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 Names meaning 'Defender Of Mankind'

Name that means

Meaning:  Defender Of Mankind

List of Names that means 'Defender Of Mankind'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AlaisdairScottishDefender of MankindBoy
AlaistairEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlaistairIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlaisterEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlaisterIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlandraSpanishDefender of mankindGirl
AlasdairScottishDefender of MankindBoy
AlastairEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlastairIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlastairScottishDefender of MankindBoy
AlasteirEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlasteirIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AleFinnishDefender of MankindBoy
AlecEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlecIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlecScottishDefender of MankindBoy
AleckEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AleckIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AleckScottishDefender of MankindBoy
AleisterEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AleisterIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlejandraSpanishDefender of mankindGirl
AlejandrinaSpanishDefender of mankindGirl
AlejandroSpanishDefender of mankindBoy
Alek  (Алек)RussianDefender of MankindBoy
Aleka  (Αλέκα)GreekDefender of mankindGirl
Alekos  (Αλέκος)GreekDefender of mankindBoy
Aleksandar  (Александър)BulgarianDefender Of MankindBoy
AleksanderAlbanianDefender of mankindBoy
AleksanderNorwegianDefender of mankindBoy
AleksanderPolishDefender of MankindBoy
Aleksandr  (Александр)RussianDefender of MankindBoy
Aleksandra  (Александра)BulgarianDefender Of MankindGirl
Aleksandra  (Александра)RussianDefender of MankindGirl
Aleksandrina  (Александрина)BulgarianDefender Of MankindGirl
Aleksandrina  (Александрина)RussianDefender of MankindGirl
AleksanteriFinnishDefender of MankindBoy
Aleksei  (Алексей)RussianDefender of MankindBoy
AleksyPolishDefender of MankindBoy
AleskaPolishDefender of MankindGirl
AlessaItalianDefender of MankindGirl
AlessandraItalianDefender of MankindGirl
AlessandroItalianDefender of MankindBoy
AlesterEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlesterIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlexEnglishDefender; Defender of mankindUnisex
AlexIndianDefender; Defender of mankindUnisex
AlexaEnglishDefender; Defender of mankindGirl
AlexaIndianDefender; Defender of mankindGirl
AlexanderEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlexanderIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlexanderNorwegianDefender of mankindBoy
AlexandrCzech & SlovakDefender of MankindBoy
AlexandraEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
Alexandra  (Αλεξανδρα)GreekDefender of mankindBoy
AlexandraIndianDefender of mankindGirl
AlexandraLatinDefender of mankindGirl
AlexandraNorwegianDefender of mankindGirl
AlexandraPortugueseDefender Of MankindGirl
AlexandreFrenchDefender of MankindBoy
AlexandrePortugueseDefender Of MankindBoy
AlexandreaEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
AlexandreaIndianDefender of mankindGirl
AlexandreaLatinDefender of mankindGirl
AlexandriaEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
AlexandriaIndianDefender of mankindGirl
AlexandriaLatinDefender of mankindGirl
AlexandrieFrenchDefender of MankindGirl
AlexandrinaEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
AlexandrinaIndianDefender of mankindGirl
AlexandrineFrenchDefender of MankindGirl
Alexandros  (Αλεξανδρος)GreekDefender of mankindBoy
AlexandrusLatinDefender of mankindBoy
AlexejCzech & SlovakDefender of MankindBoy
AlexiPolishDefender of MankindBoy
AlexisFrenchDefender of MankindUnisex
AlicEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlicIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlickEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlickIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlikEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlikIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlisanderEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlisanderIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlissanderEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlissanderIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlistairEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlistairIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlistairScottishDefender of MankindBoy
AlistaireScottishDefender of MankindBoy
AlisterEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlisterIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlisterScottishDefender of MankindBoy
AlixEnglishDefender of mankindUnisex
AlixFrenchDefender of MankindGirl
AlixIndianDefender of mankindUnisex
AlixandraFrenchDefender of MankindGirl
AlkaPolishDefender of MankindGirl
AllaistarEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AllaistarIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AllasterEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AllasterIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AllastirEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AllastirIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AllistairEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AllistairIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AllisterEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AllisterIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AllisterScottishDefender of MankindBoy
AllistirEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AllistirIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AllysdairEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AllysdairIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AllysdareEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AllysdareIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AllystairEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AllystairIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AllysterEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AllysterIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlondraSpanishDefender of mankindGirl
AlysdairEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlysdairIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlysdareEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlysdareIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlyssandraFrenchDefender of MankindGirl
AlystairEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlystairIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlysterEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlysterIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlyxEnglishDefender of mankindUnisex
AlyxIndianDefender of mankindUnisex
CindraEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
CindraIndianDefender of mankindGirl
DreenaSpanishDefender of mankindGirl
DrinaSpanishDefender of mankindGirl
ElekHungarianDefender of MankindBoy
EliHungarianDefender of MankindBoy
EskandarIndianDefender of mankindBoy
EskandarIranian (Persian)Defender of MankindBoy
IskandarIndianDefender of mankindBoy
IskandarIndonesianDefender of MankindBoy
IskanderTurkishDefender of MankindBoy
IskenderTurkishDefender of MankindBoy
LekaAlbanianDefender of mankindBoy
LeksziHungarianDefender of MankindBoy
Lesya  (Леся)UkrainianDefender of MankindGirl
LexEnglishDefender of mankindUnisex
LexIndianDefender of mankindUnisex
LexaEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
LexaIndianDefender of mankindGirl
LexiEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
LexiIndianDefender of mankindGirl
LexieEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
LexieIndianDefender of mankindGirl
LexineEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
LexineIndianDefender of mankindGirl
LexyEnglishDefender; Defender of mankindGirl
LexyIndianDefender; Defender of mankindGirl
LyaksandroUkrainianDefender of MankindBoy
Lysander  (Λυσάνδρος)GreekDefender of mankindBoy
MalandraEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
MalandraIndianDefender of mankindGirl
OlaPolishDefender of MankindGirl
OlekPolishDefender of MankindBoy
OlekUkrainianDefender of MankindBoy
Oleksander  (Олександр)UkrainianDefender of MankindBoy
Oleksandr  (Олександр)UkrainianDefender of MankindBoy
OlesiaPolishDefender of MankindGirl
RitsaGreekDefender of mankindGirl
SachaFrenchDefender of MankindUnisex
SanderDutchDefender of MankindBoy
SanderEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
SanderIndianDefender of mankindBoy
SanderNorwegianDefender of mankindBoy
SandieEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
SandieIndianDefender of mankindGirl
SandorHungarianDefender of MankindBoy
SandraEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
SandraFinnishDefender of MankindGirl
SandraIndianDefender of mankindGirl
SandraItalianDefender of MankindGirl
SandrineFrenchDefender of MankindGirl
SandroItalianDefender of MankindBoy
SandyEnglishDefender of mankindUnisex
SandyIndianDefender of mankindUnisex
SandyScottishDefender of MankindBoy
SanteriFinnishDefender of MankindBoy
SanttuFinnishDefender of MankindBoy
Sanya  (Санья)RussianDefender of MankindBoy
SanyiHungarianDefender of MankindBoy
SaschaGermanDefender of mankindUnisex
Sasha  (Саша)RussianDefender of MankindUnisex
Sasho  (Сашо)BulgarianDefender Of MankindBoy
SaundraEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
SaundraIndianDefender of mankindGirl
SaundraScottishDefender of MankindGirl
SawneyScottishDefender of MankindUnisex
Sender  (סֶנְדֶר)YiddishDefender of MankindBoy
Shura  (Шура)RussianDefender of MankindUnisex
SkenderAlbanianDefender of mankindBoy
SondraEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
SondraIndianDefender of mankindGirl
XanEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
XanIndianDefender of mankindBoy
XanderDutchDefender of MankindBoy
XandraDutchDefender of MankindGirl
ZanderEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
ZanderIndianDefender of mankindBoy
ZandraEnglishDefender of mankindGirl
ZandraIndianDefender of mankindGirl
ZandraSpanishDefender of mankindGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Defender Of Mankind'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AlexanderEnglish Defender of mankind

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