HesekielFinnishGod will strengthenBoy
HieremiasGreekThe Lord will upliftBoy
HieremiasHebrewThe Lord will UpliftBoy
IaokimHebrewGod will establishBoy
IkeEnglishHe will laugh; JoyfulBoy
IkeIndianHe will laugh; JoyfulBoy
IlmaGermanWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
ImlaEnglishWhom God will fill upBoy
ImlaIndianWhom God will fill upBoy
ImlahEnglishWhom God will fill upBoy
ImlahIndianWhom God will fill upBoy
IosepHebrewGod will multiply; God will addBoy
IosephHebrewGod will multiply; God will addBoy
Iosif  (Иосиф)RussianGod will multiply; God will addBoy
IovHebrewGod will establishBoy
IsaEnglishHe will laugh; JoyfulBoy
IsaGermanStrong WilledGirl
IsaIndianHe will laugh; JoyfulBoy
IsaacEnglishHe will laugh; JoyfulBoy
IsaacIndianHe will laugh; JoyfulBoy
IsaakGermanHe will laugh; JoyfulBoy
Isaak  (Исаак)RussianHe will laugh; CheerfulBoy
IsanaGermanStrong WilledGirl
IsaneGermanStrong WilledGirl
IscahEnglishHe will laugh; JoyfulGirl
IscahIndianHe will laugh; JoyfulGirl
IshmaelBiblicalGod will HearBoy
IshmaelEnglishGod will hearBoy
IshmaelIndianGod will hearBoy
IsmaelSpanishGod will hearBoy
IsmoFinnishGod will hearBoy
IssacEnglishHe will laugh; JoyfulBoy
IssacIndianHe will laugh; JoyfulBoy
ItzhakHebrewHe will laughBoy
Itzik  (איציק)YiddishHe will Laugh; ChearfulBoy
IucephSpanishGod will addBoy
IzaakGermanHe will laugh; JoyfulBoy
IzaakPolishHe will Laugh; CheerfulBoy
JaasauEnglishThey will do; Jehovah madeBoy
JaasauHebrewThey will doBoy
JaasauIndianThey will do; Jehovah madeBoy
JabezIndianGod will increase your boundaryBoy
JashubEnglishHe will return; Turning oneselfBoy
JashubIndianHe will return; Turning oneselfBoy
JaskaranIndianOne who will be remembered by his nameBoy
JaskaranIndianGood deeds; Will be remembered by his nameBoy
JayakumarIndianVictory will be his sideBoy
JehezekelEnglishGod will strengthenBoy
JehezekelIndianGod will strengthenBoy
JelleDutchWill HelmetBoy
JeltjeDutchWill HelmetGirl
JeltsjeDutchWill HelmetGirl
JeremiHebrewGod will uplift; Appointed by the LordBoy
JeremiahBiblicalGod will UpliftBoy
JeremiahHebrewGod will uplift; Appointed by the LordBoy
JeremiasHebrewGod will uplift; Appointed by the LordBoy
JeremiasSpanishGod will upliftBoy
JeremieFrenchGod will uplift; Appointed by lordBoy
JeremieHebrewGod will uplift; Appointed by the LordBoy
JeremijaRussianGod will upliftBoy
JeremyHebrewGod will uplift; Appointed by the LordBoy
JoelBiblicalBy the Willing of GodBoy
JoelFrenchGod is willingBoy
JoelHebrewGod is WillingBoy
JoelaHebrewGod is WillingGirl
JoeliynFrenchGod is willingGirl
JoellFrenchGod is willingGirl
JoellaFrenchGod is willingGirl
JoellaHebrewGod is WillingGirl
JoelleFrenchGod is willingGirl
JoelleHebrewGod is WillingGirl
JoellenFrenchGod is willingGirl
JoellianaHebrewGod is WillingGirl
JoellianeHebrewGod is WillingGirl
JokinHebrewGod will establishBoy
JokinaHebrewGod will establishGirl
JokineHebrewGod will establishGirl
JoopHebrewGod will addBoy
JoosefHebrewGod will addBoy
JooseppiHebrewGod will addBoy
JopieHebrewGod will addBoy
JoreHebrewGod will upliftBoy
JoseHebrewGod will addGirl
JoseSpanishGod will addBoy
JosebaHebrewGod will addBoy
JosebeHebrewGod will addGirl
JoseeFrenchGod will addGirl
JoseeHebrewGod will addGirl
JosefGermanGod will addBoy
JosefaGermanGod will addGirl
JosefaSpanishGod will addGirl
JosefinaSpanishGod will addGirl
JoselitoSpanishGod will addBoy
JosephBiblicalGod will AddBoy
JosephFrenchGod will addBoy
JosephHebrewGod will addBoy
JosephIndianGod will add (another son)Boy
JosephaFrenchGod will addGirl
JosephaGermanGod will addGirl
JosephaHebrewGod will addGirl
JosepheFrenchGod will addGirl
JosephinaFrenchGod will addGirl
JosephinaHebrewGod will addGirl
JosephineFrenchGod will addGirl
JosephineHebrewGod will addGirl
JosephusHebrewGod will addBoy
JosettaHebrewGod will addGirl
JosetteFrenchGod will addGirl
JosetteHebrewGod will addGirl
JosianeFrenchGod will addGirl
JosieHebrewGod will addGirl
JoskaHungarianGod will AddBoy
JoszefHungarianGod will AddBoy
JoxepaHebrewGod will addGirl
JozaCzech & SlovakGod will AddBoy
JozefaHungarianGod will AddGirl
JozkaCzech & SlovakGod will AddBoy
JozsaHebrewGod will addGirl
JozsaHungarianGod will AddGirl
JozsefHungarianGod will AddBoy
JozsefaHungarianGod will AddGirl
JozsiHungarianGod will AddBoy
JunienHebrewGod will upliftBoy
JurreHebrewGod will upliftBoy
JutkaHebrewHe will be praisedGirl
KaiNative AmericanWillow Tree; PureGirl
KamaroopinIndianChanging form at willBoy
LazarHebrewGod will helpBoy
LazaroSpanishGod will helpBoy
LazarusHebrewGod will helpBoy
LazzaroHebrewGod will helpBoy
LazzaroItalianGod Will Help; My God Has HelpedBoy
LianChineseGraceful WillowGirl
LilavatiIndianGod's willGirl
LilavatiIndianGod's will; Goddess DurgaGirl
LiridonAlbanianFree willed; Freedom; DesireBoy
LiridonaAlbanianFree willed; Freedom; DesireGirl
MiinaFinnishWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
MimmiFinnishWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
MineGermanWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
MinnaFinnishWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
MinnaGermanWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
MinneGermanWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
MinnieEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
MinnieGermanWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
MinnieIndianWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
OsipHebrewGod will multiply; God will addBoy
Osip  (Осип)RussianGod will multiply; God will addBoy
Osya  (Ося)RussianGod will multiply; God will addBoy
PepeSpanishGod will addBoy
PepikCzech & SlovakGod will AddBoy
PepilloSpanishGod will addBoy
PepitaSpanishGod will addGirl
PepitoSpanishGod will addBoy
PimDutchWill HelmetBoy
RaghibIndianDesiring; WillingBoy
RezaIndianWill; Consent; ResignationBoy
RezaIranian (Persian)Will; Consent; ResignationBoy
RidhwanIndianAcceptance; Good willBoy
SankalpIndianWill; DeterminationBoy
SankalpIndianVow resolution determination; Will; DeterminationBoy
SauvilleFrenchWillow TownBoy
SavilleFrenchWillow TownBoy
Sekel  (סעקעל)YiddishHe will Laugh; ChearfulBoy
SelbyEnglishWillow settlementUnisex
SelbyIndianWillow settlementUnisex
SeosamhHebrewGod will multiply; God will addBoy
SeosaphHebrewGod will multiply; God will addBoy
SeppGermanGod will addBoy
SeppelGermanGod will addBoy
SisuFinnishWillpower; Determination; StrengthBoy
TalibIndianWilling; Divine; Wishes; Seeker of knowledgeBoy
TichaonaAfricanWe Will SeeBoy
UduakAfricanWill; DesireUnisex
UilleagScottishWill HelmetBoy
UilleamScottishWill HelmetBoy
UlickEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
UlickIndianWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
UlickScottishWill HelmetBoy
VelmaEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
VelmaIndianWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
VilekCzech & SlovakResolute Protector; will Helmet; will ProtectBoy
VilemCzech & SlovakResolute Protector; will Helmet; will ProtectBoy
VilhelmScandinavianWill helmetBoy
VilhelmasLithuanianWill helmet; ProtectBoy
VilhelmiFinnishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
VilhelmiinaFinnishWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
VilhelminaFinnishWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
VilhoFinnishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
ViliHungarianWill Helmet; ProtectorBoy
ViliamCzech & SlovakResolute Protector; will Helmet; will ProtectBoy
ViljamiFinnishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
ViljoFinnishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
VilleFinnishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
VilmaFinnishWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
VilmaHungarianWill Helmet; ProtectorGirl
VilmarEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
VilmarIndianWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
VilmosHungarianWill Helmet; ProtectorBoy
VilppuFinnishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
Volya  (Воля)RussianWill; FreedomBoy
WeiminChineseWill bring greatness to the peopleBoy
WildaEnglishWild; Willow TreeGirl
WildaIndianWild; Willow TreeGirl
WileyEnglishWater meadow; Will helmetBoy
WileyIndianWater meadow; Will helmetBoy
WileyScottishWill HelmetBoy
WilfordEnglishWill's river crossingBoy
WilfordGermanWillow tree fordBoy
WilfordIndianWill's river crossingBoy
WilheardAnglo-SaxonStrong willBoy
WilhelminaGermanWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
WilhelmineGermanWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
WilhelmusLatinWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WilkieEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WilkieIndianWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WilkieScottishWill HelmetBoy
WillEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WillIndianWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WillaEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
WillaIndianWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
WillardEnglishStrong willedBoy
WillardIndianStrong willedBoy
WillemDutchWill HelmetBoy
WilleminaDutchStrong WilledGirl
WilliGermanWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WilliamEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WilliamIndianWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WillieEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WillieIndianWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WillieScottishWill HelmetBoy
WillisEnglishSon of WillBoy
WillisIndianSon of WillBoy
WilloughbyEnglishWillow settlementBoy
WilloughbyIndianWillow settlementBoy
WillowEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
WillowIndianWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
WillyEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WillyIndianWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WillyScottishWill HelmetBoy
WilmaEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
WilmaIndianWill Helmet; ProtectGirl
WilmerEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WilmerIndianWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WilmotEnglishWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WilmotIndianWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
WilsonEnglishSon of WillBoy
WilsonIndianSon of WillBoy
WiltonEnglishWillow settlementBoy
WiltonIndianWillow settlementBoy
WimGermanWill Helmet; ProtectBoy
YagilHebrewGod will rejoiceBoy
YahvehHebrewHe will cause to becomeBoy
YahwehHebrewHe will cause to becomeBoy
YanivHebrewHe will ProsperBoy
YashIndianSuccess; GoodwillBoy
YashIndianSuccess; Goodwill; Victory; GloryBoy
YechezkelHebrewGod will strengthenBoy
YechezqelHebrewGod will strengthenBoy
YehowahHebrewHe will cause to becomeBoy
YehoyakimHebrewGod will establishBoy
YhwhHebrewHe will cause to becomeBoy
YigalHebrewHe will RedeemBoy
YishmaelHebrewGod will hearBoy
YitzchaqHebrewHe will laughBoy
YitzhakHebrewHe will laughBoy
YosebaHebrewGod will multiply; God will addGirl
YosebeHebrewGod will multiply; God will addGirl
YosefHebrewGod will addBoy
YosephaHebrewGod will multiply; God will addGirl
YosephinaHebrewGod will multiply; God will addGirl
Yosif  (Йосиф)BulgarianHe Will AddBoy
YusufArabianGod Will AddBoy
ZekeEnglishGod will strengthenBoy
ZekeIndianGod will strengthenBoy
Zhi  (; )ChineseWill; Wisdom; KnowledgeUnisex
Zhiqiang  (志强)ChineseWill is strongBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Will'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
GuillemotFrench Will Helmet; Protect; Guardian
SelbyEnglish Willow Settlement
WilcoxEnglish Will Cock
WilfordEnglish Will's River Crossing
WilkinsEnglish Son of Will
WillardAnglo-Saxon Strong Willed
WillardEnglish Strong Willed
WilletEnglish Willing
WilliamEnglish Will Helmet; Protect; Guardian
WilliamsEnglish Son of William
WilliamsonEnglish Son of William
WillisEnglish Son of Willy
WilloughbyEnglish Willow Settlement
WilmotEnglish Will Helmet; Protect; Guardian
WilsonEnglish Son of Will
WiltonEnglish Willow Settlement
WylieEnglish Will Helmet; Protect; Guardian