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 Sibling names for Bhadran

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Sibling names for 'Bhadran' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AamrapaliIndianLeaf of Mango treeGirl
AaniyaIndianSon of Anjani; Lord HanumanGirl
AbhijataIndianWell born womanGirl
AbhijitaIndianVictorious womanGirl
AbhirupaIndianBeautiful (woman)Girl
AhalyaIndianWithout any deformation; Wife of Gautam Rishi; A woman who was saved by lord RamaGirl
AhalyaIndianAgreeable; Rishi Gautam's wife; Woman rescued by lord RamaGirl
AhalyaIndianRishi Gautam's Wife; Woman rescued by lord RamaGirl
AhalyaSanskritWithout any deformation; Wife of Gautam Rishi; A woman who was saved by lord RamaGirl
AhilyaIndianWithout any deformation; Wife of Gautam Rishi; A woman who was saved by lord RamaGirl
AhilyaSanskritWithout any deformation; Wife of Gautam Rishi; A woman who was saved by lord RamaGirl
AkshitaIndianWonder Girl; Permanent; ConstantGirl
AnandiIndianAlways happy (woman)Girl
AnganaIndianHandsome WomanGirl
AnganaIndianBeautiful womanGirl
AnjanaIndianMother of lord HanumanGirl
AnjanaIndianMother of HanumanGirl
AnjanaIndianMother of lord Hanuman; DuskyGirl
AnjaniIndianHanuman's mother; Illusion (maya)Girl
AnjaniIndianMother of lord Hanuman; illusionGirl
AnjiniIndianMother of HanumanGirl
AnjiniIndianMother of lord HanumanGirl
AnkithaIndianWith auspicious marksGirl
AnkithaIndianOne with auspicious marksGirl
AnkithaIndianAuspicious marksGirl
AnsuyaIndianLearned womanGirl
AparajitaIndianUnconquerable (woman)Girl
AsvedhaIndianOne of the mandramGirl
AvatharaIndianGoddess in human reflectionGirl
AvatharaIndianGoddess in human reflection or birthGirl
BakhtawarIndianFortunate; LuckyGirl
BhadraIndianGentle; Blessed; Prosperous; Fortunate; AuspiciousGirl
BhadraSanskritGentle; Blessed; Prosperous; FortunateGirl
BhagwantiIndianLucky; Fortunate; AuspiciousGirl
BhagyashriIndianGoddess Laxmi; Lucky; Fortunate; AuspiciousGirl
BhagyasriIndianGoddess Laxmi; Lucky; Fortunate; AuspiciousGirl
BhagyaviIndianLucky; Fortunate; AuspiciousGirl
BhagyawatiIndianLucky; Fortunate; AuspiciousGirl
BhaminiIndianWoman; Beautiful; GloriousGirl
BhaminiSanskritWoman; Beautiful; GloriousGirl
BhanuniIndianCharming womanGirl
BilvaIndianAuspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leafGirl
BilvaSanskritAuspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leafGirl
BilwaIndianAuspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leafGirl
BilwaSanskritAuspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leafGirl
BrahmachariniIndianSeeker of BrahmanGirl
ChangunaIndianGood womanGirl
ChangunaIndianA Good womanGirl
CharviIndianA Beautiful womanGirl
CharviIndianBeautiful womanGirl
CharviIndianLovely; Beautiful womanGirl
CharviSanskritLovely; A beautiful womanGirl
DevahutiIndianDaughter of ManuGirl
ElakshiIndianA woman with bright eyesGirl
ElakshiSanskritA woman with bright eyesGirl
ElinaIndianPure; Intelligent; Woman with intelligenceGirl
ElinaIndianWoman with intelligenceGirl
GaratiIndianVirtuous womanGirl
GargiIndianName of a learned woman; Goddess Durga; ScholarGirl
GargiIndianWise womanGirl
GauraIndianFair womanGirl
GauraIndianA fair womanGirl
GauraIndianFair woman; Fair complexionedGirl
GauraIndianFair woman; Goddess Parvati; Name of a raagaGirl
GauriIndianA fair woman; ParvatiGirl
GauriIndianFair woman; Goddess ParvatiGirl
GayatriSanskritVeda Mata - The mother of all Vedas; Sanskrit mantraGirl
GopikaIndianCowherd; Cowherd womanGirl
GopikaIndianA Cowherd; Cowherd womanGirl
HanuIndianLord HanumanGirl
HarimantiIndianBorn in the season of HemantaGirl
IlaIndianEarth; Daughter of Manu; VitalityGirl
IlaIndianEarth; Daughter of ManuGirl
IlaIndianWater; Earth; Daughter of ManuGirl
JanataIndianCommon manGirl
JayashreeIndianGoddess of victory; Victorious womanGirl
KalyaniIndianAuspicious; FortunateGirl
KalyaniSanskritAuspicious; FortunateGirl
KamalasambhavaIndianEmanating from the lotusGirl
KaminiIndianA Beautiful womanGirl
KaminiIndianBeautiful womanGirl
KeshiIndianA woman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiIndianWoman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshikaIndianA woman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshikaIndianWoman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiniIndianA woman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiniIndianWoman with beautiful hairGirl
KuntalaIndianA Woman with luxurious hairGirl
KuntalaIndianWoman with beautiful hairGirl
KuviraIndianCourageous womanGirl
LajjawatiIndianA Sensitive plant; Modest womanGirl
LajjawatiIndianA sensitive plant; touch me not plant; Modest womanGirl
LajwantiIndianA Sensitive plant; Modest womanGirl
LajwantiIndianA sensitive plant; touch me not plant; Modest womanGirl
LakshanaIndianOne with auspicious signs on herGirl
LakshanaIndianOne with auspicious signsGirl
LakshmiIndianGoddess of wealth; Goddess Laxmi; Fortunate; Wife of lord VishnuGirl
LakshmiSanskritGoddess of Wealth; Fortunate; Wife of lord VishnuGirl
LalanaIndianA Beautiful womanGirl
LalanaIndianBeautiful womanGirl
LalitaIndianBeautiful womanGirl
LaxmiIndianGoddess of Wealth; Fortunate; Wife of lord VishnuGirl
LaxmiSanskritGoddess of Wealth; Fortunate; Wife of lord VishnuGirl
LeenaIndianWoman of MagdalaGirl
LibniIndianManuscripts of godGirl
LinaIndianWoman of MagdalaGirl
LipiIndianManuscripts of godGirl
LopamudraIndianWife of sage Agastya; Learned womanGirl
LopamudraIndianWife of saint Agastya; Learned womanGirl
MadirakshiIndianWoman with intoxicating eyesGirl
MaitreyiIndianA wise womanGirl
MaitreyiIndianWise woman; A learned woman of the pastGirl
MaitreyiIndianLearned woman of the pastGirl
ManaviIndianWife of Manu; DaughterGirl
ManaviIndianWife of Manu; Daughter of manGirl
ManaviIndianWife of ManuGirl
ManayiIndianWife of ManuGirl
ManayiIndianWife of Manu; Daughter of manGirl
MangalaIndianAuspicious; Bliss; Goddess ParvatiGirl
MangalaIndianFemale form of Mangal; Fortunate; LuckyGirl
MangalyaIndianAuspicious; Pious; PureGirl
ManjariIndianBunch; Bud of a Mango treeGirl
ManjariIndianA cluster of blossoms; Bud of a mango treeGirl
MeenakshiIndianWoman with a beautiful eyesGirl
MeenakshiIndianA woman with a beautiful eyesGirl
MeenakshiIndianA woman with beautiful eyesGirl
MridulaIndianAn ideal womanGirl
MridulaIndianSoft; An ideal womanGirl
NamuchiIndianKama; Tight; PermanentGirl
NilayaIndianHome; Mansion; AbodeGirl
NirupaIndianDecree; CommandGirl
OmanaIndianA womanGirl
OmanaIndianLady; Woman; TenderGirl
OmanaSanskritA womanGirl
OormilaIndianDaughter of King Janaka of Mithila; Name of Lakshman's wifeGirl
OormilaSanskritDaughter of King Janaka of Mithila; Name of Lakshman's wifeGirl
PadmanabhapriyaIndianBeloved of PadmanabhaGirl
ParinitaIndianComplete; Expert; Married womanGirl
ParnitaIndianAuspicious apsaraGirl
PragyawatiIndianA wise womanGirl
PragyawatiIndianWise womanGirl
PramadaIndianWoman; Beautiful LadyGirl
RamaniIndianBeautiful womanGirl
RaminiIndianBeautiful womanGirl
RamyaIndianBeautiful womanGirl
SadhviIndianVirtuous womanGirl
SadhviIndianCourteous; Virtuous womanGirl
SaeedaIndianHappy; Prosperous; Lucky; Blissful; AuspiciousGirl
SarupraniIndianBeautiful womanGirl
SatiIndianChaste woman; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
SatiIndianChaste womanGirl
SatiIndianChaste woman; Wife of ShivaGirl
ShagunIndianAuspicious momentGirl
ShishtaIndianGoodness - Used in Durga matha mantraGirl
ShivaIndianLord Shiva; Auspicious; LuckyGirl
ShivakariIndianSource of auspicious thingsGirl
ShivakariSanskritSource of Auspicious Things; Goddess LakshmiGirl
ShorashiIndianYoung womanGirl
ShreyaIndianAuspicious; BeautifulGirl
ShreyaIndianBeautiful; Auspicious; Better; To give credit to someoneGirl
ShreyaSanskritBeautiful; Auspicious; Better; To give credit to someoneGirl
ShrimatiIndianGoddess Lakshmi; FortunateGirl
ShrimatiIndianGoddess Laxmi; FortunateGirl
ShubhaIndianAuspicious; Goddess Laxmi; BeautyGirl
ShubhaSanskritAuspicious; Goddess LakshmiGirl
ShubhapradaIndianGranter of auspicious thingsGirl
ShubhapradaIndianGranter of auspicious things; Goddess LaxmiGirl
ShubhapradaSanskritGranter of auspicious things; Goddess LakshmiGirl
SubhagaIndianFortunate personGirl
SubhujaIndianAuspicious apsaraGirl
SuchitaIndianBeautiful; AuspiciousGirl
SuchitaIndianAuspicious; BeautifulGirl
SuchitraIndianAuspicious; BeautifulGirl
SumitraIndianMother of lord Lakshman; Good friendGirl
SumitraIndianMother of lord LakshmanGirl
SumitraIndianLakshman's motherGirl
SumitraSanskritName of the mother of Lakshmana; Good friendGirl
SunayanaIndianA woman with lovely eyesGirl
SunayanaIndianWoman with lovely eyesGirl
SunayaniIndianWoman with lovely eyesGirl
SurotamaIndianAuspicious ApsaraGirl
SushilaIndianGood character womanGirl
SushilaIndianGood Conduct; Good character womanGirl
SushilaIndianGood character woman; Good conductGirl
SushmaIndianBeautiful womanGirl
SushmaSanskritBeautiful womanGirl
SwapnasundariIndianWoman of dreamsGirl
SwapnasundariIndianWoman of dreams; Dream girlGirl
TilikaIndianAuspicious symbolGirl
TriyaIndianYoung womanGirl
UrmilaIndianWife of lord LakshmanGirl
UrmilaIndianWife of LakshmanaGirl
UrmilaIndianEnchantress; Wife of lord LakshmanaGirl
UrmilaIndianEnchantress; Wife of lord LakshmanGirl
UrmilaSanskritDaughter of King Janaka of Mithila; Name of Lakshman's wifeGirl
VaisakhiIndianAuspicious day in Punjab; CelebrationGirl
VaisakhiIndianAuspicious day in PunjabGirl
VamaIndianWoman; Lady; Goddess DurgaGirl
VinayaIndianPolite; Good manners; ModestyGirl
YuvikaIndianYoung woman; MaidGirl
ZenaIndianA Hospitable womanGirl
ZereldaIndianBrave; Woman warriorGirl
ZereldaIndianBrave warrior womanGirl

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