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List of Names meaning 'Friend'

Abdul WaliyIndianSlave of the protecting friendBoy
AbhinithiIndianThat which is already been performed,  FriendshipGirl
AbhinithiIndianWhich is already been performed,  FriendshipGirl
AdalrikGermanNoble FriendBoy
AdalwenGermanNoble FriendBoy
AdalwinGermanNoble FriendBoy
AdalwineGermanNoble FriendBoy
AeglaecaAnglo-SaxonFriend,  Hero,  WarriorBoy
AelfwineAnglo-SaxonElf friendBoy
AglaecaAnglo-SaxonFriend,  Hero,  WarriorBoy
AgnimitraIndianFriend of fireBoy
AgnimitraSanskritFriend of fireBoy
Ai  (,  )ChineseLove,  Affection,  FriendlyGirl
AjatshatruIndianOne who has only friends and no enemiesBoy
AkroorIndianKind,  Gentle,  A Yadava chief,  Krishna's friendBoy
AkroorSanskritKind,  Gentle,  A Yadava chief,  Krishna's friendBoy
Al Wali (الوالي)IndianThe Protecting Friend 
AldenEnglishOld friendBoy
AldenIndianOld friendBoy
AldinEnglishOld friendBoy
AldinIndianOld friendBoy
AldineEnglishOld friendBoy
AldineIndianOld friendBoy
AldonEnglishOld friendBoy
AldonIndianOld friendBoy
AldwenEnglishOld friendBoy
AldwenIndianOld friendBoy
AldwinEnglishOld friendBoy
AldwinIndianOld friendBoy
AlhwinGermanNoble FriendBoy
AloinFrenchNoble friendBoy
AluinFrenchNoble friendBoy
AluinoSpanishNoble FriendBoy
AlvanArabianNoble FriendBoy
AlvanHebrewNoble and a wise friendBoy
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List of Surnames meaning 'Friend'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
AlvinEnglish Elf Friend
AlwinEnglish Elf Friend
BaldwinEnglish Brave friend
DarwinEnglish Dear friend
GladwinEnglish Bright Friend
GoodwinEnglish God's Friend
HadwinEnglish War Friend
HarlinEnglish Noble Friend,  Noble Warrior
LewinAnglo-Saxon Dear friend
LewinEnglish Dear friend
WynneEnglish Friend
Origin:  SanskritHebrewEnglishAnglo-SaxonFrenchChineseEgyptianGermanArabicIndianSpanish
Religion:  HinduJainChristianMuslim
Rashi:  Mesh
Nakshatra:  Krithika
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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