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Sibling names for 'Turfa' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AadilIndianJust; Upright; JusticeBoy
AahilIndian Boy
AaishIndian Boy
AakifIndian Boy
AalamIndianWhole worldBoy
AalamIndianThe whole worldBoy
AaleeIndianSublime; Lofty; HighBoy
AalimIndianReligious scholarBoy
AamilIndianDoer; Work manBoy
AamirIndianPopulous; Full; ProsperousBoy
AarifIndianAcquainted; KnowledgeableBoy
AarifIndianKnowing; Aware; Acquainted; KnowledgeableBoy
AarizIndianRespectable man; IntelligentBoy
AasifIndianAn able ministerBoy
AasimIndianProtector; Defendant; CentralBoy
AatifIndianKind affectionateBoy
AatiqIndianKind affectionateBoy
AayidIndian Boy
AazadIndianFree; IndependentBoy
AbaanIndian Boy
AbaanIndianMore clearBoy
AbaanIndianOld Arabic nameBoy
AbadiyahIndian Boy
AbahhIndian Boy
AbanIndianMore clearBoy
AbbaadIndianGreat worshipperBoy
AbbaasIndianDescription of a lionBoy
AbbadIndianGreat worshipperBoy
AbbasIndianDescription of a lionBoy
AbdahIndian Boy
AbdalIndianSlave of the highBoy
AbdealiIndianFollower Of AliBoy
AbdnanIndian Boy
Abdul AdheemIndianServant of the most greatBoy
Abdul AfuwIndianSlave of the one who pardonsBoy
Abdul AhadIndianSlave of he who is one AllahBoy
Abdul AleemIndianServant of the all knowingBoy
Abdul AliIndianSlave of the highBoy
Abdul AlimIndianSlave of the all knowingBoy
Abdul AwwalIndianSlave of the first oneBoy
Abdul AzeezIndianServant of the mightyBoy
Abdul AzeezIndianServant of the mighty; PowerfulBoy
Abdul AzimIndianSlave of the greatBoy
Abdul BaaqiIndianServant of the ever-lastingBoy
Abdul BaariIndianServant of the evolverBoy
Abdul BaariIndianServant of the creatorBoy
Abdul BaasidIndianServant of the expanderBoy
Abdul BaasitIndianServant of the expanderBoy
Abdul BadeeIndianSlave of the originatorBoy
Abdul BaithIndianSlave of the one who raises deathBoy
Abdul BarrIndianServant of the source of goodnessBoy
Abdul BaseerIndianSlave of the all seeingBoy
Abdul BatinIndianSlave of unseenBoy
Abdul DhahirIndianServant of the manifestBoy
Abdul FattaahIndianSlave of the giver of victoryBoy
Abdul FattahIndianSlave of the giver of victoryBoy
Abdul GhaffarIndianServant of the forgiverBoy
Abdul GhafoorIndianServant of the forgiverBoy
Abdul GhafurIndianServant of the all forgivingBoy
Abdul GhaniIndianServant of the self sufficientBoy
Abdul HaadiIndian Boy
Abdul HaafizIndianServant of the protectorBoy
Abdul HadiIndianServant of the guideBoy
Abdul HafeedhIndianServant of the preserverBoy
Abdul HafeezIndianSlave of the protectorBoy
Abdul HafizIndianSlave of the guardianBoy
Abdul HaiIndian Boy
Abdul HakeemIndianServant of wiseBoy
Abdul HaleemIndianServant of the forbearing OneBoy
Abdul HalimIndianSlave of the wiseBoy
Abdul HameedIndianServant of praiseworthyBoy
Abdul HameedIndianServant of the praiseworthy; Ever praisedBoy
Abdul HamidIndianSlave of the praiseworthyBoy
Abdul HannanIndianSlave of the mercifulBoy
Abdul HaqqIndianServant of the truthBoy
Abdul HaseebIndianServant of the reckonedBoy
Abdul HaseebIndianServant of the respected; EsteemedBoy
Abdul HayyIndianSlave of the livingBoy
Abdul JabaarIndianServant of the mightyBoy
Abdul JabbarIndianServant of the compellerBoy
Abdul JaleelIndianServant of the sublimeBoy
Abdul JaleelIndianServant of the great; ReveredBoy
Abdul JawwadIndianSlave of the bountifulBoy
Abdul KabirIndianSlave of the greatBoy
Abdul KaderIndianServant of the ableBoy
Abdul KareemIndianServant of the most generousBoy
Abdul KhaaliqIndianServant of the creatorBoy
Abdul KhabirIndianSlave of the one who is awareBoy
Abdul KhaliqIndianServant of the creatorBoy
Abdul LateefIndianServant of the subtleBoy
Abdul MaalikIndianSlave of the master or lordBoy
Abdul MajeedIndianServant of the most gloriousBoy
Abdul MajidIndianServant of the nobleBoy
Abdul MalikIndianServant of the sovereign lordBoy
Abdul ManiIndianSlave of one who preventsBoy
Abdul MannanIndianSlave of the benefactorBoy
Abdul MateenIndianSlave of the firmBoy
Abdul MubdeeIndianSlave of the originatorBoy
Abdul MueedIndianSlave of the restorerBoy
Abdul MughniIndianServant of the enrichedBoy
Abdul MuhayminIndianSlave of the protectorBoy
Abdul MuhsinIndianSlave of the benefactorBoy
Abdul MujeebIndianServant of the responsiveBoy
Abdul MuminIndianServant of the guardian of faithBoy
Abdul MunimIndianSlave of the GenerousBoy
Abdul MuqeetIndianSlave of the sustainerBoy
Abdul MuqsitIndianSlave of the justBoy
Abdul MuqtadirIndianServant of powerfulBoy
Abdul MusawwirIndianSlave of the fashionerBoy
Abdul MutiIndianSlave of the giverBoy
Abdul MuzanniIndianHe was a narrator of hadithBoy
Abdul NafiIndianSlave of the propitiousBoy
Abdul NaseerIndianSlave of the helperBoy
Abdul NoorIndianServant of the lightBoy
Abdul NurIndianServant of the lightBoy
Abdul QaadirIndianServant of the ableBoy
Abdul QaadirIndianServant of the capableBoy
Abdul QadeerIndianSlave of the powerfulBoy
Abdul QadirIndianSlave of the powerfulBoy
Abdul QahaarIndianServant of the subdue; AlmightyBoy
Abdul QahaarIndianServant of the subduer; AlmightyBoy
Abdul QahharIndianServant of the subduerBoy
Abdul QaiyoumIndianSlave of the self subsistentBoy
Abdul QayoomIndianSlave of the self subsistentBoy
Abdul QayyumIndianSlave of the self subsistentBoy
Abdul QuddoosIndianServant of the most holyBoy
Abdul QuddusIndianServant of the most holyBoy
Abdul QudoosIndianServant of the most holyBoy
Abdul RabbIndianSlave of the lordBoy
Abdul RafiIndianSlave of the exalterBoy
Abdul RaheemIndianServant of the most compassionateBoy
Abdul RaoufIndianServant of the most mercifulBoy
Abdul RaqibIndianSlave of the vigilantBoy
Abdul RasheedIndianServant of the rightly guidedBoy
Abdul RazaaqIndianServant of the maintainer; ProviderBoy
Abdul RazaaqIndianServant of the maintainerBoy
Abdul SalaamIndianServant of peaceBoy
Abdul SalaamIndianServant of the peaceBoy
Abdul TawwabIndianSlave of acceptor of repentanceBoy
Abdul WaahidIndianServant of the oneBoy
Abdul WaahidIndianServant of godBoy
Abdul WaajidIndianServant of the finderBoy
Abdul WaaliIndianSlave of the governorBoy
Abdul WadoodIndianServant of the lovingBoy
Abdul WahhabIndianServant of the best ownerBoy
Abdul WahidIndianServant of godBoy
Abdul WajidIndianSlave of the finder; PerceiverBoy
Abdul WakilIndianSlave of trusteeBoy
Abdul WaliyIndianSlave of the protecting friendBoy
Abdul WarithIndianServant of the supreme inheritorBoy
Abdul WasiIndianSlave of the all embracingBoy
AbduladlIndianSlave of the justBoy
Abdul-AzeezIndianServant of the mighty; The powerfulBoy
Abdul-AzeezIndianServant of the mighty; PowerfulBoy
Abdul-BaariIndianServant of the creatorBoy
Abdul-GhafoorIndianServant of the forgiverBoy
Abdul-HaafizIndianServant of the protectorBoy
Abdul-HafizIndianServant of the protectorBoy
Abdul-HameedIndianServant of praiseworthy; Ever praisedBoy
Abdul-HameedIndianServant of the praiseworthy; Ever praisedBoy
Abdul-HaseebIndianServant of the respected; EsteemedBoy
Abdul-JabaarIndianServant of the mightyBoy
Abdul-JabarIndianServant of the mightyBoy
Abdul-JaleelIndianServant of the great; ReveredBoy
Abdul-KhaaliqIndianServant of the creatorBoy
Abdul-KhaliqIndianServant of the creatorBoy
AbdullahIndianServant of GodBoy
AbdullahIndianServant of AllahBoy
AbdulmuhyeeIndianSlave of who gives life and sustains itBoy
AbdulmuntaqimIndianSlave of him who punishes wrong doingsBoy
Abdul-QaadirIndianServant of the capableBoy
Abdul-QadirIndianServant of the capableBoy
Abdul-QahaarIndianServant of the rubduer; AlmightyBoy
Abdul-QahaarIndianServant of the subduer; AlmightyBoy
Abdul-QudoosIndianServant of the most holyBoy
Abdul-RaheemIndianServant of the most compassionateBoy
AbdulrahmanIndianservant of the merciful oneBoy
Abdul-RaoufIndianServant of the most mercifulBoy
Abdul-RasheedIndianServant of the rightly guidedBoy
Abdul-RazaaqIndianServant of the maintainer; ProviderBoy
Abdul-RazaaqIndianServant of the maintainer; The ProviderBoy
Abdul-SalaamIndianServant of peaceBoy
Abdul-SalaamIndianServant of the peaceBoy
Abdul-WaahidIndianServant of the oneBoy
Abdul-WaahidIndianServant of godBoy
Abdul-WadoodIndianServant of the lovingBoy
Abdur RaheemIndianServant of the most mercifulBoy
Abdur RahmaanIndianServant of the most graciousBoy
Abdur RahmanIndianServant of the most graciousBoy
Abdur RaqeebIndianServant of watchfulBoy
Abdur RasheedIndianServant of guide to right pathBoy
Abdur RaufIndianServant of the compassionateBoy
Abdur RazzaaqIndianServant of the providerBoy
Abdur RazzaqIndianServant of the providerBoy
AbdusIndianA narrator of hadithBoy
Abdus SabourIndianServant of patientBoy
Abdus SaburIndianSlave of the forbearingBoy
Abdus SalaamIndianSlave of the giver of peaceBoy
Abdus SalamIndianSlave of the giver of peaceBoy
Abdus SamadIndianServant of the eternalBoy
Abdus SameeiIndianServant of the all hearingBoy
Abdus SamiIndianSlave of the all hearingBoy
Abdus SattarIndianSlave of one who conceals faultsBoy
Abdus ShafiIndianSlave of the healerBoy
Abdus ShaheedIndianServant of witnessBoy
Abdus ShakurIndianServant of the appreciativeBoy
Abdus SmadIndianSlave of the eternalBoy
Abdus SubboohIndianSlave of the extremely pureBoy
Abdush ShahidIndianSlave of the witnessBoy
Abdut TawwabIndian Boy
AbedIndianWorshipper; DevoteeBoy
AbedinIndianWorshipper; DevoteeBoy
AbidIndianWorshipper of godBoy
AbidIndianWorshipper; DevoteeBoy
AbidahIndianFather of knowledgeBoy
AboodIndian Boy
AbradIndianHail; MailBoy
AbrarIndianPetty; HandsomeBoy
AbrarIndianTruthful person; SaintBoy
AbrarIndianA truthful person; SaintBoy
AbrashIndianSpotted; SpeckledBoy
AbsiIndian Boy
Abu BakrIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
Abu BakrIndianCompanion of prophet MohammedBoy
Abu BakrIndianThe companion of prophet MohammedBoy
Abul KhayrIndianOne who does goodBoy
AbyadIndianA narrator of hadithBoy
AbzariIndian Boy
AdamIndianEarth; Man; RedBoy
AdamIndianA Prophets nameBoy
AdawiIndianGrandson of Sayyindina UmerBoy
Adbul QawiIndianServant of the most powerfulBoy
AdeebIndianA literary Person; cultured; civilizedBoy
AdeelIndianJudge; HonestBoy
AdeelIndianJust; Upright; JusticeBoy
AdelIndianJust; Upright; JusticeBoy
AdelIndian Boy
AdiIndianOrnament; AdornmentBoy
AdiIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
AdibIndianCultured; CivilizedBoy
AdilIndianJust; Upright; JusticeBoy
AdilIndian Boy
AdilIndianSincere; JustBoy
AdiyIndian Boy
AdnaanIndianLion; BraveryBoy
AdnanIndianLion; BraveryBoy
Aduz ZahirIndianSlave of the manifestBoy
AdyanIndianName of a prophetBoy
AejazIndianPerson who does miraclesBoy
AfeefIndianPure; Chaste; Pious; ModestBoy
AfeefIndianChaste; ModestBoy
AffaanIndianName of caliph Uthman's fatherBoy
AffanIndianName of caliph Uthman's fatherBoy
AfifIndianChaste; ModestBoy
AflahIndian Boy
AfsharIndian Boy
AfshinIndian Boy
AftaabIndianThe SunBoy
AftabIndianThe SunBoy
AfuwIndianOne who pardonsBoy
AfzalIndianMost excellentBoy
AghaIndianAnother name for god; Pre EminentBoy
AghaIndianPre EminentBoy
AgharrIndian Boy
AhadIndianAllah; Another name for godBoy
AhanIndianOne who is of the nature of time itselfBoy
AhdIndianPledge; knowledge IslamicBoy
AhmadIndianPraiseworthy; Commendable; Highly adoredBoy
AhmadIndianCommendable; PraiseworthyBoy
AhmarIndianRed coloredBoy
AhmedIndianPraiseworthy; Commendable; Highly adoredBoy
AhnafIndianA narrator of hadithBoy
AhsanIndianMercy; Nice; BeautifulBoy
AhsanIndianAn act of kindnessBoy
AhsanIndianNice; BeautifulBoy
AhuramazdaIndianDivinity of wisdomBoy
AhwasIndian Boy
AhzabIndianA narrator of hadithBoy
AidhIndianName of a reciter of holy QuranBoy
AjamilIndianMythological kingBoy
AjamilIndianA Mythological KingBoy
AjlahIndianA narrator of hadithBoy
AjmalIndianHoly; PiousBoy
AjwadIndianMore generousBoy
AkbarIndianHonorable; Great; Bigger; PowerfulBoy
AkhasIndianA narrator of hadithBoy
AkhfashIndian Boy
AkhilIndianComplete; WorldBoy
AkhilIndianEntire; CompleteBoy
AkifIndianAttached; IntentBoy
AklamashIndianSpotless; PureBoy
AkmalIndianComplete; PerfectBoy
AkramIndianMost generousBoy
AkroorIndianKind; Gentle; A Yadava chief; Krishna's friendBoy
Al AbbasIndianDescription of a lionBoy
Al AbbasIndianLionBoy
AlaaIndianNobility; ExcellenceBoy
Alaa UdeenIndianExcellence of religionBoy
AlaaudeenIndianExcellence of religionBoy
AlabbasIndianDescription of a lionBoy
AlaleemIndianHe who knows all thingsBoy
AlamgirIndianLord of the whole worldBoy
AlamgirIndianLord of the universeBoy
AlamgirIndianThe Lord Of The Whole WorldBoy
AlawiIndian Boy
AleemIndianAll KnowingBoy
AliIndianHigh; Elevated; Exalted; Excellent; NobleBoy
AliIndianHigh; Elevated; Exalted; Nobel; ExcellentBoy
AliIndianHigh; Noble; Excellent; Elevated; Exalted; Prophet Mohammad's son in lawBoy
AlibabaIndianGreat leaderBoy
AlifIndianThe first character in Hijaiyah (Islam)Boy
AlifIndianThe first character in hijaiyahBoy
AlifIndianFirst character in hijaiyah (Arabic)Boy
AlihIndianIdol; GodBoy
AlimIndianWise; Scholarly; Omniscient; Learned; Wise; ScholarlyBoy
AllamIndianKnowledgeable; Wise; EntireBoy
AltafIndianMore gracious; More delicateBoy
AlviIndianFan of Hazrat AliBoy
AmaanIndian Boy
AmaanullahIndian Boy
AmalIndianPure; Hope; AspirationBoy
AmalIndian Boy
AmalIndianPure; Hope; Aspiration; BrightBoy
AmamIndianSafety; ProtectionBoy
AmanIndianThe one who is peacefulBoy
AmanahIndianTrust; GiftBoy
AmardadIndian Boy
AmeenIndianFaithful; TrustworthyBoy
AmeerIndianCommander; Khalifah; Ruler; Prince; RichBoy
AmeerIndianRuler; PrinceBoy
AminIndianHonest; Faithful; Trust worthyBoy
AmirIndianCommander; Khalifah; Ruler; Prince; RichBoy
AmiranIndianRoyal; PrinceBoy
AmjadIndianMost excellent; GloriousBoy
AmjadIndianMost GloriousBoy
AmlahIndianPretty; Handsome; Beautiful; PleasantBoy
AmmaarIndian Boy
AmmarIndianBuilder; Constructor; Religious personBoy
AmmarIndianMaker; Builder; Constructor; Religious personBoy
AmrIndian Boy
AmrIndianOld Arabic nameBoy
AmruIndian Boy
AnasIndianA group of peopleBoy
AnasIndianLove; Affection; A group of peopleBoy
AnasIndianGroup of peopleBoy
AnasahIndianFreed slave of prophetBoy
AneesIndianClose friendBoy
AneeshIndianFriendly; Good company; Supreme; ContinuousBoy
AneeshIndianFriendly; Inmate; Of good companyBoy
AniqIndianNeat; Elegant; SmartBoy
AnisIndianClose friend; CompanionBoy
AnishIndian Boy
AnishIndianLord Krishna; Lord VishnuBoy
AnishIndianSupreme; Continuous; Lord Vishnu; Lord ShivaBoy
AnishIndianContinuous; Supreme; Lord KrishnaBoy
AnjumIndianA TokenBoy
AnjumanIndianMeeting; Token; SymbolBoy
AnjumanIndianToken; SymbolBoy
AnjumanIndianA Token; A SymbolBoy
AnnneesIndianFriendly; Inmate; Of good companyBoy
AntarIndianArab hero of ChivalryBoy
AntarahIndianFreed slave of SulaymBoy
AnwarIndianDevote of godBoy
AnzilIndian Boy
AqeelIndianWise; SensibleBoy
AqibIndianAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
AqilIndianThoughtful; SensibleBoy
ArabIndianPeaceful; TranquilBoy
AradIndianName of an angelBoy
ArafaatIndianPilgrimage site 25 km from city MeccaBoy
ArafatIndianPilgrimage site 25 km from city MeccaBoy
AramazdIndianDivinity of wisdomBoy
ArashIndian Boy
ArashIndianTruthfulness; Bright; HeroBoy
ArastooIndianBest purposeBoy
ArbadIndianMasters; LordsBoy
ArdalanIndian Boy
ArdashirIndianRighteous rulerBoy
ArdashirIndian Boy
AreebIndianSkillful; AdroitBoy
AreenIndianFull of JoyBoy
ArefIndianWise; IntelligentBoy
ArhabIndian Boy
ArifIndianAcquainted; KnowledgeableBoy
ArmaanIndianWish; Desire; Ambition; HopeBoy
ArmaanIndianA Wish; DesireBoy
ArmaanIndianWish; DesireBoy
ArmanIndianWish; Desire; Hope; AspirationBoy
ArmanIndianA Wish; DesireBoy
ArminIndian Boy
ArqamIndian Boy
ArsalanIndian Boy
ArshIndianDominion; CrownBoy
ArshadIndianGuided; Honest; Holy; PiousBoy
ArshadIndianHeavenly; PiousBoy
ArshadIndianPious; HeavenlyBoy
ArshaqIndianHandsome; Well proportionedBoy
ArtahIndianA narrator of hadithBoy
ArwarhIndianMore delicate; More graciousBoy
AryaIndianHonored; NobleBoy
AsbaghIndianColored animal; Huge flood; DyerBoy
AsbatIndianA narrator of hadithBoy
AseedIndianA narrator of hadithBoy
AseelIndianOne belonging to a great heritage and familyBoy
AseelahIndianFrom noble familyBoy
AseemIndianLimitless; GreatestBoy
AseemIndianLimitless as hankBoy
AseemIndianLimit lessBoy
AseemIndianLimitless as hank; BoundlessBoy
AseemIndianLimitless; InfiniteBoy
AsfaIndianTanned sun burnedBoy
AsgarIndianDevoted to lordBoy
AsgharIndianShort; Small; JuniorBoy
AshfaqIndianNoble PrinceBoy
AshkanIndian Boy
AshqarIndian Boy
AshrafIndian Boy
AshrafIndianMost HonorableBoy
AshtadIndian Boy
Asil; AseelIndianGenuine; PureBoy
AsirIndianCaptivating; FascinatingBoy
AsiyaIndianOne who tends to the weak and healsBoy
AslamIndianOne who salutesBoy
AsmarIndian Boy
AtiyaIndianTo SurpassBoy
AulaIndianProphet MuhammadBoy
AurangIndianWisdom; UnderstandingBoy
AwadIndianReward; CompensationBoy
AwnIndianTo help; AssistBoy
AwsIndianName of a treeBoy
AwsIndianName of a tribe in city Medina; Name of a treeBoy
AwwaabIndianGreat repenter to godBoy
AwwabIndianGreat repenter to godBoy
AwwalIndianFirst oneBoy
AyaanIndianGod GiftBoy
AyaanIndianOne who witnesses; AppearBoy
AyaanIndian Boy
AyaanIndianGods GiftBoy
AyaanIndianGod's giftBoy
AyaazIndianRespected and enduringBoy
AyaazIndian Boy
AyanIndianOne who witnesses; AppearBoy
AyanIndian Boy
AyazIndianRespected and enduringBoy
AybakIndianLeading historianBoy
AymanIndianLucky; On the rightBoy
AymanIndianLucky; On the right pathBoy
AyoobIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
AyoobIndianA Prophet's nameBoy
AyoobIndianProphet's nameBoy
AyubIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
AyyashIndianBread sellerBoy
AyyoobIndian Boy
AzadIndianFree; PrinceBoy
AzadIndian Boy
AzamIndianPowerful one; OffspringBoy
AzazIndian Boy
AzeemIndianName of god; Grand; Lofty; GreatBoy
AzhaarIndianFlowers; Blossoms; The most shining; LuminousBoy
AzharIndianFlowers; Blossoms; The most shining; LuminousBoy
AzharIndianMost shining; LuminousBoy
AzharIndianShining; LuminousBoy
AzhmeerIndianClever; WiseBoy
AzimIndianName of god; Grand; Lofty; GreatBoy
AzizIndianFriend; Comrade; DearBoy
AzmatIndianThe greatnessBoy
AzmiIndian Boy
AzraqIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
AzraqiIndianAn authority of the history of MeccaBoy
AzzaamIndianDetermined; ResolvedBoy
AzzamIndianDetermined; ResolvedBoy
BaahirIndianDazzling; BrilliantBoy
BaaqiIndianEver lastingBoy
BaaqirIndianEver lastingBoy
BaariIndianOne of the names of god; EvolverBoy
BaariqIndianShining; Lighting; illuminatingBoy
BaasidIndian Boy
BaasitIndianExpander; One who spreads or grants prosperityBoy
BabakIndian Boy
BabakIndianLittle FatherBoy
BadiIndianCreator; InventorBoy
BadiyIndianNovel; PrimalBoy
Badr UdeenIndianFull moon of faithBoy
BadraanIndian Boy
BadriIndian Boy
BadriIndianLord VishnuBoy
BadruddeenIndian Boy
Baha UdeenIndianThe magnificent of faithBoy
BahadurIndianWarrior; Brave; BoldBoy
BahadurIndian Boy
Bahiy UdeenIndianThe magnificent of faithBoy
BahmanIndian Boy
BahmanIndianGood mind; Avalanche; 11th month of Iranian calendarBoy
BahramIndian Boy
BahramIndianVictory; MarsBoy
BaidIndianAnother name for god; Away; DistantBoy
BaisIndianOne of the 99 names of godBoy
BaithIndianOne who raises deathBoy
BakarIndian Boy
BakhtawarIndianOne who brings good luckBoy
BakrIndianYoung camelBoy
BalaghIndianAnother name for holy QuranBoy
BamdadIndianEarly morningBoy
BameenIndian Boy
BamshadIndian Boy
BandarIndian Boy
BaqirIndianTo rip openBoy
BarazIndian Boy
BariIndianEvolver. A name For AllahBoy
BarrIndianAnother name for god; Generous; GoodnessBoy
BasairIndianAnother name for holy QuranBoy
BaseerIndianAll SeeingBoy
BashaarIndianBringer of good tidingsBoy
BasheerIndianOne who carries good newsBoy
BashirIndianPropitious; Auspicious; PrudentBoy
BasilIndianKing; Basil (the herb)Boy
BasilIndianBrave; Bold; ValiantBoy
BasirIndianOne of the 99 names of godBoy
BassilIndian Boy
BatinIndianUnseen; Another name for prophet MuhammadBoy
BayanIndianAnother name for holy QuranBoy
BazIndianKing; Basil (the herb)Boy
BehnamIndianReputable; HonorableBoy
BehramIndianVictory; MarsBoy
BehrangIndianGood colorBoy
BehrouzIndianFortunate; LuckyBoy
BehruzIndian Boy
BehruzIndianFortunate; Good DayBoy
BihzadIndianBest CoquetryBoy
BilaalIndianA prophet's person calling prayerBoy
BilalIndianA prophet's person calling prayerBoy
BornaIndianYoung; Youthful; HandsomeBoy
BorzooIndian Boy
BoutrosIndianArabic form of PETERBoy
BuntyIndian Boy
ChahatIndianLove; AffectionBoy
ChandanIndianSandal woodBoy
ChangeezIndianChengiz KhanBoy
ChiragIndianLamp; DeepakBoy
ChiragIndian Boy
CirrusIndianKourosh; First king of IranBoy
CyrusIndianKourosh; First king of IranBoy
CyrusIndianLike the SunBoy
DaafiIndianOne who expels preventsBoy
DaaiIndianAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
DaaminIndianGuarantor; SuretyBoy
DaamirIndian Boy
DaanishIndianWisdom; Learning; ScienceBoy
DaanyalIndian Boy
DaawoodIndianA Prophets nameBoy
DabbahIndianLatch; Door lockBoy
DadbehIndian Boy
DaghfalIndianName of first Islamic geologistBoy
DahhakIndian Boy
DaifIndian Boy
DaifallahIndian Boy
DakhilIndianForeigner; StrangerBoy
DaleelIndian Boy
DalilIndianAnother name for god; Evidence; GuideBoy
DamdamIndian Boy
DameerIndianHeart; ConscienceBoy
DamianIndianTo Tame; To Subdue; To KillBoy
DamurahIndianSparkle of light; FireBoy
DanushIndian Boy
DaraIndian Boy
DaraIndianWealthy; Star; Possessor; SovereignBoy
DaraweshIndianPossesses a lot; WealthyBoy
DarimIndianA narrator of hadithBoy
DariushIndianGood natured; Name of Persian kingBoy
DaryushIndianGood natured; Name of Persian kingBoy
DawarIndianAnother name for godBoy
DawoodIndianA Prophets nameBoy
DawoudIndianA Prophets nameBoy
DawudIndianA Prophets nameBoy
DaylamIndian Boy
DayyanIndianA mighty RulerBoy
DeenarIndianGold coinBoy
DeveshIndianLord Indra; King of godsBoy
DeveshIndianLord of lordsBoy
DeveshIndianGod of godsBoy
DeveshIndianLord IndraBoy
DeveshIndian Boy
DeveshIndianGod of gods; Lord IndraBoy
DeweshIndianLord of the godsBoy
DeweshIndianLord of godsBoy
DhaafirIndian Boy
DhaahirIndian Boy
DhaakirIndian Boy
DhakiIndian Boy
DhareefIndian Boy
DhiyaIndianLight; SplendorBoy
Dhul FiqaarIndianName of the prophet's swordBoy
DihyahIndian Boy
DihyatIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
DilawarIndianBrave; Strong heartedBoy
DilawarIndianBrave; CourageousBoy
DildarIndianCharming; BelovedBoy
DilnawaazIndianCherishing; Caressing heartBoy
DilnawazIndianAttractive; Beloved; MistressBoy
DinarIndianGold coinBoy
DinarIndianName of grandfather of Abu Bin ThabitBoy
DiwanIndianRoyal court; Tribunal of justiceBoy
DiyaIndianBrightness; GlowBoy
Diya UdeenIndianBrightness of the faithBoy
Diyaa UdeenIndianBrightness of the faithBoy
EbrahimIndianFather of many; Abraham; Father of GratitudeBoy
EnamIndian Boy
EnayatIndian Boy
EshaanIndian Boy
EshaanIndianDesiring and wishingBoy
EshanIndianDesiring and wishingBoy
EskandarIndianDefender of mankindBoy
EsmaeelIndianIshmael (Son of Abraham)Boy
EsmailIndianGod will hearBoy
FaadiIndian Boy
FaadilIndian Boy
FaaidIndian Boy
FaaiqIndian Boy
FaakhirIndianProud; ExcellentBoy
FaalihIndian Boy
FaarisIndianHorseman; KnightBoy
FaarooqIndianOne who distinguishes truth from falsehoodBoy
FaatihIndianAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
FaatirIndianAnother name for god; OriginatorBoy
FadiIndianSavior; RedeemerBoy
FadilIndianHonorable; OutstandingBoy
FadlIndianReward; Favor; Outstanding; HonorableBoy
Fadl UllahIndianExcellence of godBoy
FaeqIndianSurpassing; ExcellentBoy
FahadIndianLynx; PantherBoy
FahdIndianLynx; PantherBoy