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MaalavSun (Surya) Boy
MaalolanSun (Surya)Name of deity in AhobilamBoy
MaanSun (Surya)MindBoy
MackenzieSun (Surya) Boy
MadanSun (Surya)DelightfulBoy
MadeshSun (Surya)Lord ShivaBoy
MadhavSun (Surya)Lord KrishnaBoy
MadhavanSun (Surya)Lord ShivaBoy
MadhaviSun (Surya)HoneyGirl
MadhuSun (Surya)HoneyUnisex
MadhubanSun (Surya)Lord VishnuBoy
MadhujitSun (Surya)Conqueror of Madhu, Lord KrishnaBoy
MadhulSun (Surya)SweetGirl
MadhulikaSun (Surya)NectarGirl
MadhumathiSun (Surya)Delight moonGirl
MadhumithaSun (Surya)Sweet personGirl
MadhupriyaSun (Surya)Fond of honeyGirl
MadhurSun (Surya)Melodious, SweetGirl
MadhuraSun (Surya)Sweet pleasantGirl
MadhureemaSun (Surya)HoneyGirl
MadhuriSun (Surya)SweetGirl
MadhurimaSun (Surya)Sweet girlGirl
MadhushreeSun (Surya)Beauty, Of springGirl
MadhusudanSun (Surya)Lord KrishnaBoy
MadhuvanthiSun (Surya)One who is sweet like honeyGirl
MadinSun (Surya)DelightfulBoy
MadinaSun (Surya)Land of beautyGirl
MagadhiSun (Surya)FlowerGirl
MaganSun (Surya)AbsorbedBoy
MaghiSun (Surya)Giving giftsGirl
MahadevSun (Surya)Lord ShivaBoy
MahaketuSun (Surya)Lord ShivaBoy
MahakramSun (Surya)Lord VishnuBoy
MahamaniSun (Surya)Lord ShivaBoy
MahantSun (Surya)GreatBoy
MaharanthSun (Surya)Pollen inside a flowerBoy
MaharshiSun (Surya)SageBoy