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Name:  Trilochan

Variant of name 'Trilochan'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
TrailokvaIndianThree worlds (heaven; earth and hell)Boy
TrailokvaIndianThe three worlds (heaven; earth and hell)Boy
TrailokvaIndianThree worldsBoy
TrilochanIndianOne with three eyes; Lord ShivaBoy
TrilochanIndianOne with three eyes; ShivaBoy
TrilochanIndianHaving three eyes; One of higher knowledgeBoy
TrilochanSanskritThree eyed lord; Lord ShivaBoy
TrilochanaIndianThree eyed lordBoy
TrilochanaIndianLord ShivaGirl
TrilochanaIndianThree eyed lord; Lord ShivaGirl
TrilochanaSanskritThree eyed lord; Lord ShivaGirl
TrilokIndianThree worlds (heaven; earth and hell)Boy
TrilokIndianThree worlds (heaven; earth; hell)Boy
TrilokIndianThe three worlds (heaven; earth and hell)Boy
TrilokSanskritThree worldsBoy
TrilokanathIndianLord ShivaBoy
TrilokanathSanskritLord ShivaBoy
TrilokchandIndianMoon of the three worldsBoy
TrilokeshIndianLord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
TrilokeshIndianLord of Universe; Lord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
TrilokeshIndianLord ShivaBoy
TrilokeshSanskritLord of Universe; Lord Shiva; Lord VishnuBoy
TrilokiIndianLord ShivaBoy
TrilokiSanskritLord ShivaBoy
Triloki NathIndianLord ShivaBoy
Triloki NathSanskritLord ShivaBoy
TrilokpatiIndianMaster of all the three worldBoy