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 Names meaning 'Ruler'

Name that means

Meaning:  Ruler

List of Names that means 'Ruler'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AadinathIndianThe first god; Supreme Ruler of the UniverseBoy
AadinathSanskritGod; Supreme Ruler of the Universe; The first GodBoy
AdalricusGermanAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AdalricusLatinNoble RulerBoy
AdhipaIndianKing; RulerBoy
AelfricAnglo-SaxonElf rulerBoy
AelfwealdAnglo-SaxonElf rulerBoy
AimereyEnglishHome rulerBoy
AimereyIndianHome rulerBoy
AimeriFrenchHome RulerBoy
AimericFrenchHome RulerBoy
AimeryEnglishHome rulerBoy
AimeryFrenchHome RulerBoy
AimeryIndianHome rulerBoy
Al Malik (الملك)IndianThe Absolute Ruler
AlaricoSpanishPowerful; Ruler of allBoy
AlaricusGermanAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AlaricusLatinRuler of allBoy
AlbaricFrenchBlond RulerBoy
AlbericLatinElf RulerBoy
AlbericusLatinElf RulerBoy
AldricGermanOld ruler; Long term rulerBoy
AldrichEnglishNoble rulerBoy
AldrichFrenchOld; Wise RulerBoy
AldrichGermanOld ruler; Long term rulerBoy
AldrichIndianNoble rulerBoy
AldrickGermanOld ruler; Long term rulerBoy
AldrickTeutonicOld rulerBoy
AldridgeEnglishNoble rulerBoy
AldridgeIndianNoble rulerBoy
AldrikGermanOld ruler; Long term rulerBoy
AlericEnglishAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AlericIndianAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AlerickEnglishAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AlerickIndianAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllaricEnglishAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllaricIndianAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllarickEnglishAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllarickIndianAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AlldrichGermanOld ruler; Long term rulerBoy
AllericEnglishAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllericIndianAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllerickEnglishAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllerickIndianAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllricEnglishAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllricIndianAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AlrekrNorsePowerful; Ruler of allBoy
AmeerIndianCommander; Khalifah; Ruler; Prince; RichBoy
AmeerIndianRuler; PrinceBoy
AmeryEnglishHome rulerBoy
AmeryIndianHome rulerBoy
AmirIndianCommander; Khalifah; Ruler; Prince; RichBoy
AmoryEnglishHome ruler; The loving oneBoy
AmoryIndianHome ruler; The loving oneBoy
ArdalGermanEagle RulerBoy
ArdashirIndianRighteous rulerBoy
ArdashirIranian (Persian)Righteous RulerBoy
AricEnglishEver rulerBoy
AricIndianRule with mercy; Ever rulerBoy
ArikEnglishEver rulerBoy
ArikIndianEver rulerBoy
AristarchusLatinBest Ruler; Excellent Origin; SourceBoy
ArntGermanEagle RulerBoy
ArrighettoItalianRuler of an EnclosureBoy
ArrigoItalianRuler of an EstateBoy
Artaxerxes  (Αρταξέρξης)GreekRighteous RulerBoy
AubreeEnglishElf rulerUnisex
AubreeFrenchBlond Ruler; Bear likeGirl
AubreeIndianElf rulerUnisex
AubreyFrenchBlond Ruler; Bear likeGirl
AubrianaFrenchBlond Ruler; Bear likeGirl
AubrianneFrenchBlond Ruler; Bear likeGirl
AubrieEnglishElf rulerUnisex
AubrieFrenchBlond Ruler; Bear likeGirl
AubrieIndianElf rulerUnisex
AubryEnglishElf rulerBoy
AubryFrenchBlond Ruler; Bear likeBoy
AubryIndianElf rulerBoy
AudricFrenchLong term ruler; Wise rulerBoy
AudricGermanOld; Wise RulerBoy
AudrickGermanOld; Wise RulerBoy
AudwinGermanWise RulerBoy
AudwineGermanWise RulerBoy
AveryFrenchElf RulerBoy
AymericFrenchHome RulerBoy
AymeryEnglishHome rulerBoy
AymeryIndianHome rulerBoy
BaldricEnglishBrave RulerBoy
BaldricIndianBrave RulerBoy
BartholdGermanBright RulerBoy
BatukhanMongolianFirm RulerBoy
BedaCzech & SlovakPeaceful RulerBoy
BedrichCzech & SlovakPeaceful RulerBoy
BedrikCzech & SlovakPeaceful RulerBoy
BedrisekCzech & SlovakPeaceful RulerBoy
BeksultanKazakhProsperous Ruler; WiseBoy
BerchtwaldGermanBright RulerBoy
BertaGermanBright RulerGirl
BertaPolishBright RulerGirl
BerthaGermanBright RulerGirl
BertheFrenchBright RulerGirl
BertholdGermanBright RulerBoy
BertoldoItalianBright RulerBoy
BhaltairScottishRuler of the armyBoy
BhatairScottishRuler of the armyBoy
BhoolokanathanIndianRuler of earthBoy
BhoolokanathanIndianRuler of the earthBoy
BhoothanathanIndianRuler of earthBoy
BhoothanathanIndianRuler of the earthBoy
BrodericScottishSon of the famous rulerBoy
BroderickScottishSon of the famous rulerBoy
BrodricScottishSon of the famous rulerBoy
BrodrickScottishSon of the famous rulerBoy
ChitteshIndianLord of soul; Ruler of mindBoy
CriusLatinMaster; RulerBoy
DarekGermanRuler of the peopleBoy
DayyanIndianA mighty RulerBoy
DereckGermanRuler of the peopleBoy
DerekGermanRuler of the peopleBoy
DerickGermanRuler of the peopleBoy
DerikGermanRuler of the peopleBoy
DerrekGermanRuler of the peopleBoy
DerrickGermanRuler of the peopleBoy
DerrikGermanRuler of the peopleBoy
DeryckGermanRuler of the peopleBoy
DerykGermanRuler of the peopleBoy
DickEnglishPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickGermanRich and powerful rulerBoy
DickIndianPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickieEnglishPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickieIndianPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickyEnglishPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickyIndianPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DidrikaGermanRuler of the peopleGirl
DiederichGermanRuler of the peopleBoy
DiedrickGermanRuler of the peopleBoy
DierckGermanRuler of the peopleBoy
DoileagScottishWorld RulerGirl
DolagScottishWorld RulerGirl
DolannaEnglishWorld rulerGirl
DolannaIndianWorld rulerGirl
DolannaScottishWorld RulerGirl
DolenaEnglishWorld rulerGirl
DolenaIndianWorld rulerGirl
DolinaEnglishWorld rulerGirl
DolinaIndianWorld rulerGirl
DolinaScottishWorld RulerGirl
DollagScottishWorld RulerGirl
DomhnullScottishMighty RulerBoy
DonEnglishWorld rulerBoy
DonIndianWorld rulerBoy
DonaEnglishLady; World rulerGirl
DonaIndianLady; World rulerGirl
DonalEnglishWorld rulerBoy
DonalIndianWorld rulerBoy
DonaldEnglishWorld rulerBoy
DonaldIndianWorld rulerBoy
DonaldScottishWorld RulerUnisex
DonaldaEnglishWorld rulerGirl
DonaldaIndianWorld rulerGirl
DonaldaScottishWorld RulerGirl
DonaldinaEnglishWorld rulerGirl
DonaldinaIndianWorld rulerGirl
DonaldinaScottishWorld RulerGirl
DonallEnglishWorld rulerBoy
DonallIndianWorld rulerBoy
DonellaEnglishWorld rulerGirl
DonellaIndianWorld rulerGirl
DonelleEnglishWorld ruler; Snake; DragonGirl
DonelleIndianWorld ruler; Snake; DragonGirl
DonnaEnglishWorld ruler; LadyGirl
DonnaIndianWorld ruler; LadyGirl
DonnaScottishWorld RulerGirl
DonnagScottishWorld RulerGirl
DonnieEnglishWorld rulerBoy
DonnieIndianWorld rulerBoy
DonnyEnglishWorld rulerBoy
DonnyIndianWorld rulerBoy
DorekPolishRuler of the PeopleBoy
EanraigScottishHome rulerBoy
EanruigScottishRuler of an enclosureBoy
EdinguGermanFamous RulerBoy
EdricEnglishRich rulerBoy
EdricIndianRich rulerBoy
EerikFinnishEver RulerBoy
EerikaFinnishEver RulerGirl
EerikkiFinnishEver RulerBoy
EeroFinnishEver RulerBoy
Eiji  (永次; 英治; 英二; 栄治)JapaneseExcellent Second Son; Splendid RulerBoy
EiricaScottishRuler of allGirl
EirikNorwegianEver rulerBoy
EirikrNorseEver ruler; LikedBoy
EldricGermanOld ruler; Long term rulerBoy
EldrichGermanOld ruler; Long term rulerBoy
EldridgeEnglishNoble rulerBoy
EldridgeIndianNoble rulerBoy
ElfridaGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
ElldrichGermanOld ruler; Long term rulerBoy
EllisEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
EllisIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
ElricEnglishElf rulerBoy
ElricIndianElf rulerBoy
ElwoodEnglishElf rulerBoy
ElwoodIndianElf rulerBoy
EmersonGermanIndustrious RulerBoy
EmeryGermanIndustrious RulerBoy
EmirTurkishHome Ruler; FriendBoy
EmoryGermanIndustrious RulerBoy
EmreTurkishHome Ruler; FriendBoy
EnricaItalianRuler of the Estate; Home RulerGirl
EnricaSpanishRuler of the estate; Home rulerGirl
EnricoItalianRuler of the Estate; Home RulerBoy
EnriquaSpanishRuler of the estate; Home rulerGirl
EnriqueSpanishRuler of the estate; Home rulerBoy
EnriquetaSpanishRuler of the estate; Home rulerGirl
EnzoItalianRuler of the Estate; Home RulerBoy
EnzoSpanishRuler of the estate; Home rulerBoy
ErekEnglishEver rulerBoy
ErekIndianEver rulerBoy
EricEnglishEver rulerBoy
EricFrenchEver RulerBoy
EricIndianEver rulerBoy
EricScandinavianEver rulerBoy
EricaEnglishEver rulerGirl
EricaIndianEver rulerGirl
ErichGermanEver RulerBoy
ErickEnglishEver rulerBoy
ErickIndianEver rulerBoy
ErickaEnglishEver rulerGirl
ErickaIndianEver rulerGirl
EricoPortugueseEver rulerBoy
ErikEnglishEver rulerBoy
ErikFinnishEver RulerBoy
ErikIndianEver rulerBoy
ErikaEnglishEver rulerGirl
ErikaFinnishEver RulerGirl
ErikaIndianEver rulerGirl
EriqFrenchEver RulerBoy
ErkkiFinnishEver RulerBoy
ErwigAnglo-SaxonEver ruler; LikedBoy
ErykEnglishEver rulerBoy
ErykIndianEver rulerBoy
ErykPolishEternal RulerBoy
ErykahEnglishEver rulerGirl
ErykahIndianEver rulerGirl
EthelricEnglishNoble rulerBoy
EthelricIndianNoble rulerBoy
EuricoSpanishEver RulerBoy
EwaldGermanLaw RulerBoy
EwoudDutchLaw RulerBoy
EwouldDutchLaw RulerBoy
EwoutDutchLaw RulerBoy
FaizanIndianRuler; Beneficence; Generosity; Abundance; BenefitBoy
FeddeGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FedericaItalianPeaceful RulerGirl
FedericoItalianPeaceful RulerBoy
FedericoSpanishPeaceful RulerBoy
FederigoItalianPeaceful RulerBoy
FredEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
FredGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FredIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FredaGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FreddaGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FredderckeGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FreddiGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FreddieEnglishPeaceful rulerUnisex
FreddieGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FreddieIndianPeaceful rulerUnisex
FreddyEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
FreddyGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FreddyIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FredekHungarianPeaceful RulerBoy
FredekPolishPeaceful RulerBoy
FredericFrenchPeaceful RulerBoy
FredericaEnglishPeaceful rulerGirl
FredericaGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FredericaIndianPeaceful rulerGirl
FredericaLatinPeaceful rulerGirl
FrederickEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
FrederickGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FrederickIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FredericoPortuguesePeaceful RulerBoy
FredericoSpanishPeaceful RulerBoy
FredericusLatinPeaceful rulerBoy
FrederikDanishPeaceful RulerBoy
FrederikaGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FrederikkeDanishPeaceful RulerGirl
FrederiqueFrenchPeaceful RulerGirl
FredricEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
FredricIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FredrickEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
FredrickIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FredriikaFinnishPeaceful RulerGirl
FredriikkaFinnishPeaceful RulerGirl
FredrikEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
FredrikFinnishPeaceful RulerBoy
FredrikIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FredrikaFinnishPeaceful RulerGirl
FredrikaGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FreekDutchPeaceful RulerBoy
FreidaEnglishPeaceful rulerGirl
FreidaIndianPeaceful rulerGirl
FreodhericAnglo-SaxonPeaceful rulerBoy
FrerikDutchPeaceful RulerBoy
FreryFrenchPeaceful RulerBoy
FriciHungarianPeaceful RulerGirl
FriderichPolishPeaceful RulerBoy
FridrikHungarianPeaceful RulerBoy
FriedaGermanPeaceful Ruler; GraciousGirl
FriedeGermanPeaceful Ruler; GraciousGirl
FriederikeGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FriedrichGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FriedrickGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FrigyesHungarianPeaceful RulerBoy
FritsDutchPeaceful RulerBoy
FritzEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
FritzGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FritzIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FritziGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FryderykPolishPeaceful RulerBoy
FryderykaPolishPeaceful RulerGirl
FrydrychPolishPeaceful RulerBoy
FrydrykPolishPeaceful RulerBoy
FrydrykaPolishPeaceful RulerGirl
FrygyesHungarianPeaceful RulerBoy
GairovaldGermanSpear RulerBoy
GairovaldTeutonicSpear rulerBoy
GarretEnglishSpear RulerBoy
GarretIndianSpear RulerBoy
GarrettEnglishSpear RulerBoy
GarrettIndianSpear RulerBoy
GarrickGermanSpear RulerBoy
GaubertFrenchBright RulerBoy
GauthierFrenchRuler of the armyBoy
GautierFrenchRuler of the armyBoy
Genghis  (成吉思汗)ChineseJust; Right; True; Great RulerBoy
GeraldEnglishSpear RulerBoy
GeraldIndianSpear RulerBoy
GeraldineEnglishSpear RulerGirl
GeraldineIndianSpear RulerGirl
GeraldoSpanishSpear ruler; Brave with a spearBoy
GeraldusLatinSpear RulerBoy
GeralltWelshSpear rulerBoy
GerardoSpanishSpear ruler; Brave with a spearBoy
GeraudFrenchSpear rulerBoy
GerekPolishRuler with a SpearBoy
GerholdGermanSpear RulerBoy
GerikPolishRuler with a SpearBoy
GeroltDutchSpear RulerBoy
GerryEnglishSpear RulerUnisex
GerryIndianSpear RulerUnisex
GiraldoItalianSpear RulerBoy
GualterPortugueseRuler of the armyBoy
GualtieroItalianStrong and Powerful Warrior; Ruler of the ArmyBoy
GualtieroSpanishRuler of the armyBoy
GutierreSpanishPowerful RulerBoy
GwallterWelshRuler of the armyBoy
HaimirichGermanHome rulerBoy
HainrichPolishHome RulerBoy
HajnrichPolishHome RulerBoy
HakanTurkishEmperor; RulerBoy
HalEnglishHome rulerBoy
HalIndianHome rulerBoy
HamlinGermanRuler of the estateBoy
HankEnglishHome rulerBoy
HankIndianHome rulerBoy
HanriettaFrenchRuler of the householdGirl
HanrietteFrenchRuler of the householdGirl
HaraldGermanArmy RulerBoy
HaraldScandinavianArmy rulerBoy
HaroldEnglishArmy RulerBoy
HaroldIndianArmy RulerBoy
HarriEnglishHome rulerBoy
HarriFinnishHome RulerBoy
HarriIndianHome rulerBoy
HarriWelshHome rulerBoy
HarrieEnglishHome rulerBoy
HarrieIndianHome rulerBoy
HarrietEnglishHome rulerGirl
HarrietFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerGirl
HarrietIndianHome rulerGirl
HarriettEnglishHome rulerGirl
HarriettFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerGirl
HarriettIndianHome rulerGirl
HarriettaEnglishHome rulerGirl
HarriettaFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerGirl
HarriettaIndianHome rulerGirl
HarrietteEnglishHome rulerGirl
HarrietteFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerGirl
HarrietteIndianHome rulerGirl
HarryEnglishHome rulerBoy
HarryIndianHome rulerBoy
HattieEnglishHome rulerGirl
HattieIndianHome rulerGirl
HattyEnglishHome rulerGirl
HattyIndianHome rulerGirl
HeikeGermanHome rulerUnisex
HeikkiFinnishHome RulerBoy
HeikoGermanHome rulerBoy
HeimerichGermanHome rulerBoy
HeinDutchHome RulerBoy
HeineGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HeinerGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HeinoGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HeinrichGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HeinrikeGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureGirl
HeintjeDutchHome RulerGirl
HeinzGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HendrickEnglishHome rulerBoy
HendrickIndianHome rulerBoy
HendrikDutchHome RulerBoy
HendrikScandinavianHome rulerBoy
HendrikaDutchHome RulerGirl
HendryScottishHome rulerBoy
HendrychPolishHome RulerBoy
HeniekPolishRuler of an Enclosure; Home RulerBoy
HenioPolishRuler of an Enclosure; Home RulerBoy
HenkDutchHome RulerBoy
HennaFinnishHome RulerGirl
HenningGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HenningScandinavianHome rulerBoy
HenriFinnishHome RulerBoy
HenriFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerBoy
HenrickDutchHome RulerBoy
HenricusLatinHome RulerBoy
HenrieEnglishHome rulerBoy
HenrieIndianHome rulerBoy
HenrietaPolishRuler of an Enclosure; Home RulerGirl
HenriettaEnglishHome rulerGirl
HenriettaFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerGirl
HenriettaIndianHome rulerGirl
HenriettaLatinHome RulerGirl
HenrietteEnglishHome rulerGirl
HenrietteFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerGirl
HenrietteIndianHome rulerGirl
HenriikkaFinnishHome RulerGirl
HenrikGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HenrikScandinavianHome rulerBoy
HenrikasLithuanianHome rulerBoy
HenrikeGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureGirl
HenrikeScandinavianHome rulerGirl
HenrikkiFinnishHome RulerBoy
HenriquaSpanishRuler of the enclosureGirl
HenriquePortugueseHome rulerBoy
HenriquesPortugueseHome rulerBoy
HenriquetaPortugueseHome rulerGirl
HenryEnglishHome rulerBoy
HenryFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerBoy
HenryGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HenryIndianHome rulerBoy
HenryeEnglishHome rulerBoy
HenryeIndianHome rulerBoy
HenrykPolishRuler of an Enclosure; Home RulerBoy
HenrykaPolishRuler of an Enclosure; Home RulerGirl
HerewardAnglo-SaxonArmy guard; Army ruler; LeaderBoy
HerewealdAnglo-SaxonArmy guard; Army ruler; LeaderBoy
HerkusLithuanianHome rulerBoy
HettieEnglishHome rulerGirl
HettieFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerGirl
HettieIndianHome rulerGirl
HinrichGermanHome rulerBoy
HulderichGermanMerciful RulerBoy
ImreCzech & SlovakIndustrious RulerBoy
ImreHungarianIndustrious RulerBoy
ImrichCzech & SlovakHome RulerBoy
JagdishIndianGod; Lord of the universe; The ruler of the worldBoy
JagdishSanskritGod; Lord of the universe; The ruler of the worldBoy
JahangirIndianWorld conqueror; World rulerBoy
JahangirIranian (Persian)World Conqueror; World RulerBoy
JeraldEnglishSpear RulerBoy
JeraldIndianSpear RulerBoy
JeriEnglishSpear RulerGirl
JeriIndianSpear RulerGirl
JeroldEnglishSpear RulerBoy
JeroldIndianSpear RulerBoy
JerriEnglishSpear RulerUnisex
JerriIndianSpear rulerUnisex
JerrieEnglishSpear RulerUnisex
JerrieIndianSpear rulerUnisex
JerroldEnglishSpear RulerBoy
JerroldIndianSpear rulerBoy
JerryEnglishSpear RulerUnisex
JerryIndianSpear rulerUnisex
JindrichCzech & SlovakHome RulerBoy
JindrikCzech & SlovakHome RulerBoy
JindriskaCzech & SlovakHome RulerGirl
Jun  (; ; )ChineseRuler; Supreme; TalentedUnisex

List of Surnames that means 'Ruler'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AldridgeEnglish Noble Ruler
AmeryEnglish Home ruler
AmoryEnglish Home ruler
AubreyEnglish Elf Ruler
GarrettIrish Spear Ruler
RégisFrench Manager; Ruler

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