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Meaning:  Gift Of God

List of Names that means 'Gift Of God'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AnnGermanGift of GodBoy
AtallahArabianGift of GodBoy
Ataullah  (عطاء الله)ArabianGift of GodBoy
AvishaiHebrewGift of GodBoy
BogdanPolishGift of GodBoy
BogdanaPolishGift of GodGirl
BogdariPolishGift of GodBoy
BognaPolishGift of GodGirl
BohdanPolishGift of GodBoy
BohdanaPolishGift of GodGirl
Bojidar  (Божидар)BulgarianDivine Gift; Gift Of GodBoy
Bozhidar  (Божидар)BulgarianDivine Gift; Gift Of GodBoy
Bozhidara  (Божидара)BulgarianDivine Gift; Gift Of GodGirl
DanutaPolishGift of GodGirl
DeodatFrenchGift of GodBoy
DevadattIndianGift of godBoy
DevaduttIndianGift of godBoy
DevarshIndianGift of godBoy
DevdattaIndianGift of godBoy
DeviprasadIndianGift of goddessBoy
DieudonneFrenchGift of GodBoy
DiorbhailScottishTrue Testimony; Gift of GodGirl
DiorbhorguilScottishTrue Testimony; Gift of GodGirl
DitteDanishGift of GodGirl
DodiEnglishGift of GodGirl
DodiIndianGift of GodGirl
DodieEnglishGift of GodGirl
DodieHebrewGift of GodGirl
DodieIndianGift of GodGirl
DolleeEnglishGift of GodGirl
DolleeIndianGift of GodGirl
DolleyEnglishGift of GodGirl
DolleyIndianGift of GodGirl
DollieEnglishGift of GodGirl
DollieIndianGift of GodGirl
DollyEnglishGift of GodGirl
DollyIndianGift of GodGirl
DomeniqueFrenchGod Given; Gift of GodGirl
DominiqueFrenchGod Given; Gift of GodUnisex
DonatFrenchGod Given; Gift of GodBoy
DonatHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodBoy
DonatPolishGift of GodBoy
DonataItalianGift of GodGirl
DonatellaItalianGift of GodGirl
DonatelloItalianGift of GodBoy
DonatelloSpanishGift of GodBoy
DonatienFrenchGod Given; Gift of GodBoy
DonatienneFrenchGod Given; Gift of GodGirl
DonatoItalianGift of GodBoy
DonatoSpanishGift of GodBoy
DonatusLatinGift of GodBoy
DonzelSpanishGift of GodBoy
DoortjeDutchA Gift of GodGirl
DoraEnglishGift of GodGirl
DoraHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodGirl
DoraIndianGift of GodGirl
DoraLatinGift of GodGirl
DorataPolishGift of GodGirl
DoreteDanishGift of GodGirl
DorikaHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodGirl
Dorofei  (Дорофей)RussianGift of GodBoy
Dorofey  (Дорофей)RussianGift of GodBoy
DorofiejPolishGift of GodBoy
DorotaCzech & SlovakGift of GodGirl
DorotaPolishGift of GodBoy
DoroteaFinnishGift of GodGirl
DoroteaItalianGift of GodGirl
DoroteaSpanishGift of GodGirl
DoroteiaPortugueseGift of GodGirl
DoroteiaSpanishGift of GodGirl
DoroteoSpanishGift of GodBoy
DorotheaDutchA Gift of GodGirl
DorotheaEnglishGift of GodGirl
DorotheaIndianGift of GodGirl
DorotheaLatinGift of GodGirl
DorotheaNorwegianGift of godGirl
DorotheeEnglishGift of GodGirl
DorotheeFrenchGift of GodGirl
DorotheeIndianGift of GodGirl
Dorotheos  (Δωροθεος)GreekGift of GodBoy
DorotheusLatinGift of GodBoy
DorothyEnglishGift of GodGirl
DorothyIndianGift of GodGirl
DorottyaHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodGirl
DorteDanishGift of GodGirl
DorthaEnglishGift of GodGirl
DorthaIndianGift of GodGirl
DortheDanishGift of GodGirl
DortheaGreekGift of GodGirl
DorthyEnglishGift of GodGirl
DorthyIndianGift of GodGirl
DotEnglishGift of GodGirl
DotIndianGift of GodGirl
DottieEnglishGift of GodGirl
DottieIndianGift of GodGirl
DottyEnglishGift of GodGirl
DottyIndianGift of GodGirl
DurgaduttIndianGift of goddess DurgaBoy
ElnatanHebrewGift of GodBoy
ElnathanHebrewGift of GodBoy
EshwarduttIndianGift of godBoy
Feder  (Федер)RussianGift of GodBoy
Fedor  (Федор)RussianGift of GodBoy
FedoraRussianGift of GodGirl
FedyaRussianGift of GodBoy
Feodor  (Федор)RussianGift of GodBoy
Feodora  (Феодора)RussianGift of GodGirl
FeodosiyRussianGift of GodBoy
Fyodor  (Федор)RussianGift of GodBoy
GodivaEnglishGift of GodGirl
GodivaIndianGift of GodGirl
HannaArabianGift of GodBoy
IwanPolishGift of GodBoy
JainaHebrewGift of GodGirl
JaineHebrewGift of GodGirl
JohnathanHebrewGift of GodBoy
JohnathonHebrewGift of GodBoy
John-PaulFrenchSmall gift of GodBoy
JonatanHebrewGift of GodBoy
JonathanBiblicalGift of GodBoy
JonathanHebrewGift of GodBoy
JonathonHebrewGift of GodBoy
KeokoloHawaiianGift of GodBoy
MaceyEnglishGift of GodUnisex
MaceyIndianGift of GodUnisex
MacieEnglishGift of GodUnisex
MacieIndianGift of GodUnisex
MaciejPolishGift of GodBoy
MacyEnglishGift of GodUnisex
MacyIndianGift of GodUnisex
MadsDanishGift of GodBoy
MahieuFrenchGift of GodBoy
MakaioHawaiianGift of GodBoy
MatEnglishGift of GodBoy
MatIndianGift of GodBoy
MataniaEnglishGift of GodBoy
MataniaIndianGift of GodBoy
MateHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodBoy
MateoSpanishGift of GodBoy
MateusPortugueseGift of GodBoy
MateuszPolishGift of GodBoy
Matfei  (Матфей)RussianGift of GodBoy
MathewEnglishGift of GodBoy
MathewIndianGift of GodBoy
MathiasEnglishGift of GodBoy
MathiasGreekGift of GodBoy
MathiasIndianGift of GodBoy
MathieuFrenchGift of GodBoy
MathisFrenchGift of GodBoy
MathisGermanGift of GodBoy
MatiasFinnishGift of GodBoy
MatiasSpanishGift of GodBoy
MatousCzech & SlovakGift of GodBoy
MatsNorwegianGift of godBoy
MattEnglishGift of GodBoy
MattIndianGift of GodBoy
MattaniahEnglishGift of GodBoy
MattaniahIndianGift of GodBoy
MattathiaHebrewGift of GodBoy
MattathiahEnglishGift of GodBoy
MattathiahIndianGift of GodBoy
MatteoItalianGift from God; Gift of GodBoy
Matthaios  (Ματθαίος)GreekGift of GodBoy
MatthewEnglishGift of GodBoy
MatthewIndianGift of GodBoy
MatthiasEnglishGift of GodBoy
Matthias  (Ματθιας)GreekGift of GodBoy
MatthiasIndianGift of GodBoy
MatthieuFrenchGift of GodBoy
MatthijsDutchGift of GodBoy
MattiFinnishGift of GodBoy
MattiaItalianGift from God; Gift of GodBoy
MattieEnglishGift of God; Mighty in battleUnisex
MattieIndianGift of God; Mighty in battleUnisex
MattithiahEnglishGift of God; Mighty in battleBoy
MattithiahIndianGift of God; Mighty in battleBoy
MattithyahuHebrewGift of GodBoy
MattyEnglishGift of God; Mighty in battleGirl
MattyIndianGift of God; Mighty in battleGirl
MatusCzech & SlovakGift of GodBoy
Matvei  (Матвей)RussianGift of GodBoy
Matvey  (Матвей)RussianGift of GodBoy
MatviykoUkrainianGift of GodBoy
MatyasHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodBoy
MayhewFrenchGift of GodBoy
NatanaelSpanishGift of GodBoy
NataniaHebrewGift of GodGirl
NatanielSpanishGift of GodBoy
NathanelBiblicalGift of GodBoy
NkechinyereAfricanWhat God Has Given Or Gift of GodGirl
OlubunmiAfricanGift of GodGirl
PradattaIndianGift of godGirl
TadzioPolishGift of GodBoy
TedEnglishGuardian of prosperity; Gift of GodBoy
TedIndianGuardian of prosperity; Gift of GodBoy
TeddyEnglishGuardian of prosperity; Gift of GodBoy
TeddyIndianGuardian of prosperity; Gift of GodBoy
TeijaFinnishGift of GodGirl
TeodorSpanishGift of GodBoy
TeodoraGreekGift of GodGirl
TeodoraHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodGirl
TeodoraItalianGift of GodGirl
TeodoraSpanishGift of GodGirl
TeodoroItalianGift of GodBoy
TeodoroSpanishGift of GodBoy
TeodoryPolishGift of GodGirl
TeuvoFinnishGift of GodBoy
ThaddeusGreekGift of GodBoy
TheaEnglishGift of GodGirl
TheaIndianGift of GodGirl
ThedaEnglishGift of GodGirl
ThedaIndianGift of GodGirl
TheoEnglishGift of GodBoy
TheoFrenchGift of GodBoy
TheoIndianGift of GodBoy
TheodoorDutchGift of GodBoy
TheodorGermanGift of GodBoy
TheodoraEnglishGift of GodGirl
TheodoraIndianGift of GodGirl
TheodoraLatinGift of GodGirl
TheodoreEnglishGift of GodBoy
TheodoreFrenchGift of GodBoy
TheodoreIndianGift of GodBoy
TheodorusLatinGift of GodBoy
ThijsDutchGift of GodBoy
TiiaFinnishGift of GodGirl
TivadarHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodBoy
Todor  (Тодор)BulgarianGift Of GodBoy
TodorHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodBoy
Todorka  (Тодорка)BulgarianGift Of GodGirl
TwedwrWelshGift of godBoy
Zebedee  (Ζεβεδαίου)GreekGift of GodBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Gift Of God'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
MaceyEnglish Gift of God
MasseyEnglish Gift of God