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Find Hindu Rashi (sun signs), Graha (planet), and Nakshatra (lunar mansion) of different names, find astrology behind the name and relationship of a name to different god and goddesses.

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Name  সহস্রদ  belongs to Rashi  Kumbh (Aquarius)  with dominant Planet (Graha)  Saturn (Shani)  and Nakshatra (lunar mansion)  Sathabisham.  Name  সহস্রদ  is associated to God/Goddess  Shiva
Rashi: Kumbh (Aquarius)
Nakshatra: Sathabisham
Graha: Saturn (Shani)
God / Goddess: Shiva
Quality of: Aquarius (Kumbh)
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Rashi of name 'সহস্রদ'

RashiMeaningGenderQuality of
Kumbh (Aquarius)Lord ShivaBoyAquarius

Graha of name 'সহস্রদ'

Saturn (Shani)Lord ShivaBoy

Nakshatra of name 'সহস্রদ'

SathabishamLord ShivaBoy

Association of name 'সহস্রদ' with God/Goddess

God / GoddessMeaning
ShivaLord Shiva
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 Similar sounding names:
 Sagardutt,  Sagarotharaka,  Sahaskrit,  Sahasrad,  Sashriti,  Shushruth,  Sieghard,  Sigeweard,  Sigrid,  Sigridr,  Sigrithr,  Sigurd,  Sigurdr,  Sigurthr,  Sjurd,  Socrates,  Sokrates,  Sucharit,  Sucharita,  Sucharitha,  Suchart,  Sugiarto,  Sukrit,  Sukriti,  Sukrutam,  Sukrutha,  Sukruti,  Sushrut,  Sushruta,  Swikruti
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