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Birth Control

Note: Information provided on this page is for general education only, please seek medical assistance when in doubt

Is there online calculator to predict safe period during my menstrual cycle?
Yes, please find this Safe Period Calculator

Is there online calculator to predict my ovulation date?
Yes, please find this Ovulation Calculator

Is there any day of my cycle when I'm least likely to get pregnant?
It's pretty unlikely to get pregnant while on your period and you're most fertile when you're ovulating, which is typically around day 14 of your cycle. Given the fact that sperm can survive inside the vagina for five days you highly likely to become pregnant up to five days before and one day after you ovulate. However experts still recommend sticking to a long-term birth control method if you're serious about preventing your pregnancy.

Is there anything wrong with starting a new birth control pill pack if I want to skip my period week?
Not at all women on the pill have been doing this for decades, and it's a completely safe way to postpone your period until you feel like getting it again, whether it's a week later or months later.

Birth Control
  Birth Control Overview
  Different method of birth control
  Different contraceptive devices and medications
  Comparison of birth control methods
  Effect on Health
  Effect on family economy

Birth Control Calculators
  Safe Period Calculator
  When is Ovulation (Ovulation Calculator)

Birth Control FAQs
  Birth control and your cycle FAQs
  Birth control and your health FAQs
  Contraceptive Pills FAQs
  Depo Provera (Shot) FAQs
  NuvaRing (Ring) FAQs
  Ortho Evra (Patch) FAQs
  Other Birth Control FAQS
Birth Control Methods
  Emergency contraceptive
  Fertility awareness
  Intrauterine devices
  Lactational amenorrhea

Contraceptive Device & Medications
  Cervical caps
  Contraceptive sponges with spermicide
  Emergency contraceptive
  Implants under the skin
  Intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  Oral pills
  Vaginal ring