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Meaning:  Exalted

List of Names that means 'Exalted'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AabrahamFinnishFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
Aali  (عالي)ArabianLofty; Sublime; The High; Exalted OneBoy
AaliaIndianExalted; Lofty; Highest social standingGirl
AaliaIndianExalted; Highest social standingGirl
Aaliyah  (عالية)ArabianLofty; Sublime; The High; Exalted OneGirl
AapoFinnishFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
AaronHebrewExalted One; High; High MountainBoy
AaronIndianExalted on highBoy
AaronIndianExalted on high; Light BringerBoy
AarronIndianExalted on high; Light BringerBoy
AbarronHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
AbiramBiblicalMy Father is ExaltedBoy
AbiramEnglishMy father is exaltedBoy
AbiramHebrewFather of Heights; my Father is Exalted; ProudBoy
AbiramIndianMy father is exaltedBoy
AbironHebrewMy Father is ExaltedBoy
AbrahamHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
AbramBiblicalHigh Father; Exalted (Father)Boy
AbramHebrewExalted FatherBoy
AbramoHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
AdarHebrewNoble; ExaltedUnisex
AdegokeAfricanThe Crown has been ExaltedBoy
AharonHebrewExalted One; High; High MountainBoy
AhiramHebrewBrother of the exaltedBoy
AleaEnglishThe High; Exalted oneGirl
AleaIndianThe High; Exalted oneGirl
Ali  (عليّ)ArabianLofty; Sublime; The High; Exalted OneBoy
AliIndianHigh; Elevated; Exalted; Excellent; NobleBoy
AliIndianHigh; Elevated; Exalted; Nobel; ExcellentBoy
AliIndianHigh; Noble; Excellent; Elevated; Exalted; Prophet Mohammad's son in lawBoy
AliaIndianExalted; Highest social standingGirl
AliaIndianExalted; Lofty; Highest social standingGirl
AliyaArabianThe High; Exalted OneGirl
AliyahIndianExalted; NobleGirl
AliyyaArabianThe High; Exalted OneGirl
AliyyaIndianExalted; NobleGirl
AliyyahArabianThe High; Exalted OneGirl
AlmiraEnglishNobly famous; Exalted one; PrincessGirl
AlmiraIndianNobly famous; Exalted one; PrincessGirl
AmramHebrewGreat Nation; Exalted NationBoy
AmranEnglishThe people is exaltedBoy
AmranIndianThe people is exaltedBoy
AramHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
ArekPolishThe Exalted OneBoy
AronPolishThe Exalted OneBoy
AthaliaBiblicalLord is ExaltedGirl
AthaliaHebrewThe Lord is Exalted; God is PraisedGirl
AthaliaIndianGod is exaltedGirl
AthalieHebrewThe Lord is Exalted; God is PraisedGirl
AviHebrewMy Father is ExaltedBoy
AvidorHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
AviramHebrewFather of Heights; my Father is Exalted; ProudBoy
AvraHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherGirl
AvrahamHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
AvramHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
BarazIranian (Persian)ExaltedBoy
BiddyEnglishExalted oneGirl
BiddyIndianExalted oneGirl
BirgitScandinavianExalted oneGirl
BirgittaFinnishExalted OneGirl
BirgittaScandinavianExalted OneGirl
BirgitteDanishExalted OneGirl
BirteDanishExalted OneGirl
BrahmdevIndianGod's exalted angelBoy
BrahmdevSanskritGod's exalted angelBoy
BredaEnglishExalted oneGirl
BredaIndianExalted oneGirl
BreedaEnglishExalted oneGirl
BreedaIndianExalted oneGirl
BridgetEnglishExalted oneGirl
BridgetIndianExalted oneGirl
BridgetteEnglishExalted oneGirl
BridgetteIndianExalted oneGirl
BridieEnglishExalted oneGirl
BridieIndianExalted oneGirl
BrigidLatinExalted OneGirl
BrigidaItalianExalted OneGirl
BrigidaLatinExalted OneGirl
BrigitEnglishExalted oneGirl
BrigitIndianExalted oneGirl
BrigittaHungarianExalted OneGirl
BrigittaLatinExalted OneGirl
BrigitteGermanExalted OneGirl
BritaFinnishExalted OneGirl
BritaScandinavianExalted oneGirl
BrittScandinavianExalted oneGirl
BrittaScandinavianExalted oneGirl
BrygidaPolishStrong; Exalted OneGirl
CynddelwWelshExalted effigyBoy
DarshanbirIndianVision of exalted braveryBoy
ElmiraEnglishExalted one; PrincessGirl
ElmiraIndianExalted one; PrincessGirl
GiaanIndianOne having exalted divine knowledgeBoy
GittaGermanExalted OneGirl
GitteDanishExalted OneGirl
HeeraIndianAn exalted person; Diamond likeBoy
HyramHebrewBrother of the exaltedBoy
IbrahimArabianMy Father Is ExaltedBoy
Jalila  (جليلة)ArabianImportant; Exalted; SublimeGirl
JehoramEnglishGod is exaltedBoy
JehoramIndianGod is exaltedBoy
JoramEnglishGod is exaltedBoy
JoramHebrewJehovah is ExaltedBoy
JoramIndianGod is exaltedBoy
JorimHebrewJehovah is ExaltedBoy
KendaEnglishExalted EffigyUnisex
KendaIndianExalted EffigyUnisex
KendalEnglishExalted EffigyUnisex
KendalIndianExalted EffigyUnisex
KendallEnglishExalted EffigyUnisex
KendallIndianExalted EffigyUnisex
MusharrafIndianOne who is honored; ExaltedBoy
Muta AliIndianMost Exalted; A name for AllahBoy
PartapIndianOne of exalted gloryBoy
PirittaFinnishExalted OneGirl
PirjoFinnishExalted OneGirl
PirkkoFinnishExalted OneGirl
RafiIndianAnother name for god; Lofty; Exalted; DelicateBoy
RafiaIndianAnother name for god; Lofty; Exalted; DelicateGirl
RaushanIndianThe exalted; Famous personBoy
RiittaFinnishExalted OneGirl
RomaHebrewExalted; LoftyGirl
SamiIndianHigh; Lofty; Exalted; Elevated; SimilarBoy
SamiqIndianAnother name for god; Exalted; TallBoy
SamiyahIndianElevated; Exalted; LoftyGirl
SantaIndianExalted personBoy
ShamikhIndianAnother name for god; Lofty; Arrogant; ExaltedBoy
SujanIndianWise; Exalted knowledgeBoy
SultanaIndianQueen; Exalted empressGirl
SultanaIndianThe exalted empressGirl
SultanaIndianExalted empressGirl
SultanahIndianQueen; Exalted empressGirl
UlviTurkishExalted; HighBoy
UlviyeTurkishExalted; HighGirl
UpjeetIndianOf exalted victoryBoy
UpkeeratIndianOf exalted glory and praisesBoy
UttamIndianHigh; Exalted; Excellent personBoy
UttamjodhIndianThe exalted warriorBoy
UttamjotIndianThe exalted; Divine lightBoy
UttampreetIndianExalted love; Love of the divineBoy
UttamreetIndianExalted way of lifeBoy
UttamveerIndianThe exalted bravery and courageBoy
YoramHebrewExalted by GodBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Exalted'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
KendallEnglish Exalted Effigy
KendallWelsh Exalted Effigy