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List of Names similar to 'মহাকাংতা'

Maha  (مهة)ArabianWild CowGirl
MahaIndianLarge eyes,  Wild cow,  GazelleGirl
MahaaIndianLarge eyes,  Wild cow,  GazelleGirl
MahaadevIndianLord ShivaBoy
MahaanIndianA great personBoy
MahaaveerIndianMost powerfulBoy
MahabahuIndianArjun,  One with strong armsBoy
MahabalaIndianGreat StrengthBoy
MahabalaIndianOf great strengthBoy
MahabaliIndianStrong,  Mighty,  One with great strengthBoy
MahabhadraIndianGanga riverGirl
MahachakradhariniIndianHolder of chakraGirl
MahadevIndianAnother name of lord ShivaBoy
MahadevIndianLord ShivaBoy
MahadevIndianLord Shiva,  Most powerful godBoy
MahadevaIndianGreatest GodBoy
MahadeviIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
MahadeviIndianGoddess Parvati,  Goddess DurgaGirl
MahadhyutaIndianMost RadiantBoy
MahafreenIndian Girl
MahafridIndian Girl
MahafrinIndian Girl
MahaganapatiIndianOmnipotent and supreme lordBoy
MahagangaIndianGreat GangaGirl
MahagangaIndianThe great GangaGirl
MahagauriIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
MahailGreekWho is like GodBoy
MahajIndianA noble descentBoy
MahajIndianNobel descentBoy
MahakIndianSmell,  PerfumeGirl
MahakalIndianLord ShivaBoy
MahakalIndianLord Shiva,  Lord of all timesBoy
MahakalaIndianLord of all timesBoy
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Religion:  ParsiHinduMuslimSikh
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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