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Birth Control

Note: Information provided on this page is for general education only, please seek medical assistance when in doubt

Birth control have more beneficial effects onto the health of individual be it a man or a woman and to health of whole nation. By having lesser number of children overall load on monthly budget of the family is greatly reduced and so is the stress on natural resources of the nation. However having lesser population reduces the industrial manpower and thus reducing the GDP of a nation

Contraceptive use in developing countries is estimated to have decreased the number of maternal deaths by 40% with about 270,000 deaths prevented in 2008 alone and could have prevent about 70% of deaths if the full demand for birth control were met. These benefits are achieved by reducing the number of unplanned pregnancies that subsequently result in unsafe abortions and by preventing pregnancies in those at high risk.

Birth control also improves child survival rate in the developing world by lengthening the time between pregnancies. In this population, outcomes are worse when a mother gets pregnant within eighteen months of a previous delivery. Delaying another pregnancy after a miscarriage however does not appear to alter risk and women are advised to attempt pregnancy in this situation whenever they are ready.

Teenage pregnancies, especially among younger teens, are at greater risk of adverse outcomes including early birth, low birth weight, and death of the infant. In the United States alone about 82% of pregnancies in those between 15 to 19 ages are unplanned. Comprehensive sex education and access to birth control are effective in decreasing pregnancy rates in this age group.

Birth Control
  Birth Control Overview
  Different method of birth control
  Different contraceptive devices and medications
  Comparison of birth control methods
  Effect on Health
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Birth Control Methods
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Contraceptive Device & Medications
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  Contraceptive sponges with spermicide
  Emergency contraceptive
  Implants under the skin
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