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 Sibling names for Kumuda

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Sibling names for 'Kumuda' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbjayoniIndianBorn of the lotus; Another name for BrahmaBoy
AbjayoniIndianBorn of the lotus; Lord BrahmaBoy
AmlankusumIndianUnfading flowerBoy
AmodIndianPleasure; HappinessBoy
AvanindraIndianKing of the earthBoy
AvanindraIndianKing of earthBoy
AvanishIndianLord of earthBoy
AvanishIndianGod of the EarthBoy
AvanishIndianLord of the earthBoy
AvishIndianEarth; RiverBoy
AvneeshIndianGod of the earth; Lord GaneshBoy
AvneeshIndianLord of earth; Lord GaneshBoy
AvneeshIndianGod of the Earth; Another name for lord GaneshBoy
BakulaSanskritA kind of flower; Resembles a crane; BlossomBoy
BhagirathIndianOne who brought Ganga on earthBoy
BhagirathIndianOne who brought Ganga on earth; An ancient kingBoy
BhaumikIndianAttached to the earthBoy
BhaumikIndianAttached to the earth; EarthlyBoy
BhaumikIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhaumikSanskritLord of the earthBoy
BhoolokanathanIndianRuler of earthBoy
BhoolokanathanIndianRuler of the earthBoy
BhoopatIndianLord of earthBoy
BhoopatIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhoopatSanskritLord of the earthBoy
BhoopatiIndianLord of earthBoy
BhoopatiSanskritLord of the earthBoy
BhoopendraIndianKing of the earthBoy
BhoopendraIndianKing of earthBoy
BhoothanathanIndianRuler of earthBoy
BhoothanathanIndianRuler of the earthBoy
BhudevIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhudevIndianLord of the earth; Lord ShivaBoy
BhudevIndianLord of earthBoy
BhudevSanskritLord of the earth; Lord ShivaBoy
BhudevaIndianLord of the earth; Lord ShivaBoy
BhudevaIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhudevaSanskritLord of the earth; Lord ShivaBoy
BhupathiIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhupathiIndianLord of earthBoy
BhupathiIndianKing; Lord of the earthBoy
BhupatiIndianGod of the earthBoy
BhupatiIndianKing; Lord of the earthBoy
BhupatiIndianKing; God of the earthBoy
BhupatiSanskritLord of the earthBoy
BhuvaneshSanskritLord of the world; Lord of the earthBoy
BhuveshIndianThe king of earthBoy
ChampakIndianA FlowerBoy
ChampakIndianFragrant flowerBoy
CharanjeetIndianWinning the service of Guru's lotus feetBoy
DhananadIndianPleasure of having wealthBoy
DharendraIndianKing of the earthBoy
DharendraIndianKing of earthBoy
DharmanandIndianOne who takes pleasure in his religionBoy
EdomIndianRed; Red earthBoy
FenilIndianName of French FlowerBoy
GandhaaIndianFragrant; Sweet scent; Fragrance of flowersBoy
GulshanIndianGarden of flowersBoy
GurcharanIndianOne who takes shelter in guru's lotus feetBoy
HarshIndianHappiness; Joy; PleasureBoy
HarshIndianJoy; PleasureBoy
HarshadIndianOne who gives pleasureBoy
HarshadIndianHappy; One who gives pleasureBoy
HarshadIndianOne who gives pleasure; Giver of JoyBoy
HemishIndianLord of earthBoy
HemishIndianLord of the earthBoy
IbrahimIndianAbraham; EarthBoy
IlashpastiIndianLord of earthBoy
IlashpastiIndianLord of the EarthBoy
IleshIndianLord of earthBoy
IlisaIndianKing of earthBoy
IlisaIndianKing of the earthBoy
IndeeverIndianBlue lotusBoy
IndivarIndianBlue lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
IndivarIndianBlue LotusBoy
IreshIndianLord of earth; VishnuBoy
IreshIndianLord of earth; Lord VishnuBoy
JagathiSanskritThe earthBoy
JasmineIndianName of a flower plantBoy
JasmineIndianName of a flowering plantBoy
JasmineIndianFragrant flowerBoy
JaysukhIndianPleasure of victoryBoy
JoyIndianHappiness; PleasureBoy
KailashnathIndianLotus eyed lordBoy
KailashnathIndianLotus eyed lord; Lord ShivaBoy
KairavIndianWhite lotusBoy
KamalIndianPerfection; Excellence; Completion; Utmost level; LotusBoy
KamalaapatiIndianLord of lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
KamalakarIndianLord Vishnu; A lake where lotus growsBoy
KamalakshIndianOne with beautiful lotus eyesBoy
KamalakshIndianBeautiful lotus type eyesBoy
KamalakshIndianOne whose eyes are beautiful like lotusesBoy
KamalakshIndianWith beautiful lotus type eyesBoy
KamalanayanIndianLotus eyedBoy
KamalapatiIndianLord of lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
KamalbandhuIndianBrother of Lotus (Sun)Boy
KamalbandhuIndianBrother of LotusBoy
KamaleshwarIndianLord of lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
KamalkantIndianLord of lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
KamalnayanIndianThe lord with lotus shaped eyesBoy
KamalnayanIndianLotus eyedBoy
KamlapatiIndianLord of lotus; The preserver; Lord VishnuBoy
KamleshIndianLord of lotus; The preserver; Lord VishnuBoy
KamleshIndianThe Preserver; Lord Vishnu; God of lotusBoy
KamleshIndianGod of lotusBoy
KamleshIndianLord of lotusBoy
KanwalIndianDetached and unsoiled like the lotus flowerBoy
KanwalkishoreIndianLotus; Lord KrishnaBoy
KarthikIndianHindu calendar month; Bestowing courage and pleasureBoy
KarthikSanskritName of a month in the Hindu calendar; Bestowing Courage and PleasureBoy
KartikIndianHindu calendar month; Bestowing courage and pleasureBoy
KartikSanskritName of a month in the Hindu calendar; Bestowing Courage and PleasureBoy
KeyurIndianArmlet; FlowerBoy
KinshukIndianFlower; NiceBoy
KinshukIndianA FlowerBoy
KshirajIndianMoon; Lotus; Conch shell; NectarBoy
KshitijIndianLord of earthBoy
KshitijIndianLord of earth; HorizonBoy
KshitijIndianHorizon; Lord of earthBoy
KunaalIndianLotus; Son of emperor AshokBoy
KunalIndianLotus; Of gold; GoldenBoy
KunalIndianLotus; Of Gold; Golden; Son of emperor AshokBoy
KunalIndianLotus; Son of emperor AshokBoy
KusumeshIndianLord of flowersBoy
MadhubanIndianLord Vishnu; Flower GardenBoy
MahapadmanandaIndianBig lotusBoy
MaharanthIndianPollen inside a flowerBoy
MahijithIndianConqueror of earthBoy
MahijithIndianConqueror of the earthBoy
MahipIndianProtector of the earthBoy
MandaarIndianA flowerBoy
MandarIndianFlower; Lord Ganesh; A celestial treeBoy
MandarIndianFlower; Lord GaneshBoy
MansukhIndianPleasure of mindBoy
MehdiIndianA FlowerBoy
MehdiIndianGuided; FlowerBoy
MrinaalIndianLotus stackBoy
NaleshIndianKing of flowersBoy
NalinIndianLotus; WaterBoy
NalinakshIndianLotus eyedBoy
NalinakshaIndianLotus eyedBoy
NalinikantIndianLord of lotus; (Sun)Boy
NalinikantIndianLord of lotus; SunBoy
NalinikantIndianHusband of lotusBoy
NalinikantIndianHusband of Lotus (sun)Boy
NandIndianJoyful; Happy; Pleasure; Father of KrishnaBoy
NandishIndianLord of pleasure; Lord ShivaBoy
NandishIndianLord of pleasureBoy
NavaneetIndianButter; Who takes pleasure in new joysBoy
NeelotpalIndianBlue lotusBoy
NeerajIndianLotus; Born from waterBoy
NilotpalIndianBlue lotusBoy
NirajIndianLotus; Born of waterBoy
NirajIndianLotus flowerBoy
PadmabandhuIndianFriend of lotus (Bee; Sun)Boy
PadmabandhuIndianFriend of lotus (bee; sun)Boy
PadmadharIndianOne who holds a lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
PadmadharIndianOne who holds a lotusBoy
PadmahastaIndianLotus handed; Lord KrishnaBoy
PadmahastaIndianLotus handed; Lord KrishnaBoy
PadmahastaIndianOne who has hands like lotusBoy
PadmahastaIndianLotus handed. Lord KrishnaBoy
PadmajIndianBorn from lotus; Lord BrahmaBoy
PadmakantIndianHusband of lotus (Sun)Boy
PadmakantIndianHusband of lotusBoy
PadmalochanIndianLotus eyedBoy
PadmanabhIndianOne with lotus in his navel (lord Vishnu)Boy
PadmanabhIndianOne with lotus in his navel; Lord VishnuBoy
PadmanabhaIndianThe lord who has a lotus shaped navelBoy
PadmanabhaIndianThe lord who has a lotus shaped navel; Lord VishnuBoy
PadminishIndianLord of lotus; SunBoy
PadminishIndianLord of lotuses; SunBoy
PalashIndianFlowering; TreeBoy
PalashIndianA FloweringBoy
PalashkusumIndianThe flower of PalashBoy
PalashkusumIndianFlower of PalashBoy
PankajIndianLotus flowerBoy
PankajIndianLotus flower; Mud bornBoy
PankajalochanaIndianLotus eyed. Lord KrishnaBoy
PankajalochanaIndianLotus eyed; Lord KrishnaBoy
PankajanIndianLotus; Lord VishnuBoy
ParijatIndianCelestial flowerBoy
ParijatIndianA Celestial flowerBoy
ParthaIndianSon of the earthBoy
ParthaIndianArjun; Son of the earthBoy
ParthivIndianEarthly; Prince of earthBoy
ParthivIndianPrince of EarthBoy
PrithvijajIndianKing of the earthBoy
PrithvijajIndianKing of earthBoy
PundarikIndianWhite lotusBoy
PushkarIndianLotus; A LakeBoy
PushkarIndianLotus; LakeBoy
PushkaraIndianBlue Lotus; Fountain; LakeBoy
PushpadIndianOne who gives flowersBoy
PushpadIndianOne who gives flowersBoy
PushpajIndianBorn from a flowerBoy
PushpakarIndianSpring season (vasant); Flower seasonBoy
PushpakarIndianSpring season; Vasant; Flowering seasonBoy
PushpeshIndianLord of flowersBoy
PuskaraIndianBlue lotus; FountainBoy
RaajeevIndianBlue lotus; One who rules allBoy
RaajeevalochanIndianWho has blue lotus eyesBoy
RajeevIndianBlue lotusBoy
RajeevalochanaIndianLotus eyed; Lord RamaBoy

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