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Sibling names for 'সুদেশনা' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbhirajIndianFearless kingBoy
AdalarasuIndianKing of danceBoy
AdhipaIndianKing; RulerBoy
AgendraIndianKing of mountains; Himalaya mountainBoy
AgendraIndianKing of mountainsBoy
AjamilIndianMythological kingBoy
AjamilIndianA Mythological KingBoy
AlagarasuIndianHandsome king; King of beautyBoy
AlagarasuIndianHandsome; King of beautyBoy
AmbareeshIndianKing of skyBoy
AmbareeshIndianKing of the skyBoy
AnbarasuIndianKing of loveBoy
AnbuchelvanIndianKind; King of loveBoy
ArivarasuIndianKing of wisdomBoy
AsokanIndianName of a kingBoy
AtralarasuIndianSkilled kingBoy
AvadheshIndianKing DasarathaBoy
AvanindraIndianKing of the earthBoy
AvanindraIndianKing of earthBoy
BaliIndianBrave; Monkey kingBoy
BaliIndianMonkey kingBoy
BhagirathIndianA pious kingBoy
BhagirathIndianOne who brought Ganga on earth; An ancient kingBoy
BharteshIndianKing of BharatBoy
BheeshamIndianStrong; An elder of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'Boy
BhishamIndianStrong; Mighty; An elder of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'Boy
BhishmaIndianStrong; An elder of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'Boy
BhojIndianA Poet king; MealBoy
BhojIndianName of a poet king; MealBoy
BhoopendraIndianKing of the earthBoy
BhoopendraIndianKing of earthBoy
BhumindraIndianKing; Lord of the landBoy
BhupathiIndianKing; Lord of the earthBoy
BhupatiIndianKing; Lord of the earthBoy
BhupatiIndianKing; God of the earthBoy
BhupendraIndianKing of kingsBoy
BhupendraIndianKing of kings; EmperorBoy
BhuveshIndianThe king of earthBoy
BimbisaarIndianKing of Gupta dynastyBoy
BimbisarIndianA name of king ShrenikBoy
BimbisarIndianKing of the Gupta dynastyBoy
BimbisarIndianKing of Gupta dynastyBoy
BirendraIndianKing of warriorsBoy
BirinderIndianKing of warriorsBoy
BrajrajIndianKing of Braj landBoy
ChakravarteeIndianA sovereign kingBoy
ChakravarteeIndianSovereign kingBoy
ChakravarthiIndianSovereign kingBoy
ChakravartiIndianSovereign kingBoy
ChandavarmanIndianAn ancient kingBoy
ChandavarmanIndianAn old kingBoy
ChandraadityaIndianName of a kingBoy
ChandradevIndianMoon God; A KingBoy
ChandradityaIndianA KingBoy
ChandradityaIndianName of a kingBoy
ChandraguptIndianName of an ancient kingBoy
ChandraguptIndianName of ancient kingBoy
ChetakIndianDisciple king of lord MahavirBoy
ChitrasenIndianA king of GandharvasBoy
DevIndianGod; KingBoy
DevIndianDivinity; God; KingBoy
DevaapiIndianAn ancient kingBoy
DevapiIndianAn ancient kingBoy
DevappaIndianFather of kingBoy
DevarajIndianKing of the GodsBoy
DevarajIndianKing of godsBoy
DevendraIndianKing of the GodsBoy
DevendraIndianLord Indra; King of godsBoy
DevendraIndianKing of godsBoy
DevendraIndianKing of gods; Lord IndraBoy
DevendranathIndianLord of gods; King of godsBoy
DevendranathIndianKing of godsBoy
DeveshIndianLord Indra; King of godsBoy
DevnathIndianKing of godsBoy
DevnathIndianKing of the GodsBoy
DevrajIndianKing among gods; Name of lord IndraBoy
DevrajIndianKing among gods; Lord IndraBoy
DevrajIndianKing among gods; Name of IndraBoy
DevrajIndianKing of the gods; BuddhaBoy
DevvrataIndianName of an ancient kingBoy
DhanrajIndianKing of wealthBoy
DhanrajIndianLord Kuber; King of wealthBoy
DharendraIndianKing of the earthBoy
DharendraIndianKing of earthBoy
DhareshIndianKing; Lord of landBoy
DharmaraajIndianKing of religionBoy
DharmendraIndianKing of religionBoy
DharmendraIndianKing of religion; Lord of righteousnessBoy
DharmeshIndianKing of religion; Lord of righteousnessBoy
DileepIndianKing of solar raceBoy
DilipIndianProtector; King of the solar raceBoy
DilipIndianKing of solar raceBoy
DilipIndianKing of the solar raceBoy
DrupadIndianA King; Father of DraupadiBoy
DushyantIndianDestroyer of evil; Name of a kingBoy
DushyantIndianName of a king; Destroyer of evilBoy
DushyantIndianName of a kingBoy
DushyantaIndianName of a king; Destroyer of evilBoy
DushyantaIndianA king from the epic MahabharataBoy
DwarakaIndianCapital; Lord Krishna's kingdomBoy
DwarakaIndianCapital; Name of lord Krishna's kingdomBoy
DwijarajIndianKing of Brahmins; MoonBoy
DwijarajIndianKing of Brahmins; The moonBoy
DwijendraIndianKing of Brahmins; The moonBoy
DwijendraIndianKing of Brahmins; MoonBoy
EgaiarasuIndianKing of charityBoy
ElilarasanIndianHandsome; King of beautyBoy
ElilarasuIndianHandsome; King of beautyBoy
ElilvendanIndianHandsome; King of beautyBoy
FirozIndianName Of A KingBoy
GajendraIndianElephant kingBoy
GandharajIndianKing of fragranceBoy
GandharajIndianKing of fragrance; Sandal WoodBoy
GarudIndianThe king of bird; Falcon; A large mythical birdBoy
GarudIndianThe king of birds; FalconBoy
GarudIndianKing of birds; FalconBoy
GarudaIndianThe king of bird; Falcon; A large mythical birdBoy
GiriraajIndianKing of mountainsBoy
GirirajIndianKing of mountains; HimalayaBoy
GopichandIndianName of a kingBoy
GunaakarIndianAn ancient KingBoy
GunakarIndianAn ancient kingBoy
GunakarIndianAncient kingBoy
HansarajIndianKing of a swanBoy
HansarajIndianKing of swanBoy
HansraajIndianKing of swansBoy
HansrajIndianKing of swansBoy
HarirajIndianKing of lions; BraveBoy
HarirajIndianKing of lionsBoy
HarishchandraIndianKing of Surya dynasty; CharitableBoy
HemarajIndianKing of goldBoy
HemenIndianThe king of goldBoy
HemenIndianKing of goldBoy
HemraajIndianKing of gold; King of wealthBoy
HemrajIndianKing of goldBoy
HemrajIndianKing of wealthBoy
HemrajIndianKing of gold; King of wealthBoy
HireshIndianKing of gems; King of precious stonesBoy
HireshIndianKing of gemsBoy
HireshIndianKing of precious stonesBoy
HridayeshIndianKing of heartBoy
IlisaIndianKing of earthBoy
IlisaIndianKing of the earthBoy
InderIndianKing Of Gods; Most StrongBoy
IndraIndianKing of godsBoy
IneshIndianA Strong kingBoy
IneshIndianStrong kingBoy
IneshIndianStrong king; Lord VishnuBoy
IravanIndianKing of oceanBoy
IsaiarasuIndianKing of musicBoy
JagadeshIndianKing of the universeBoy
JagadeshIndianKing of universeBoy
JagdishIndianKing of the worldBoy
JagdishIndianKing of worldBoy
JahnuIndianName of an ancient sage and divine kingBoy
JanamejayIndianLord Vishnu; An ancient kingBoy
JanmeshIndianKing of his kundliBoy
JanmeshIndianThe king of his kundliBoy
JasrajIndianKing of fameBoy
JayachandIndianAncient king of KannaujBoy
JayachandIndianVictory Moon; Ancient king of KannaujBoy
JayapalIndianKing; Lord Vishnu; Lord BrahmaBoy
JayapalIndianKing; Lord Vishnu; Lord BramhaBoy
JaypalIndianThe kings jester; One who laughsBoy
JaypalIndianThe kings jester the one who laughsBoy
JograjIndianYograj; King of yoga; Lord KrishnaBoy
KanishkIndianName of a kingBoy
KanishkIndianAn ancient kingBoy
KanishkaIndianName of a kingBoy
KapindraIndianKing of monkeys; Lord HanumanBoy
KaushaleshIndianlord Rama; king of KaushalBoy
KavishIndianKing of poets; Lord GaneshBoy
KavishIndianKing of Poets; Name of lord GaneshBoy
KavishIndianKing of poets; Other name of lord GaneshBoy
KayaanIndianName of a dynasty of king KaikobadBoy
KayaanIndianThe name of a dynasty of king KaikobadBoy
KayanIndianName of a dynasty of king KaikobadBoy
KayanIndianThe name of a dynasty of king KaikobadBoy
KhagendraIndianKing of birds; Eagle (Garuda)Boy
KhageshIndianKing of birds; Eagle (Garuda)Boy
KusagraIndianA KingBoy
LaliteshIndianLord of beauty; Husband of a beautiful wifeBoy
LokeshIndianKing of world; Lord Brahma; Lord IndraBoy
LokeshIndianKing of the world; Lord BrahmaBoy
LokeshIndianKing of worldBoy
LukeshIndianKing of the empireBoy
LukeshIndianKing of empireBoy
MaandhataIndianAn ancient kingBoy
MaheepatiIndianKing Mahendra; Lord VishnuBoy
MahishIndianCeremoniously crowned kingBoy
ManavendraIndianKing among menBoy
MandhataIndianAn ancient kingBoy
ManendraIndianKing of mindBoy
ManjunathIndianKing of heartBoy
ManvendraIndianKing among menBoy
MatsendraIndianKing of the fishesBoy
MatsendraIndianKing of fishesBoy
MeghanIndianKing of cloudsBoy
MeghrajIndianKing of cloudsBoy
MeghrajIndianKing of clouds; Lord IndraBoy
MithileshIndianKing of Mithla cityBoy
MithileshIndianThe King of Mithila; Janak; Father of SitaBoy
MithileshIndianKing of Mithila; Janak; Father of goddess SitaBoy
NaabhiIndianCentre of body; An ancient KingBoy
Naag-RaajIndianKing of serpentsBoy
NaagendraIndianking of the serpentsBoy
NaagpatiIndianKing of serpentsBoy
NaagraajIndianKing of serpentsBoy
NaagrajIndianKing of serpents; SheshnaagBoy
NabhiIndianCentre of body; An ancient kingBoy
Nag-RajIndianKing of serpentsBoy
Nag-RajIndianKing of the serpentsBoy
NagendraIndianSeshnag; King of the serpentsBoy
NagendraIndianKing of the serpentsBoy
NagendraIndianKing of the serpents; Lord of mountains (Himalaya)Boy
NageshwaranIndianKing of snakesBoy
NagpatiIndianKing of serpentsBoy
NahushIndianName of an ancient kingBoy
NahushaIndianMythological kingBoy
NahushaIndianA mythological kingBoy
NaishadhIndianKing Nala; A hero from the Mahabharata who was king of NishadhaBoy
NaishadhIndianKing NalaBoy
NaishadhIndianKing Nala; Hero from the epic Mahabharata who was king of NishadhaBoy
NaksatrarajaIndianKing of starsBoy
NalIndianAn ancient kingBoy
NaleshIndianKing of flowersBoy
NarendraIndianKing of manBoy
NarendraIndianKing of menBoy
NarendranathIndianKing of kings; EmperorBoy
NareshIndianKing; Lord of manBoy
NarinderIndianThe KingBoy
NarinderIndianKing of menBoy
NatarajaIndianKing of the art of dancingBoy
NateshIndianKing; Lord of manBoy
NateshIndianKing; Lord ShivaBoy
NatrajIndianKing among actorsBoy
Nitya SundraIndianGood LookingBoy
NityasundarIndianEver good looking; Pleasing; Ever beautifulBoy
NityasundarIndianEver Good LookingBoy
NridevIndianKing amongst menBoy
NridevIndianKing among menBoy
NripendraIndianKing of kingsBoy
NripendraIndianKing of kings; EmperorBoy
NripeshIndianLord of kingsBoy
NripeshIndianKing of kings; EmperorBoy
NrupadhIndianFeet of a kingBoy
OriIndianCharitable kingBoy
PaarthIndianAnother name of Arjun; King; StudentBoy
Pann GeshIndianKing of serpentsBoy
Pann-GeshIndianKing of serpentsBoy
ParikshitIndianName of an ancient kingBoy
ParikshitIndianProven; Name of an ancient kingBoy
ParthIndianKing; ArjunBoy
ParthaIndianKing; ArjunBoy
PauravIndianDescendent of king PuruBoy
PauravIndianA descendent of king PuruBoy
PhanindraIndianKing of godsBoy
PhanishwarIndianKing of serpentsBoy
PrabodhIndianSound advice; Waking; Vigilance; ConsciousnessBoy
PrajapatiIndianKing; BrahmaBoy
PrakulIndianGood lookingBoy
PrasenjitIndianA King in epicsBoy
PrasenjitIndianA king in the epicsBoy
PrasenjitIndianDisciple king of lord MahavirBoy
PrateepIndianKing; Shantanu's fatherBoy
PrateepIndianKing; Shantanu's father; OppositeBoy
PraveerIndianAn excellent warrior; KingBoy
PraveerIndianExcellent warrior; KingBoy
PrithvijajIndianKing of the earthBoy
PrithvijajIndianKing of earthBoy
PriyanvadIndianSweet talking personBoy
PuruIndianAbundant; A legendary king; HeavenBoy
PuruIndianHeaven; Abundant; Name of a kingBoy
PuruIndianAbundant; Name of a kingBoy
RaajyashreeIndianPropriety of a kingBoy
RaghuIndianFamily of lord Rama; An ancient king of AvadhBoy
RajIndianKing; Rule; Kingdom; MonarchBoy
RajarshiIndianKing's sageBoy
RajdeepIndianBest of kingsBoy
RajendraIndianA mighty king; Emperor; King of kingsBoy
RajendraIndianKing of Gods; Lord IndraBoy
RajeshIndianLord of kingsBoy
RajeshIndianGod of kingsBoy
RajeshIndianLord of kings; EmperorBoy
RajrishiIndianKing's sageBoy
RajveerIndianThe hero of the kingdom; The warriorBoy
RajveerIndianThe warrior or hero of the kingdomBoy
RajyashreeIndianPropriety of a kingBoy
RasrajIndianKing of liquidBoy
RatulIndianSweet; Truth seeking; InterestedBoy
RatulIndianSweet; Truth seeking; InterestingBoy
RituraajIndianKing of seasonsBoy
RiturajIndianKing of the seasonsBoy
RiturajIndianKing of seasons; SpringBoy
RohitasvaIndianSon of king HarishchandraBoy
RyanIndianDescendant of Rian; KingBoy
SambaranIndianRestraint; Name of an ancient kingBoy
SamudraguptaIndianFamous Gupta kingBoy
SamudraguptaIndianA famous gupta kingBoy
SanjivanIndianImmortality; Making alive; Giving lifeBoy
SarveshIndianMaster of all; God; King; Lord of allBoy
SathishIndianGood kingBoy
SathishIndianGood king; KindBoy
SatrijitIndianFather of Satyabhama; Wife of lord KrishnaBoy
SeshadriIndianShesha means - The king of serpents and Adri means - HillBoy
SeshadriIndianShesha - The king of serpents + Adri - HillBoy
SeshadriIndianShesha means the king of serpents and Adri means hillBoy
ShailendraIndianKing of mountains; Himalaya; Lord ShivaBoy
ShailendraIndianKing of mountains; HimalayaBoy
ShaileshIndianKing of mountains; HimalayaBoy
ShantanuIndianWhole; A king from the epic MahabharataBoy
ShantanuIndianA king from the epic MahabharataBoy
SharanIndianTaking the shelter of guruBoy
ShatteshIndianKing of mountainsBoy
ShrenikIndianDisciple king of lord MahavirBoy
SohanIndianGood looking; HandsomeBoy
SohanIndianGood lookingBoy
Sri Krishna Deva RayaluIndianWell Known KingBoy
SudarshIndianGood LookingBoy
SudarshanIndianGood lookingBoy
SuketuIndianA Yaksha kingBoy
SuketuIndianYaksha kingBoy
SumantraIndianFriend of king DasarathBoy
SunayIndianWise; Leader; Well conducted kingBoy
SunayIndianWise; Leader; A well conducted kingBoy
SunjeevIndianMaking aliveBoy
SuryakantIndianLoved by the sun; Glowing; Good Looking; A JewelBoy
SvangIndianGood lookingBoy
SwapneshIndianKing of dreamsBoy
TakshaIndianKing Bharat's SonBoy
TakshakIndianCobra; King of serpentsBoy
TakshakIndianKing of serpentsBoy
ThangaduraiIndianGolden kingBoy
ThangarajanIndianGolden kingBoy
TrishankuIndianA king of the Surya dynastyBoy
UdayanIndianRising; Name of king of AvantiBoy
UttarIndianSon of king VirataBoy
UttarIndianLord Shiva; Son of king VirataBoy
UttarIndianSon of king Virata; Lord ShivaBoy
VanrajIndianKing of forestBoy
VasuIndianWealth; Lord Vishnu; An ancient kingBoy
VibhudendraIndianKing of earthBoy
VidurIndianPart of the Kaurav kingdomBoy
VikramadityaIndianA Famous kingBoy
VikramadityaIndianA famous king; Son of velourBoy
VikramajitIndianA famous kingBoy
VikramendraIndianKing of prowessBoy
VishwarajaIndianKing of worldBoy
VishwarajaIndianKing of the worldBoy
YadavendraIndianKing of the yadav clanBoy
YadavendraIndianKing of the yadav clan; Lord KrishnaBoy
YaduIndianAn ancient kingBoy
YagyasenIndianName of king DrupadBoy
YagyasenIndianName of a kingBoy
YashrajIndianKing of fameBoy

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