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GabrielleSaturn (Shani)The heroine of godGirl
GadinSaturn (Shani)Lord KrishnaBoy
GaganSaturn (Shani)SkyBoy
GagandeepSaturn (Shani)A lamp in the sky, Light of the skyBoy
GaganjyotSaturn (Shani)Light of the skyBoy
GagneshSaturn (Shani)Lord ShivaBoy
GajalakshmiSaturn (Shani)Goddess LaxmiGirl
GajananSaturn (Shani)Lord GaneshBoy
GajanandSaturn (Shani)Lord GaneshBoy
GajinderSaturn (Shani) Boy
GajraSaturn (Shani)FlowersGirl
GajrupSaturn (Shani)Lord GaneshBoy
GanapatiSaturn (Shani)Lord GaneshBoy
GandhaliSaturn (Shani)Sweet scentGirl
GandhiSaturn (Shani)SunBoy
GandhikSaturn (Shani)FragranceBoy
GaneshSaturn (Shani)Son of lord ShivaBoy
GangaSaturn (Shani)Sacred riverGirl
GangikaSaturn (Shani)RiverGirl
GanikaSaturn (Shani)FlowerGirl
GanjanSaturn (Shani)ExceedingGirl
GargiSaturn (Shani)Wise womanGirl
GarimaSaturn (Shani)WarmthGirl
GarvSaturn (Shani)ProudBoy
GatikSaturn (Shani)Fast, ProgressiveBoy
GaurangSaturn (Shani)MelodyBoy
GaurangaSaturn (Shani)Fair, Cow coloredGirl
GauravSaturn (Shani)PrestigeBoy
GauriSaturn (Shani)Goddess ParvatiGirl
GaurinathSaturn (Shani)Lord ShivaBoy
GautamSaturn (Shani)Lord BuddhaBoy
GayathriSaturn (Shani)Phased, VerseGirl
GayatriSaturn (Shani)Goddess SaraswatiGirl
GazalaSaturn (Shani)A deerGirl
GeetSaturn (Shani)MelodyGirl
GeetaSaturn (Shani)A Holy book of HinduGirl
GeetiSaturn (Shani)MelodyGirl