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Birth Control

Note: Information provided on this page is for general education only, please seek medical assistance when in doubt

Does Birth control pill affects sense of smell?
Yes, Birth control pills affect your sense of smell, which can ultimately impact who you’re attracted to.

Can I skip my pills or can I have it at different times in a day?
No, 95% of pregnancies happen because of people being inconsistent with birth control, such as not taking the pill at the same time every day.

Is contraceptive shot effective as pills?
Yes, you can take a contraceptive shot that lasts three months and is effective as the pill and is over 99% effective.

Does a taking contraceptive pill make you gain weight?
It’s a myth that the pill makes you gain weight. A 2006 study found that pill users did gain weight, but that there was no evidence to support that it was from birth control.

Does taking contraceptive pill for long is bad for you or can make you infertile?
It is myth that taking the pill for a long time is bad for you or will make you infertile. Women have been using the FDA-approved pill since the 1960s and have been tested and surveyed, with no signs of health problems caused by the pill.

Can you get protected from pregnancy up to five days after sex using emergency pills?
Yes, you can get protected from pregnancy up to five days after sex with Plan B or another brand. However gets less effective every day.
Additionally won’t protect you from STIs, so use a condom when with a stranger is highly advisable

I'm on the pill. Does my guy still need to pull out when we don't use a condom?
Your pill should offer up enough protection and is approximately 99% effective when taken correctly. However pulling out and add to your protection if it doesn’t compromise on his pleasure. In case you are looking for additional protection use of condom is advisable as the same shall protect against STI (sexually transmitted infections)

If I skip a pill accidentally, what should I do?
It depends on what kind of oral contraception you're on and how much time has passed. If you take a combination estrogen-progestin pill (the most common pill) and less than 24 hours has passed, just take the next pill as soon as you realize you missed your pill.

How important is it to take the pill at the same time every day?
Always take your pill at the same time each day however few hours won't change the effectiveness. While you can miss a day and catch up while still being protected if you tend to forget to take your pill without setting an alarm, you might want to stick to a stricter routine

Do antibiotics make pill less effective?
Only one antibiotic, Rifampin - is known to make the Pill less effective. Rifampin is used to treat tuberculosis. Other antibiotics do not make the pill less effective.

Is it normal to miss my period when using pill?
Yes, it is common to miss a period every once in a while, or have a very light period that is just a brown stain on your underwear. However if you have missed taking pills in between and you have missed your period or have other symptom of pregnancy taking urine pregnancy test is advisable

Does Birth control pills caused some water pollution?
Yes, Ethinyl estradiol, found in the urine of women on birth control pills, has caused some side effects in fish, including intersex fish that have difficulty reproducing.

What are healthy side effects of the contraceptive pill?
Contraceptive pill do have some healthy side effects, like lowering the risks for ovarian and uterine cancer. Other benefits includes regulating your menstrual cycle, reducing the risk for multiple sclerosis, lessening PMS symptoms, helping with female pattern baldness, and even treating bulimia.

Is the male version of the birth control pill is on the way?
Yes it’s in development and has shown promising results in mice however process of blocking male sperm is more complicated since as nearly 1,500 sperm cells are produced each second.

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