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List of Names meaning 'King'

AabishIndianDaughter of a king,  Queen of IranGirl
AbbasIranian (Persian)Frowning,  Looking Austere,  LionBoy
Abd-Al-Malik  (عبد الملك)ArabianServant of the KingBoy
Abdul-MalikArabianServant of the KingBoy
Abhay kumarIndianSon of king ShrenikBoy
AbhirajIndianFearless kingBoy
AbimelechBiblicalMy Father is KingBoy
AbimelechEnglishMelek is father,  My father is kingBoy
AbimelechHebrewFather is KingBoy
AbimelechIndianMelek is father,  My father is kingBoy
AdaezeAfricanKing's DaughterGirl
AdalarasuIndianKing of danceBoy
AdhipaIndianKing,  RulerBoy
AgendraIndianKing of mountains,  Himalaya mountainBoy
AgendraIndianKing of mountainsBoy
AhasuerusLatinGreat warrior,  Lion KingBoy
AjamilIndianMythological kingBoy
AjamilIndianA Mythological KingBoy
AjmilIndianA mythological kingBoy
AkalsharanIndianThe one taking shelter in godBoy
AlagarasuIndianHandsome king,  King of beautyBoy
AlagarasuIndianHandsome,  King of beautyBoy
AlbericGermanKing of elvesUnisex
Alkyone  (Αλκυόνη)GreekKingfisherGirl
AmbareeshIndianKing of skyBoy
AmbareeshIndianKing of the skyBoy
AmelieFrenchHard WorkingGirl
AmirIranian (Persian)King,  EmirBoy
AmoghvarshIndianA Jain king of medieval MaharastraBoy
AnbarasuIndianKing of loveBoy
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List of Surnames meaning 'King'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
AmblerEnglish An officer of the king's stables
AmblourFrench An officer of the king's stables
BagotFrench Walking Staff
FitzroyIrish Illegitimate son of the king
KingsleyEnglish King's Meadow
RyanEnglish King,  Royal
RyanIrish King,  Royal
YılmazTurkey Unshirking,  Unbeatable,  Brave
Origin:  SanskritPersian (Iranian)BiblicalGermanTurkeyAfricanIndianHebrewFrenchEnglishLatinIrishGreekArabic
Religion:  HinduJainChristianMuslimSikh
Rashi:  Mesh
Nakshatra:  Krithika
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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