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List of Names meaning 'Dear'

AdelfaEnglishDear SisterGirl
AdelfaIndianDear SisterGirl
AdelphaGreekDear SisterGirl
AdelpheGreekDear SisterGirl
AdelphieGreekDear SisterGirl
AimeeFrenchDear one,  Darling,  BelovedGirl
AlainaIndianDear childGirl
AmataFrenchLovable,  Dearly LovedGirl
AmataSpanishLovable,  Dearly LovedGirl
AmiFrenchDear one,  Darling,  BelovedGirl
AnjushreeIndianDear to one's heart,  BelovedGirl
AnjushreeSanskritDear to one's heart,  BelovedGirl
AnjushriIndianDear to one's heart,  BelovedGirl
AnjushriIndianDear to one's heartGirl
AnjushriSanskritDear to one's heart,  BelovedGirl
AnoushkaIndianTerm of endearment,  Fulfillment of desireGirl
AnoushkaIndianA term of endearment,  Fulfillment of desireGirl
AnushkaIndianTerm of endearment,  Fulfillment of desireGirl
AnushkaIndianTerm of endearmentGirl
AnushkaIndianA Term of endearmentGirl
AtiriyaIndianBeloved,  Very dear,  Precious,  RareGirl
AtiriyaIndianBeloved,  Very dearGirl
AtiriyaIndianBeloved,  DearGirl
AzizIndianNoble,  Dear 
AzizIndianFriend,  Comrade,  DearBoy
CaraItalianDear,  BelovedGirl
CaradawcWelshDearly lovedBoy
CaradawgWelshDearly lovedBoy
CaradocWelshDearly lovedBoy
CaradogWelshDearly lovedBoy
CaratacusLatinDearly loved,  BelovedBoy
CarinaItalianBeloved,  DearGirl
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List of Surnames meaning 'Dear'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
DarwinEnglish Dear friend
LewinAnglo-Saxon Dear friend
LewinEnglish Dear friend
Origin:  GreekWelshEnglishAnglo-SaxonItalianSanskritSpanishLatinFrenchIndian
Religion:  HinduJainChristianMuslim
Rashi:  MinMeshMithun
Nakshatra:  RevathiKrithikaArudra
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)Guru (Jupiter)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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