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Name that means

Meaning:  Fair Headed

List of Names that means 'Fair Headed'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
BarrieEnglishFair headedBoy
BarrieIndianFair headedBoy
BarryEnglishFair headedBoy
BarryIndianFair headedBoy
BerryEnglishFair headedUnisex
BerryIndianFair headedUnisex
BerwynWelshFair headed; Fair; WhiteBoy
FinbarEnglishFair headedBoy
FinbarIndianFair headedBoy
FinbarrEnglishFair headedBoy
FinbarrIndianFair headedBoy
FinnbarEnglishFair headedBoy
FinnbarIndianFair headedBoy
GaynorEnglishWhite and soft; Fair headedGirl
GaynorIndianWhite and soft; Fair headedGirl