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Name that means

Meaning:  Fighter

List of Names that means 'Fighter'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AkechetaNative AmericanFighterBoy
BorisEnglishFighter; WarriorBoy
BorisIndianFighter; WarriorBoy
Borya  (Боря)RussianFighter; WarriorBoy
BorysPolishFighter; WarriorBoy
Borys  (Борис)RussianFighter; WarriorBoy
BoryskoUkrainianFighter; WarriorBoy
ChienVietnameseFighter; WarriorBoy
He Lush KaNative AmericanFighterBoy
HelushkaNative AmericanFighterBoy
ImeldaSpanishPowerful FighterGirl
JunaydIndianFighter; WarriorBoy
LewyGermanFamous; Renowned fighterBoy
Lysimachos  (Λυσίμαχος)GreekFreedom FighterBoy
LysimachusLatinFreedom FighterBoy
MujaahidIndianFighter in the way of AllahBoy
MujaahidaIndianFighter in the way of AllahGirl
NolaEnglishChampion; Chariot fighterGirl
NolaIndianChampion; Chariot fighterGirl
NolanEnglishChampion; Chariot fighterBoy
NolanIndianChampion; Chariot fighterBoy
NolandEnglishChampion; Chariot fighterBoy
NolandIndianChampion; Chariot fighterBoy
NoleneEnglishChampion; Chariot fighterGirl
NoleneIndianChampion; Chariot fighterGirl
RustamIndianBrave fighterBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Fighter'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AlfieriItalian Standard bearer; Mounted fighter; Knight
NolanEnglish Champion; Chariot fighter
NolanIrish Champion; Chariot fighter
RanasingheSri Lanka Fighter Lion